DC, US: No Evidence Of Direct Russian Link To #MH17 Plane. (Another Obama/McCain FAIL)

DC,US: No Evidence Of Direct Russian Link To #MH17 Plane

Obama and his insane media LOSE again. HA HA HA.. McCain said ‘there will be hell to pay’ re. Russia & the MH17…

I bet Pill O’Reilly is foaming at the mouth right now.  Also the wack-job Putin/Russia haters who blame everything–nowadays–on Putin.    They get up in the morning, burn their toast and it’s Russia’s fault.   It’s tiring.  At any rate, I was right-that people should have had feelings of compassion for the victims, instead the EU/USA just blamed Russia.  

Like Britain:

They should be ashamed of themselves. Just absolutely repulsive.

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