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@GeoffPyatt Building Up Christian Heritage In #Ukraine In 2013, Pushing #WWIII Propaganda In 2014

@GeoffPyatt  Building Up Christian Heritage In Ukraine In 2013, Pushing WWIII Propaganda In 2014

In the video above, it tells you at 1 minute+ that Ukraine will become a ‘modern European state.’  Really?  And, how did he know that? Some little bird told him?  Or did he know that Ukraine would ‘become a European state’ because it was in the plans to topple the Yanukovych government if he did not vote the way these miscreants wished?  How did he know this before the EU vote in 2013 Nov?  The video is before November 2013 (August 2013) .   Why is he working for Europe?  Is he not a an AMERICAN diplomat?

At any rate..This is totally un-be-friggin-lievable..  This monster, war-mongering psychopath is in the video below, acting so soft-hearted, warm and cuddly for the Orthodox Christians in Ukraine….However, this same bastard is building up WW3 with this garbage as you will see in the tweet below the video:

The real motive of this ‘diplomat’s’ plans for Ukraine, USA, EU and Russia plus the whole world…World War 3 propaganda:

Isaiah 59 7 & 8

Their deeds are evil deeds,

and acts of violence are in their hands.

7 Their feet rush into sin;

they are swift to shed innocent blood.

They pursue evil schemes;

acts of violence mark their ways.

8 The way of peace they do not know;


Сила в ПРАВДЕ. Наш ответ США. Will This Be The Russian Response To US/EU BS Sanctions?

Frightful video…

Сила в ПРАВДЕ. Наш ответ США. Will This Be The Russian Response To US/EU BS Sanctions?

You know, you people in US and EU media had better wake the hell up.  Stop the anti-Russian propaganda.  You were afraid of them for a reason growing up because you knew these people meant business when they were angry.   Now, you are pushing the bear and he is getting ready to attack and you will lose because we’re flat broke.

Is all of this propaganda worth you being nuked?  Do you really want to be charred to death?  You really believe Obama will save your ass?  Stop this insanity.. The young people of Russia who are patriots of their country are sick and tired of the non stop defamation against their country.  It was the EU/US govt that started the mess in Ukraine and now they blame Russia for their FUBAR. 



Remember: I warned you. Several of us did.

“Crazy Paranoid Racists’ @ The Mad Jewess Warned You About #EBOLA Virus On July 8th 2014

Crazy Paranoid Racists” @ The Mad Jewess Warned You About #EBOLA On July 8th 2014

On July 8th, I warned that an Ebola outbreak was happening..See it here, I warned you first.  I am a cutting edge type journo because I have a little hotline to HaShem.

This moron came to my blog and said:

lol you guys are some crazy paranoid racists.

Whatta Dumbbell……

When you deluded Liberal monsters are suffering from sores, scabies and TB…Believe you me, I won’t shed a tear.  I may give you some crackers from the dollar store out of the kindness of my heart, but I will not cry when the parasites eat your skin off.   Was it ‘racism’ that has made many people sick from Ebola?  Get a life loser Leftists.  The race card is so 2012.

Meanwhile, enjoy your future:

Coming to NYC & San Fran-Sicko, God willing…  😀

#UKRAINE Poroshenko’s Military Murdering Elderly @ Retirement Homes? Happy Yet, @SenJohnMcCain?

In the above video, the worlds leading gasbag, John McCain tells Ukies that “Europe is their future” (Isn’t McCain a senator in ARIZONA?  Not Europe?)

#UKRAINE Poroshenko’s  Military Murdering Elderly @ Retirement Homes. Happy Yet, @SenJohnMcCain?

Is the lunatic John McCain happy yet?  I doubt it.  He and the war mongers are ‘building up a case’ to go to war against Russia: US bitchin over a 1987 missile treaty because they have nothing else on Russia.

Now, Poroshenk’s military is taking to murdering the elderly at Nursing homes..? This is what Hitler did, but the GOP bots think Putin is Hitler.  Putin is not in Russia murdering off his elderly.  Putin gives the Jehovah Witness’s a bad time, but he does not murder them.


Don’t tell me… I know.. Propaganda straight from Moscow that I am linking..Fake photos.. Thousands of dead Ukrainians and its all just Putin propaganda.. See the video below how the US is preparing to make the 1st strike against Russia:


Jew-Hating Posters In Rome, Italy W/ White Pride Symbols, French Jewish Center Fire-Bombed To Punish #Israel Govt

Jew-Hating Posters In Rome, Italy W/ White Pride Symbols, French Jewish Center Fire-Bombed To Punish #Israel Govt

This is how Jew-haters deal with the Israeli government:  Punish little Jews in France and Rome & many parts of EU.    See the story:  here

Isn’t that something?  The same white-pride symbol which is on David Duke’s website is on this poster.  Come to think of it:  Just who built the tunnels in Gaza?  Had to be a white dude because most Palis are not capable of building things like that.  Tunnels like that took some brains.. Makes ya wonder…

In France, the misunderstood, piece of shit Muslims are fire-bombing Jewish centers in Toulouse, France:   See that here..  Also in UK:  100 plus hate crimes against Jews in UK to punish ISRAEL.

Police in Toulouse arrested a man who hurled three firebombs at a Jewish community center and the officers guarding it.
 The incident happened Saturday, one hour after the conclusion of a demonstration against Israel’s actions against Hamas in Gaza, the AFP news agency reported.

What were the French Jews doing in the center?  Eating French, Muslim babies in their Matzah?  (Eyeroll)