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Young Muslims Vandalize Jewish & Christian Headstones In PARIS Because #Gaza

Young Muslims Vandalize Jewish & Christian Headstones In PARIS Because #Gaza


The Muslims are pissed off with Israel so they are vandalizing Christian and Jewish headstones in Paris.  Makes sense, eh?  I am sure ‘Dr.’  David Duke and the batch are cheering all of this on.   There IS a way to protest things you are against in a decent fashion and then there’s just plain ol Jew hate and Christian persecution–which always happens when fascism lurks.  And, then there are just Muslim fundies.

Russia Will Save Ukraine From Fascism. God Gives A Sign To The World. Must See Video

Many people have been murdered in Ukraine at the hands of the fascists that the EU/USA have put in charge. Close to 11,000 souls have gone to be with God.  This video above was shot in Budapest, Hungary.  The Hungarians are very worried about Ukraine.

  Joe Biden’s son secured a position with the largest Ukrainian gas company.  As did an acquaintance of John Kerry.  Pierre Omidyar, Ebay founder donated 500K USD to the Ukrainian revolt in 2013.   John McCain told the people of Kiev: “EU is your future.”  Ditto Victoria Nuland. 

But, the Ukrainians must have some hope.  Yes, you have had a dark past with Russia.  The video above – is a spiritual sign from God, I believe.  Ukraine is in darkness right now.  A terrible, fascist element has descended upon it’s people.   They are in despair and disappointment because joining the EU didn’t work out as planned.  In the future, Russia will save Ukraine.  I don’t know when.  Only God knows.  God will heal the people of Ukraine of their wounds from the past by this saving.  May God save the people of Ukraine, quickly.  May HaShem hear the prayers of the people in Ukraine who have suffered so terribly.

Please: Almighty God, Creator of the universe, Holy & True, working in power and majesty:  Hear us.

This is a sign from the heavens.
Russia will save Ukraine