Battle For Baghdad: #ISIS Is Armed W/ NATO Anti-aircraft Missiles?! PHOTOS & Video

Battle For Baghdad: ISIS Is Armed W/ NATO Anti-aircraft Missiles?! PHOTOS

Rebels in Syria (Same as ISIS), have been armed by NATO (US Gov) for 2 years: Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian Rebels … (Reuters, 2012) , US has secretly provided arms training to Syria rebels since 2012, (LA Times)


[The image above, a screenshot from a recently uploaded video, appears to show a fully assembled 9K338 Igla-S (NATO reporting name: SA-24 Grinch) in the hands of rebel forces in Syria.]  Hat Tip:  The Federalist Gary, & Rogue Adventurer Via:  @defendressofsan

So, tell me again how our guys are going to win a war that Iran wants to fight, anyway:  Iran’s Message to World: You Need Us to Fight Islamists (BBG)   Let Iran go fight this.  We can’t, we’re fighting ourselves over there.  Or at least some of our own weapons.

The US is cooked.  The fat lady is singing.  Let the old broad sing on her own soil.