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The Left USES Women & Children Propaganda While Pretending The Right Has A #WARONWOMEN

The left has NO rules.  Whatever advances Communism–that they will use.

The Left USES Women & Child Propaganda While Pretending The Right Has A #WARONWOMEN

The  magazine, ‘The Week’,  is one of the left’s major propaganda tools to dumb down Americans.  In this picture below (on the front page of a July issue of “The Week”) They skillfully place children on the border fence..  To gain sympathy.   They do the same thing Hamas does.   For ie., Hamas will not allow any militants to be photo’d, only women and children.  See here: Google search of ‘Gazans (or Palis) killed, 2014′  HERE


They only show children at the border.. Never mind this:  Illegal Immigrants Kill Border Patrol Agent August 5, 2014 | (The Daily Caller)


More:  Below is the August issue of “The Week.”  In this issue, we see a female in Gaza – crying because Israel is guilty of war crimes or something.  Never Hamas.  The leftists use women to advance their lying cause.  There is no ‘war on women’ in USA.  As for Gaza.. None of the Jew haters can seem to explain why Ramallah (Palestine) has no issue with Israel.  The problem in Israel is HAMAS.

More propaganda:


I’m sick and tired of the left-wing war against America {& weary of their pals, the NAZIs}   Tired of their abuse of the weakest amongst us.  Tired of their insane Stalinist, pro-Terrorist propaganda.  To use women and children shows that the left is the lowest form of animal life.

#LOL Russian’s Know How To Mock Obama: They Light Up His Image Eating A Banana

#LOL Russian’s Know How To Mock Obama: They Light Up His Image Eating A Banana

Lol graphics


Now, the left will want to go to war, most definitely.. Russia made a racial meme.. O.M.G… I can see the leftists now…foaming at the mouth, regurgitating their breakfast..Praying to their liberal ‘g’od, satan to help take America to WW3 against Russia..

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Anthony Martin:

Obama only cares about perverts homosexuals and letting more illegals in



US army will come for you motherfcker russkies.   

-As the liberals are going to the bathroom to take their tranquilizers over this video… I am sitting here LOLZ.-

Lol graphics