#ICantBreathe – Jewish Man Stabbed By Filthy, Black Bastard In NYC Synagogue, Yelling “Kill Jews”

#ICantBreathe – Jewish Man Stabbed By Black Bastard In NYC in NYC Synagogue

And still- so many Jews support violent, young, black youth.   Makes me sick.    You won’t see me helping out ANY black youth (very few exceptions).      I will stand with patriotic, mature,  black people every day of the week.. But, I am now 100% bigoted toward black youth and believe they should ALL be sent to Africa, expeditiously.


So, this filthy animal wants to ‘kill all Jews’… It was stupid, left-wing Jewish idiots that died for drek like this.  What a mistake.   In the 1970’s, militant blacks murdered over 200 Jews in Massachusetts.  Read it in Rabbi Marv Antleman’s book; “To eliminate the opiate”  (Rabbi Antleman’s home was Fire-bombed by militant black, Jew hating trash.

Watch VIDEO *GRAPHIC*:   Jewish student stabbed in head in attack at New York synagogue “I want to kill the Jew!” – See more at: Pamela Geller

*David DukeThe Dirtbag, Daily-Slave and the Incogman should join the blacks.   They have SO much in common, Palestinian-firsters,  HamasbaRATs.      The Daily Slave won’t allow me to comment on his website because he is a little faggot.