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Dwarf Owls…


I love little tiny animals.  I made this post for Lisa & Sasha.  I hope you enjoy it, Twitter buddies.  We need it.  Too much violence and insanity can make for a crazy, psycho life.

Look at this wittle owl on his pen, below:

He loves being petted..

Is so brilliant, also!

Just traveling along!

Having FUN!

Insane, MadMan @BarackObama Sends Drones To #Syria W/Out Approval From #Assad

(Above video: Assad liberating Christians in Maaloula, Syria)

Insane, Mad-Man Obama Sends Drones To #Syria W/Out Approval From #Assad

This is not a ‘war’ against ISIS. If you believe it is, you’ve been duped.   This is an abuse of power to unseat Pres. Bashar Assad.  The ‘powers that be’ want him out, so they can install a radical Islamic like Morsi and grab Syria’s gas/oil pipe line, or resources of some sort.  Who knows what, anymore..

Let’s  take a look back in time:

In 2013, Syrian opposition: Assad must agree to step down – CBS …  Why?  Assad is fighting ISIS/ISIL and the Syrian ‘rebels’ that Obama arms.  Why should he step down?

In 2011, Obama: Syrian President Assad must step down (WA POST) …  Who is Obama the insane to demand leaders step down?  First it was Mubarrak, then it was Gadaffi, then it was Assad (& Still is), then it was Yanukovych, and I know that the war hawks want Putin out of the way.  Don’t you ever get sick of the constant lies and phony dictator cries?

The ONLY tyrant in existence today is Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies. 

The rest of these leaders are dignitaries of small countries that have not attacked the USA. 

Here are the facts:  Assad liberates his Christians from Syrian Islamics:

President Bashar Assad, center right, looking at the damaged interior of a monastery in the ancient Christian town of Maaloula  April 20, 2014

Obama’s policies murders Christians in Iraq (also Egypt):

A body is strung up on a cross in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa on Tuesday, April 29. The al Qaeda splinter group ISIS said the brutal display serves as a lesson to anyone who dares challenge its rule.

NOW, what do you believe?  Wake up sheeple.  It is past time that you awoke from your 40 year slumber.

Obama sends drones to Syria:  US Lays Groundwork for Syria Strike (WSJ), Please Share) Obama Sends Drones Over Syria – YouTube,   US Drones To Fly Over ISIS Areas In Syria — Without  approval from Assad (BI)…, Obama might bypass Congress on Syria airstrikes (W Times)