Dream I Had About The Coming Anti-Semitic Slaughterhouse That Will Become America

It’s not going to stop and will get worse.


About a year ago, I had a pretty bad dream.  Here is the dream:

I was shopping for a handgun at a store in Sedona, AZ that was surrounded by beautiful mountains.  It was a store that was really rugged inside, yet very artistic with paintings, stuffed bears, etc.  As I was looking through the jewelry case, I saw a gun that I liked.  It was a very handsome gun. I asked the shop-keeper to let me see it.  He did.  I held the gun, then I noticed there was an inscription.  It was inscribed:  “Zionism is racism” with bullets meant to kill “Zionists” or people that were pro-Israel.

I asked the man if I could buy the gun.  He obliged.  I bought the gun, then went outside to the wooded area, got on my knees and wept.  I wept because I knew that the person before me who owned the gun had intended to shoot Jews and Christians who were Israel-friendly.

End Dream.

This dream will become a reality here in this nation.  It’s not because our government is insane with it’s foreign aid for Israel, either.   Because USA currently gives millions of billions to at least 30 plus countries:  United States foreign aid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   It’s not because we have fought any wars for Israel, either.   Because we haven’t.  Aiding Jihadists in Egypt, Libya, Syria and NAZI’s in Ukraine does not ‘promote’ the Israeli cause. 

You will be beaten, persecuted, maimed, murdered and so on just for morally supporting the people of Israel.  Some Jews and Christians support with money.  I am a moral supporter of the people of Israel who are right minded and love God, or right wing and I will not change this position.  NO amount of intimidating will stop how I feel in my heart.

The “Zionism is racism” tag line  is propaganda to intimidate – because Zion itself – is mentioned in the Bible over 400 x. Jews wanting to live with each other is not racist, it’s called unifying, its called gathering together to worship God. (NO, not all do that, but this is what Israel SHOULD be for)       Most people that are pro-God do not see Zionism as a ‘political movement’ and you will not be able to change their minds about it.    The Jews believe that the coming Moshiach is the cornerstone of Zion and Christians believe that Jesus is the cornerstone of Zion.    So both people/s will not renounce Zion or Zionism because it means God or Jesus to them.     Your persecutors will beat you, even murder you HERE in America because many people will just hate Israel no matter what.  They will blame you for Israel if you are Christian or Jew.  And, YOU, my friends cannot change THAT.

At any rate:  This IS what is coming in our future.  Try to live in peace with all people right now.   Allow people their disagreements re. Israel/and the Pali’s—until they get violent, because many will.

This is a warning.  Please take heed.

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  • It’s happened before in many cultures. We would be ignorant to think it couldn’t happen in America.

    • TMJ

      I absolutely agree.
      There ARE some evil lefty Jews, but that is not who people are going to want to kill.
      They will want to kill Christians and God fearing Jews

  • Bobby

    I don’t have time to go into this much now but Jews are often scapegoated because they identify as a seperate group. Some people read all kinds of conspiracies into this. Well whatever. The main thing is that the prophecies concerning Israel will be fulfilled. It is written that in the end of days both Jews and Christians will be persecuted severly for a time. The various nations that will rise against Israel are all mentioned in the Torah. But fear not because G-d will intervene and the enemies of all G-d’s people will be dealt with and stopped.

    • BobH2003

      You are of course right.
      However the dead Jews of Central Europe in the 30s might well ask, where was God’s intervention then. Just telling people who are likely to be killed, that God wins in the future, is cold comfort for their present persecutions.
      We must seek all God for his wisdom for deliverance today. It is not God’s will that many should needlessly perish, but it happens because people refuse his warnings.

      • TMJ

        Yep, people ALWAYS refuse Gods warnings

      • QV3

        Bob2003, the Holocaust happened because the punishment of the Jews had not been reached its final years. But did God approve of it? The history of the Israelites captivity under Nebuchadnezzar tells us otherwise. Nebuchadnezzar was punished for his demonic cruelty to the Israelites, laid siege , and had Jerusalem destroyed.
        God changed him into an animal, as far as his appearance, intellect, and language were concerned. He appeared to the people with his upper half as an ox and the lower half as a lion, and as such he killed many villains. Through Daniel’s prayers the seven years of punishment decreed for Nebuchadnezzar were changed to seven months; and after the king had lamented his sins for forty days, had lived in the caves for another period of forty days, and had herded for the same length of time with the beasts of the forest, God took mercy upon him and allowed him to return to his throne. He repented and did penance for the next seven years, subsisting, on the advice of Daniel, on vegetable food.
        So, who are we mortals to question God’s wisdom and thoughts?
        But we do see God’s justice working, justly.
        Who , today, are paying the price of the Holocaust if not Europe? Now the Europeans, descendants of those who caused the Holocaust, are forced to live on bended knees as their political leaders opt for Muslim Rape Rampage, Thuggery, Parasitism, and work against them, the citizens.
        And it is their own leftists, liberals, feminists who work with Islamic vermin to ruin both country and citizens.
        As the Bible records: God provides rain on both the righteous and the unrighteous.

        Today, the world is witness that Israel has their God Given Land back. Israel will fight to keep their God given land. For a people who make up 0.5% of the world’s population, it is the Jews of Israel who have given the most to planet earth and mankind.
        While West Europe has surrendered eagerly, willingly, submissively, to islam and muslim vermin. Without a shot being fired.
        Oh, the Justice of God!

  • Nick.Spero

    That sent chills down my spine, are you sure that you’re not clairvoyant? I’ve noticed too the rise in anti-semitism in this country and I fear for my future and my children’s future.

    It seems in many ways what is happening in the US is parallel to what happened in Nazi Germany. Right now the Weimar gov is in power but soon the Nazis will take control and they will have a “great leader” which will make us Jews the scapegoats to America’s ills just like Hitler did during the 1930’s.

    They already have the FEMA camps setup and all they need next is to add the ovens and gas chambers if they’re not already there and of course us Jews. We’re living through scary times people, I shutter to think what will happen to us Jews and members of the LGBT community when the 4th Reich comes to power here in America.

    • Well, there ARE left wing ‘Jews’ that are super bigtime aholes, but I can’t help that–they are not me—or you..

      NOT Clairvoyant!
      Just a person who receives dreams from God every so often.

      Hang in there 🙁

    • Have you witnessed the Jew hatred the last 2 years? Its getting worse

      • Melvin Polatnick

        Genius Jews are few but they are welcomed in every nation and loved. But the ordinary Jew is despised and suffers. A slow minded or sickly Jew is treated worse than a rabid animal.

  • Jerry “Doc” Hansen

    You are so on target Nick, and you are not alone. I go to a Messianic Church because most mainstream “Christian” churches are becoming anti-semetic believing G-D has abandoned the Jew. Foolishness, and I won’t participate.
    Yes, violence is coming to this country and I am well prepared for it should it find me or my friends. Glad you are aware of the FEMA camps. There is a very large one near the border in Arizona Southwest of Tucson …. complete with an execution yard. You can find it on Google earth.
    To all believers I simply say, Shar Shalom until H-S coming and it is very close. Amen

    • TMJ

      I dont get why a lot of Christians are becoming anti semitic unless its a spirit that has descended on unfaithful people