Democrat Communists Still Trying To Steal The Election Win From #TRUMP (Pennsylvania)

Democrat Communists Still Trying To Steal The Election Win From #TRUMP (Pennsylvania)



Communists aka (Satanists, Pedophiles, Beastiality mongers) are not stopping because evil never sleeps.  Soros is the King of Pain.  These globalist Communists can’t take that the whole world wants them out of power.



  • AP report confirms Jill Stein will now file at both the Federal and County level while dems destroy old ballots, re-fill them out in the names of people who voted and CAST THEM AGAIN.

THIS IS THE NEW STRATEGY:  From “Jim Stone” Click here

1. CONTINUE FORGING BALLOTS IN PENNSYLVANIA (where they are replacing genuine ballots with forgeries) until they have enough forgeries to either flip it to hillary or force a recount. This is exactly how they mysteriously came up with over 25,000 more ballots for Hillary and shrunk Trump’s lead to 49,000. They came up with an initial 22,000 on Friday and were able to forge an additional 4,000 today. At this rate, they will trip a recount in 3 more days, and steal it entirely in 12 days.


Jill Stein is a Communist “Jew” who is causing more Jew hatred.  She should be hanged and in a sane world, she would be.  Soros is her boss.  Both should be charged with treason and shot.

2 Dreams I Have Had About Serious Illnesses, Diseases, Even Plagues Coming


I do not believe in ‘putting stock‘ in dreams, visions, whatever they might be.  However, I do know that dreams are sometimes given by God to warn people of things to come.  I have had many dreams and many have come to pass.   Other dreams I have had were of warning and if we repented as a people, God would stop the catastrophe.       I believe that a lot of ‘bad dreams’ of apocalypse CAN happen.     But, the key is repentance.  

For eg:  I have had MANY dreams of Chinese/Russian invasion.  Had Hillary been elected, that was a strong possibility.  The Obama regime has ‘poked the bear’ (Russia) and we were in danger and we still are as long as Obama is in office.. I warned of this years before it happened.   However, since Trump has been elected & will be Prez come Jan 20; these things seem to have been put off and I am happy about that.   It is better that disaster is averted and repentance is made.  A Person who is a prophetic type in nature does not crave disaster.

NOW:  2 Dreams from God that I have had this week. And, I hate to be a bearer of bad news. But, both dreams had plague/disease/illness in them.

I believe God is showing me that plagues/epidemics are coming soon.
These are going to be terrible pandemic/disease/plagues.

Of course, this is all backed up in the  Torah, Tanakh, Bible…But, I believe in the close future, we will see real pandemics that we have never seen.
They will be airborne. These plagues will have the ability to not only make one physically sick but also mentally. They will be painful plagues.
There will be no cures for them.

Will these things happen if people repent?  No. I believe that it is here & these diseases are coming.   HOWEVER:  “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high”….can save himself/herself & family.

****Good news****

Wisdom is the key.  Pay attention to home remedies at this time, research simple home remedy.  Like Collidal silvers, golds, pro biotics, etc.
God will give us wisdom in how to deal with these diseases, sicknesses & plagues.
The bible has remedy in it as well.