Archive | August 16, 2014

Tell It To My Heart…

Well, it’s been a rough week in the once nice land known as America.  We have the complete militarization of the P.D., and now we have black males rioting and looting, both promising a dreary future.  We have more than enough people complaining about the military police state but not enough people confronting bad black behavior because they care more about being called racist than they do the nation.

It’s times like this that I make a digital collage to soothe my distressed spirit.. And, the 1980’s does that for me!  Here is one of my lastest digi-arts:  (Click to see it larger, have not figured out how to make it larger in the post)


It’s called “Tell it to my heart”

Remember Taylor Dayne?  She had some BIG, fat hair!  So 80’s, very early 90’s.  She looked cool.  Here are a couple of her songs to bring back some memories of when the world was half way sane:




Have a nice wknd.