FUX News: 24/7 Blame Putin For @SenJohnMcCain’s #Ukraine SNAFU

FUX News: 24/7 Blame Putin For @SenJohnMcCain’s #Ukraine SNAFU


The propaganda box was stationed on Fox News at the YMCA and the actresses (I mean reporters) were in rare form, this morning:

“Sanction Putin”, “Cut him off”, “Hurt him where it counts.”


Yesterday, it was determined that Russia was not even involved in the accident of the flight MH17.  Why are they still, 24/7 Blame Putin?  Why?  Why have they not asked why Victoria Nuland was in Kiev and grilled by CA Rep Rohrbacher (In the above video) for supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  Why is Fux news not covering Pierre Omidyar’s $500K USD donation to the bogus Ukrainian revolt?   Why have they not covered John McCain and his Ukrainian SNAFU?   I’ll tell you why.. Because just as the White House runs MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN etc.. The GOP runs FOX.


Meanwhile….the mess of the illegal occupiers has been taken off the front page news. 

The IRS scandal:

SGT Tahmooressi:


Never mind all of this.. Let us all concentrate on Putin, and why not just blame Russia for the whole nation here going to hell in a hand-basket..!  We can’t blame ourselves for that…After all, we are exceptional Americans.