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Prophesy To Us Smooth Things; Speak Deceit (Niceties)

scan0000In Isaiah 30:10, it is written that the people of ancient times were hard of heart and turned their backs on God (As we all do) & did not want to hear Isaiah warn and speak of calamity.  They did not want to witness the horrible things that Isaiah was exposing through the power of God.  The same can be said for this period of time in America:  People do not want to see, hear or have anything ‘negative’ spoken of.   I know this firsthand, myself.

Well, brace yourselves you who do not wish to hear:  Calamity shall befall you.  Turmoil shall encompass you.  Close your eyes and keep your pretense for it shall not last long:  Your wounds will become incurable because you cared not for the poorest of Gods people.  You cared not to hear the chants of the persecutors because they didn’t persecute you.. So, it shall be when you are persecuted:  No one shall look.  No one shall pity.  God shall turn his back to you and not grant you his face.

The LORD, our Elohim does not take delight in those that do not care for their fellow humans.  He shall turn his back and forsake those who cast off their brethren.




US Backed NAZI’s In #Ukraine Burn Swasticka Into #Novorussio Man’s Back (@SenJohnMcCain) Pals

US Backed NAZI’s In Ukraine Burn Swasticka Into Novorussio Man’s Back (@SenJohnMcCain) Pals

I have no words for this type of butchery.  And, your tax dollars are going to these NAZI Ukrainians.  Refute this burn you idiotic, Russia-hating troglodytes.  If there is a hell, it will be welcoming those that stand with these NAZI Ukrainians.

Take a good look at who will be visiting the terrorist, Obama:  Ukrainian President Poroshenko will visit White House …

Ron Paul: “US Govt Voted To Arm Syria “Rebels” Who Work To Overthrow The Assad Government”

Ron Paul: “US Govt Voted To Arm Syria “Rebels” To Overthrow The Assad Government”

Love or hate Ron Paul,  he is right about this:

Rp Weekly Button  Last week, the House and Senate voted to rubber stamp President Obama’s war plans for the Middle East.  Both bodies, on a bipartisan basis, authorized the US to begin openly training and arming the rebels who have been fighting for three years to overthrow the Assad government in Syria.    The rest:  Congress Votes for More War in the Middle East

Another Paul post: Ron Paul: War on ISIS is Foolish Continuation of 24 Years of US War in Middle East

More:  Prof. Flynt Leverett Dissects Obama’s ‘Insane’ Commitment to Never-Ending Middle East War 

Where are the anti-war liars:   Mainstream Media Hypocrisy: ‘Where Are the Antiwar Voices?’ 

AND:  Russia Today is right about Obama/McCain:   ​‘Obamastein’ is no Machiavelli 

Just look at this: RUSSIA pledges to fight against ISIS but NOT with a U.S. led coalition whose real goal is to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government

  • So far we have assisted in over-throwing the Egyptian government; The lying MSM claiming that Mubarak was a tyrant. 
  • Ditto the Libyan government, claiming it was time for Gaddafi to go, (Hillary Clinton sat back regarding Gadaffi’s death, saying: “We came, we saw, he died.”)  Gaddafi didn’t just ‘die’, he was raped in the anus and murdered..
  • Add the Ukraine government in which we assisted in over-throwing Yanukovych is now a regime with NAZI’s who hold seats of power. 
  • The Obama dictatorship has been working to overthrow Assad’s government in Syria.  So far, he has not been successful much to the dismay of John McCain.

And, this is the way America “rolls” now..  Remember people; payback’s a bitch.

Euromaidan March In Moscow Against Putin. NOBODY In U.S. Marches Against @SenJohnMcCain Regime Change In Ukraine


Euromaidan March In Moscow Against Putin. NOBODY In U.S. Marches Against @SenJohnMcCain Regime Change In Ukraine.  Why?

Pro-West, Euromaidan Russians are marching against Putin’s “War in Ukraine.”  Even though it is a EU/US lead war from it’s beginning.  The Main stream and its collaborators can fool some people, but they can’t fool me.  Here are the facts about Ukraine:

John  McCain, an Arizona, United States Senator (who is not supposed to represent Ukrainians) was in Ukraine in December 2013, fomenting riots.   Advising the Ukrainians that Americans are ‘with them’ in their quest to overthrow their government in Kiev.  Americans are not for overthrowing our own government which is corrupt beyond imagining but, we’re all for undermining another nations sovereignty:

Victoria Nuland, who was also involved in the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine was grilled in May 2014 by Rep. Rohrbacher from California.  She was confronted on her support for Neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine:

In May, 2014, Hunter Biden, the VP of the United States’ son, secured a big position with the largest Ukrainian gas company:  Ukraine energy firm hiring Biden’s son raises ethical questions (Fox News)

The Main Stream Media would like you to believe that Russia that is the guilty party regarding Ukraine.  I have shown you the truth:  America was involved in overthrowing the elected government in Ukraine from the beginning.  Putin is not my despot.  Obama is America’s despot.  America, get out of Ukraine.  NOBODY in their right mind wants WW3.

MSM:   You can fool some of the people some of the time and most of the people, most of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time…

On Pushkin Square in central Moscow, opposition march began. Demonstration must pass from Pushkin Square to Sakharov prospect, it is consistent with the mayor’s office, stated the number of participants 50 thousand. Persons. The organizers of the march said that the campaign aimed to protest over the military action in the Ukraine, as well as against the policy of the Russian authorities. Protesters began gathering at 16:00 on Pushkin Square, RIA Novosti reported

See the tweets here:   Euromaidan March