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A Belgium Dr Is Angry W/ Israel. He Refused To Treat Elderly 90 Yr Old Belgian Jew Because #GAZA

I never liked this song but now it just makes sense…..

Belgium Dr Angry W/ Israel Refuses To Treat Elderly 90 Yr Old Belgian Jew.  Imagine dumping on a 90 yr old Jewish woman who is feeble and weak for Israel’s conflict with Gaza…

There ARE people that are just anti-war and then there are Jew haters.

This is a Jew hater:  Belgian doctor refuses to treat elderly Jewish patient, tells her to ‘go to Gaza”

It’s amazing to me… These jerks don’t want Jews in Israel, but this moron is telling this Jewish woman to GO TO ISRAEL.  Gaza is IN Israel. 

The Jews gave Gaza to these peace-loving Palestinians for peace in 2005  Exodus from Gaza.  Where’s the peace?  There is none because the HAMAS charter calls for the extinction of the Jews.  Israel should have never given up Gaza.  What a mistake.

The Mad Jewess “Pays It Forward”


Yesterday,  I had a show.  When I sang “I will survive” this black lady was saying (as she was dancing to the song) – was shouting “Halleluyah!”

When I was done singing, she came up and said that she could not walk a few days ago and was going to have to have surgery.. She said that she went to bed, woke up a few mornings ago and was in NO MORE PAIN.  I told her that God must have healed her body.

As she was walking away, I felt God speak to my heart to give her the ring on my finger, so without hesitation, I did.
I told her, “I have something to give to you.” I handed her the ring and told her: “This is for you because God wants you to never forget that you were almost disabled and now you dance. This ring is a reminder to you to always remember that God can do great things, and you are to always remember that you danced.”
She just looked stunned.

I felt great when I walked away, not b/c of her reaction but because I obeyed the spirit of God with a kindly Mitzvah.   😀