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#Progs Attacked #ClivenBundy Anti-Govt Protest. BUT: OK W/ Violent Looting “Protest” In #Ferguson

#Progs Attacked #ClivenBundy Anti-Govt Protest. BUT: OK W/ Violent Looting “Protest” In #Ferguson

The Left wing is AOK with the violent, looting, destroying business’s and ‘kill all cops’  ‘protests’ in Ferguson, Missouri.  But, they were NOT ok with an anti-big-government, ‘evil’, elderly, white man’s protest against an insane, tyrannical, federal regime.    Bundy’s non-violent protest didn’t destroy anyone’s life or business..  Can someone please advise as to why Bundy was castigated and the thug, thief Mike Brown was quoted as being a ‘gentle giant?’

Someone on Twitter told me:  Cliven Bundy ranch was a Fed/Land issue.. Still my question.. Why is the left OK with violent looting and rioting ‘protests’ in Ferguson,   but not ok with non-violent protests at the Bundy Ranch?  And, these Commie “Progressives” insist that we’re the ‘domestic terrorists……’

An art collage from June 2014

How Did The Black Community Go From This…To #Ferguson Behavior?

The above video is “The Platters”, 1955.

1977, Earth Wind & Fire – September:



1981, “Shining Star”  –  The Manhattans:



Then, the 1990’s 2000’s came, and that’s when it started going south.. “50 Cent”  – In Da Club:



Garbage. Trash. Puke.

Current.. “Riot” by 2 Chainz:



It is evident.  The radical left has completely destroyed the black community.  Music is the soul and heartbeat of mankind. When will good, decent black people put an end to this insane behavior in their community, like Ferguson?  When will the left wingers look to see just what they have done to these people??   “Progressive Jews” also played a big part in destroying these people.  The black community needs to wake the hell up and stop their young, black men from this violent, psychotic behavior. 

It is not easy to tell the truth but someone has to give a damn and stop this madness.  Where the hell is Joe Clark when we need him??

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Utah: Black Cop Killed Unarmed Young, White Male. No Riots, Looting Or Terrorizing #Ferguson

Song above (“Because I’m white”)

Utah: Black Cop Killed Unarmed, Young, White Male. No Riots, Looting Or Terrorizing #Ferguson

The young man below had struggles and a criminal past.  The Policeman was not sure if he had a gun or a cell phone when he shot him.  As I have said in a few other posts re. Ferguson:  Militarized police is never good.   But, why were there no riots, looting and vandalism in Utah for this young, white man?  Why no outrage from the white community?  Why did whites not terrorize civilians by destroying their businesses?  Why isn’t the opportunist Alex Jones not jumping all over this killing?  White people (Add Jews and Asians) do not riot or loot.    Sure, a small handful here and there who get involved in the black ‘protests/riots’, but nothing in comparison to what we have seen in Ferguson:  A disgusting display of savagery and idiocy where innocent business owners were attacked because young, black males were angry with the ‘evil’ white Police..

Dillon Taylor (Facebook)

Police in Salt Lake City are continuing their probe into an Aug. 11 shooting outside a 7-Eleven convenience store, when a black police officer, whom local media are referring to as “not white,” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, who was unarmed at the time, according to his supporters.

By the way: