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#ISRAEL Fake Coffins In Gaza, Hamas Shooting From Churches, Over 75% People KIA: Combat-Aged Males

#ISRAEL Fake Coffins In Gaza, Hamas Shooting From Churches, Over 75% People KIA: Combat-Aged Males

Above is a video of fake coffins from Gaza with no dead people.. from Geller.  Disgusting.  Mocking death is the same as mocking God.

But, the Jew haters abhor Israel so much that they believe the propaganda that Hamas submits to the news media.  At any rate..

AND:  Al Jazeera’s Gaza Fatalities Data Indicates Israel Killed Mostly Combatant-Age Males, Not Women or Children 

Data published by Al Jazeera on Monday shows that in its ongoing operation in Gaza Israel killed mainly combatant-age males, not women or children, according to CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, contradicting media reports that tried to paint Israel’s Operation Protective Edge as indiscriminately killing civilians…. 

You can google search those killed in Gaza.  It is only women and children, mostly.  Why?  Because they want the dup’d public to believe them and the idiotic public falls for it, hook, line and sinker.  Here is the google search:   HERE. (“Palestinians killed in Gaza, 2014”)

Your news from the Middle East, brought to you by the Mad Jewess    😀

CNN FAKE News: From #Ferguson? CNN Had To FAKE It B/c They Didn’t Show The REAL

CNN FAKE News: From #Ferguson. They Had To FAKE It B/c They Didn’t Show The REAL

In the video above… A “Reporter” is being interviewed by Martha Stewart on a different show.   She says:  “In Television news, we ‘fake it ’til we make it.’  So, was some of the ‘news’ submitted by CNN fake re. Ferguson?  Look at that video, then decide.

CNN didn’t care to show much of the true news, like:  FOX Reporter Steve Harrigan Verbally Assaulted Live on the Air – #Ferguson (Video)

OR:  How business’s were looted, windows smashed, people terrorized.  Ordinary citizens who were vandalized & terrorized because the Ferguson, HAMAS, black Palestinians were angry with white police, so they took it out on civilians.  They punished anyone in their unholy way.   CNN didn’t show these pictures:

Ferguson riots via Twitter




A militarized PD is never good.  But, looting, rioting and terrorizing is our future.  Ferguson is a prophecy of the near future.


The News Has Totally Over-Whelmed Me Right Now

I feel completely over-whelmed by the news right now.  I even took a light sedative today.  I feel like the news is not news, its just whatever feels good for the time being.  Its like the media, even smaller blogs take a story and run like hell, then when they’re through, they dump it and move on to the next issue.  I cant keep up.

For eg:  I posted about Ukraine, non stop for many months.  After seeing that the situation got worse and then genocide of Orthodox Christians, I just lost hope and burned out.  Ditto Syria and Libya.  Obama wears me out daily, so nothing new there.  

At any rate, the daily Jew hate is taking my fight from me.  Its constant.  At least for me, it is.  I am a female.  We are emotional and I cant help feeling hurt or depressed when I get bombarded on twitter and emails with anti Israel kikels, Nazi Jew haters, etc.  Our fellow Jews are experiencing the same type hatred from the Muslims in EU as they did in the 193’s…and it pains me greatly…Guess I’ll rest tonight. 

"Overwhelmed" by Ursula Vernon.