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#Jews4Hamas The Ultimate #HamasBara (Many Liberal Jews SUPPORT Nazi-ism)

I came across this picture on “Jew News” in the link below..


See it here….  I added my own edit because I cannot believe how insane Liberal Jews for Hamas are.  This picture sums them up perfectly:

An art collage from May 2014

It’s NO wonder the Jew-haters LOVE them.

Where else can we find such insanity & treachery??


Tikkun Olam, #AntiZionist Jews Are “Righteous?” Where Are They To Call Out Communist Treachery?

(Video above from 2007, Israel.  First Day At School – Rockets fired at Sderot)

Tikkun Olam Anti-Zionist Jews Are “Righteous?” Where Are They To Call Out Communist Treachery?

Europe, America, Israel, and other western countries are cursed with 2 factions of our people: 

The frauds called “Neteurei Karta” who claim that they are the “True Torah Jews.”  True? Really?  Anyone that has lived around these people know that many of them live off of the US Government, collecting stipends and welfare, draining the US tax payer.  Yet, they are deemed righteous by the Jew-hating Nazis and Leftists because they ‘call out Israel.’     Israel should not exist to these holier than thou “Jews.”   And, where would that leave the poor Palestinians that they pretend to care about?  It would leave the Palestinians refugees in another country and they would terrorize that country.  But, we would not hear the endless drivel of   ‘You’re a Zio-Nazis, the Zio-fascists, the ZOG etc’.  We would not have a BDS movement, either.  Because the BDS only exists to hate Israel & end it’s existence.  Why do I say this?  Because, if you boycott Israel, you are boycotting your pathetic Palestinians.  The  Netuerei Karta are frauds and those that support them know this.


Then we have one of the biggest cancers on the earth:   Communist ‘Jews’.  Who also call themselves the “Tikkun Olam.”  Really?  They are healing the world?  How so?  Communism ‘heals the world?’  It has destroyed every country it has leeched itself onto but that does not stop the Communist ‘Jew.’

In America, we have Hollywood, which is comprised of many Communist, Marxist and disgusting Liberal ‘Jews’ who are the spawn of satan.   Take a look at many of the violent, drug-filled, sexual & homosexual films of today, many of which are produced by the likes of the ugly Weinstein bunch.   Radical Communists who push out smut 24-7, indoctrinating our children with hatred for the founders of America.   Animosity for love, purity & holy matrimony.   Hollywood Jews used to produce beauty, now they submit to the public:  insane debauchery, militant homosexuality and all things depraved.  Samuel Goldwyn of MGM said: “Never present America in a bad light.”  How sick that these Leninist “Jews” did nothing to follow his example.  They disobeyed one of the founders of Hollywood.

In our school systems, there are quite a few Marxist “Jewish” professors.  These “Professors” claiming to be the educated teach anything but education.  The Communist manifesto is not education, it is ideology of bigotry, hatred for religious people, (including the Jewish people) endorsement of violence for a radical end.  Many college students cannot even read past the 9th grade level because the Communists are filling their brains and spirits up with revolution.  This is what they call “Tikkun Olam?”

Where is Blumenthal, Finklestein, Chomsky and Silverstein to call out this evil?   You won’t ever see this happen.  Because these “Jews”  aforementioned ARE Communists or Socialists.  Communism and Socialism are both anti-American ideologies with a deep-seeded hatred of white people & European culture.    During the Bolshevik revolt, many of the Communist Jews played the game with Stalin, sided with the insane dictator, built up their Jewish counterparts to be the evil because they were ‘Zionist.”    Why did they do this?  

To keep the spotlight off of themselves & their treachery.  

The regular, run of the mill Zionist Jew is not rich, is usually a good citizen, pays his taxes, is patriotic, conservative or at least, moderate..

If you support the ‘Tikkun Olam’ cult, you are no friend of true American patriots or the west.  If you enable these bastards in any way, shape or form, your name will be written in history as an enabler of Communists.  You will live in infamy.  You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.  These Communist “Jews” need to repent to America & EU for contributing to it’s destruction.  Ditto all left wingers

[PS:   The Torah and the Tanakh support the existence of Israel.  It supports  Jewish people  who want to make Aliyah.   That does not mean that US Tax payer dollars should go there.   We agree with Moshe Feiglin that Israel does not need American financial support.   We, here believe that Israel needs to trust in God.]

“Veterans Today” Links #HamasBara Propaganda: “#ISIL Agent A Mossad Jew”(Simon Elliot)

“Veterans today” Linking #HamasBara Propaganda: “#ISIL Agent A Mossad Jew” (Simon Elliot)

You know, it makes me sick to have to call out Veterans.  It truly does.  However, I also come from a decorated family and have entertained the troops and vets for 30 years and have a few FORSCOM awards from the former 7th Infantry Division, Light Fighters Brigade, Fort Ord and I still entertain Vets to this day…

At any rate, I have to show you that Veterans today has linked a lying article.   It’s one thing to call out evil governments.  I hate almost every government in the world, Israel included (Because of Gush Katif, 2005 & the Israeli governments hatred for right wing patriots..)  But, it’s another thing to post a lie and call it ‘truth.’   When you blog, you have to link reliable sources.

Here is the post that Veterans Today has linked:  French Report ISIL Leader Mossad Agent

Lie #1.  For some insane reason, the Muslims think everyone believes their garbage.. Take a good look at this picture below that is linked on Veterans Today:

Look at the eyebrows.  They are edited.  (Why are they edited? I don’t know) I edit all the time and this is one lousy editing job.  Plus the fact that the man on the left looks nothing like the man on the right—at all.

Lie #2:  The French Website they have linked claims:  In French

This information was attributed to Edward Snowden and published by newspapers and other sites Web

Trouble with this statement is there is NO link to the Edward Snowden publishing.  None.

Why would Veterans Today link such a bs article?  Isn’t that what they claim to call Israel out for? Lies? Looks like they are becoming what they claim to hate..


We really are sick and tired of the constant  defamation, lies and just plain ass horse sh’t.