The News Has Totally Over-Whelmed Me Right Now

I feel completely over-whelmed by the news right now.  I even took a light sedative today.  I feel like the news is not news, its just whatever feels good for the time being.  Its like the media, even smaller blogs take a story and run like hell, then when they’re through, they dump it and move on to the next issue.  I cant keep up.

For eg:  I posted about Ukraine, non stop for many months.  After seeing that the situation got worse and then genocide of Orthodox Christians, I just lost hope and burned out.  Ditto Syria and Libya.  Obama wears me out daily, so nothing new there.  

At any rate, the daily Jew hate is taking my fight from me.  Its constant.  At least for me, it is.  I am a female.  We are emotional and I cant help feeling hurt or depressed when I get bombarded on twitter and emails with anti Israel kikels, Nazi Jew haters, etc.  Our fellow Jews are experiencing the same type hatred from the Muslims in EU as they did in the 193’s…and it pains me greatly…Guess I’ll rest tonight. 

"Overwhelmed" by Ursula Vernon.

  • David

    We are living in particularly wicked times right now, it`s important to be strong and pace yourself. You have a great site here informing us, I visit it often, first time post. Here are Bible verses to put it all in context
    Thank you very much.

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  • QV3

    America plays doublestandard and lies, all the time. Nothing new. So don’t get disheartened. Americans know it is their fault, just can’t accept and face it. So easy way out to balm their evil is to accuse a jewess.
    The American people are to blame. They elect leaders to do harm on other nations. BOOMERANG! Its now on US soil, and they can’t deal with it.

    As Americans allowed their leaders to kill innocents abroad, now the US police use military weapons on them. As Ameicans allowed their leaders to fire on fleeing pro russians in East Ukraine, so now the US police kill not wound.
    As Americans stayed dumb and docile and accessories to their nations turning countries into the killing zones and watched their taxpayer funded killers murder rampantly, now its own Police has turned into a militarised killing machine.

    Enjoy Americans. You certainly deserve it. You are 100% responsible for whatever hell you are living in.