#Putin Boycotting EU, & Now #Israel Will Send No More Food/Fruits To EU. #BooHoo #BDSFAIL

#Putin Boycotting EU, & Now #Israel Will Send No More Food/Fruits To EU. #BooHoo

What is Europe going to eat?  Their shorts?

Last week, many ‘conservatives’ said that Putin was cutting off his people from food because Russia is boycotting the USA/EU foods.  Not so.  He is going to be importing food & fruits from Israel: Click on my post to read it.

Today, EU decided to boycott the fruits, etc from Israeli settlements.  BUT, they just lost their larger customer, Russia.  Oh well, boo hoo, too bad, so sad.  Starve to death Muslim-filled EU.  Nice, indigenous Europeans who are sane:  Advise Europe to repent to God before it gets much worse and Muslims turn your land into Saudi Arabia.

Is this coming to America?  I think so. 

If we don’t straighten up, things will get horrible.  Americans are in a state of mass confusion, now.  They hate Russia, who is now buying produce & foods from Israel, yet call themselves ‘supporters’ of Israel.. These same people ‘side’ with the Ukrainian Nazi/Fascists who are murdering their Christians and persecuting their small community of Jews because they’re stuck in 1980 & hate Russia.     Mark my words, USA will turn on ALL Jews. ALL.  Christians also.   Its time to wake up, folks & see who you are allying yourselves with.

America is about to become a secular caliphate of Communism, Black terrorism (like Ferguson) Islamic indoctrinating and Nazi.

Britain is also falling..



Jew haters will probably eat crow… Or, if they’re Muslim, blow something up like we have seen in France.



“I will make JERUSALEM a cup of trembling unto all the people round about … And in that day will I make JERUSALEM a burdensome stone for all people …” [Zechariah 12:2-3; “In that day” refers to End of the Age]