Snoop Dogg Got High At The White House (Not Surprising)

Snoop Dog Got high At The White House (Not Surprising)

This is not surprising since we have a pot-head, crack-head, cocaine-smoking ghetto king who occupies the W.H.

Snoop Dogg said he got high at the White House. Dogg was appearing on his internet show “Double G News Network,” with Jimmy Kimmel as his guest, when he said he took a bathroom break at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to smoke a blunt.   *Snoop Dogg Says He Got High At The White House

What a loser Obama, Michele and the pack of rats really are.  Truly.  It’s embarrassing.  I wonder if Putin has black gang-bangers hanging out in the Kremlin, smoking pot and shootin up. America has become a total joke.

What can we expect, though? Look at this jerks past….