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Arabs States Turn On #Hamas Terrorists. Moroccan Imam Says Palis Use Human Shields

Above video is an Imam in Morocco who was caught on tape saying that the Pali’s use human shields.  This is only true because an Arab says it because the world knows that the “ZOG” are liars… (Eyeroll)

CNN video shows how Egypt & other Arab countries are also turning on Hamas (UAE, Jordan, S. Arabia)  They won’t be able to convince Europe or America of this because EU and USA governments hate Israel and favor Hamas:

The graphic below really shows the truth re. the bogus apartheid Israel claims..(Much like the phoney apartheid claims of South Africa)  Anyone can see what has happened to S. Africa since the left-wing destroyed it.


Hamas is the problem.

If I am wrong, tell me why there is no real problem with Ramallah.

#BlackSupremacy ~ Scholarship Program Raises Standards, Accused Of Racism

#BlackSupremacy Scholarship Program Raises Standards, Accused Of Racism

  • This is what black supremacy is.. If you don’t like that a school wants to raise it’s standards so that you will have brilliant students, the black supremacists scream….  That’s racist!!!  The program will end and blacks get their way once again.

Maybe the truth is that there are far more whites and Asians that have brain power than browns and blacks.  So?  All races are different.  Why are they different?  Because of their history.   The countries that blacks and browns come from are not advanced in the brain department.   Big deal, they have other qualities that whites and Asians don’t have.   Asians and whites should not be made to suffer because of ethnicity.   Its not their fault that they have different brain cells.

For eg.  I am a Portuguese Sephardic Jew (Plus American Indian).  I am not brainy at all.  I am artistic and musically gifted.   I am different than a Russian Jew, many who are brainiacs.   My ancestral past was surrounded by the arts.  So, I am not super smart.  So what.  No biggie.

Obama WRONG Again: “Russia Makes Nothing.” Check Out RU’s Super Car & Trucks

Obama WRONG Again: “Russia Makes Nothing.” Check Out RU’s Super Car & Trucks

Just another day of Obama ass-hattery,  foot in mouth craziness….

Just what does America make anymore?  We manufacture Kleenex, tampons, maxi pads, Vermont Maple Syrup, Shampoo and toiletries.  As we make the oddities above, Russia makes “Super Cars”  Check this one out, I believe its called the Marussia B2 –

See these trucks:   Made in Russia

AND:  I find it quite interesting that the Russians also make:

Russian engines power U.S. Defense satellites

Tony Capaccio at Bloomberg wrote, “United Launch Alliance LLC, the Lockheed-Boeing joint venture, uses Russian engines on Atlas V rockets the Pentagon depends on to launch military satellites.

Before criticizing other countries, US Government….Take a look at your own state of affairs.  We used to manufacture EVERYTHING.   Now we make nothing, thanks to the last 7 administrations.

#WhitePrivilege: Son Of Obama Murders Beautiful White Teacher. Another Murders White Biz Man

#WhitePrivilege: Son Of Obama Murders Beautiful White Teacher. Another Murders White Biz Man

Blacks have become emboldened by their Kenyan chief:

Daven/Prayers for the families.

More horror stories of black on white crime: