#SELMATheMovie: Lib Blacks Leave Out Civil Rights Rabbi Abraham Heschel. (Liberal Blacks Hate Jews, Idiots)

#SELMATheMovie: Lib Blacks Leave Out Civil Rights Rabbi Abraham Heschel. (Liberal Blacks Hate Jews, Idiots)


Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (2nd from right) in the Selma Civil Rights March with Martin Luther King, Jr. (4th from right).

I got up this morning and the latest story is how famed Rabbi Abraham Heshel was left out of Selma, the movie.  Well, boo hoo… What did you Liberal Jews expect? Recognition? For what? Just because some Jews died for blacks during the Civil rights era? Big whoop.  It’s never enough for the Obama crowd.   Don’t you get it yet?    You marched for these people who – in turn: Beat, rob, rape and murder whites on a daily basis. Add an occasional Jew in to the mix.

The Rabbi’s daughter in the link enclosed should repent to America instead of weeping for her idiot father who was dumber than a bag of hammers when it came to black Liberals.

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This is what the Liberal ‘Jews’ helped create for American whites:


By the way, Liberal “Jew” idiots: #ICantBreathe – Jewish Man Stabbed By Filthy, Black Bastard In NYC Synagogue, Yelling “Kill Jews

And, the Liberal Jew god hero: Civil Rights Group Blasts Obama for Anti-Semitic Comments During Closed-Door Democratic Meeting 

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  • Omigosh, TMJ, I have to put together a post on this. I am so sick to my stomach of Black Progressives. They’re distancing themselves from the Church from the Jew, and in so doing from God. Damn fools.

    • Black progs take advantage of Obama for skin color.
      Lefty Jews take advantage of him so they can further Communism

  • Nikki

    Yep, it’s that time of year again where countless Jews falsely and ridiculously think they have something in common with African Americans and praise the adultrous fraud MLK. Several studies on American attitudes have consistently shown that American blacks are THE MOST anti-Semitic group in the country. Yet this falls on deaf ears for most Jews. They insist on worshipping MLK for a couple of pro-Israel comments he made strictly as a favor for all the Jewish backers he had in the civil rights era. When it comes right down to it, MLK, Obama, Winfrey, or any other black you can name is black first and foremost. So, sit back and watch all the idiots praise their plagiarizing, adulterer, icon.


    • Office Pro

      Those same studies also showed that whites were the most accepting of other races and hold the least racist attitudes. My own observation is that Jews are the most altruistic group in the country. Sadly, they don’t understand that blacks are the least altruistic and the most racially discriminating. Jews are seen as other whites, if not worse.

      • Janet B

        As a person who lives in the deep south among millions of blacks, I can tell you that Northern whites (not just Jews) have no clue as to why segregation was REQUIRED for our survival after the civil war.

      • I dont really hang with anyone 😉
        I trust NOBODY and dont give a shit what color they are.

        • James duke

          LMAO MJ Tell em my buddy 🙂

    • I know, it IS too comical

  • Wraith7216

    It does amaze me that so many liberal Jews seem unaware that the anti-semitic rhetoric being preached in many black churches by the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Sharpton would fit nicely in an edition of Der Sturmer. In New York in particular I’ve caught several stories of black on white violence against Jews, the ones that stand out the most in my mind are the murder of a rabbi by a group of black thugs, several incidents of the knockout game, attacks on the orthodox community, and assaults on Jewish girls. Hopefully there will be some waking up in the left leaning part of the Jewish community. As far as these racist blacks are concerned a Jew is just another “cracka” to be robbed, raped, or murdered.

    • ‘As far as these racist blacks are concerned a Jew is just another “cracka” to be robbed, raped, or murdered.’

      I know. but, they believe they are not with the whites.

      • James duke

        Jews are white MJ …That’s my feelings but the liberals of what ever color will reap what they have sown …..You know where I have come from MJ and I have friends of all colors . What I don’t like is trash an users they come in all colors. I’m a believer in ” damn it do your best my back is sore from carrying the dead beat bastards” If you are disabled and can’t work ok I’m ok with that get a small check an get by but if you are a lazy lofer to hell with you get a damn job I’m tired of supporting your lazy ass . Man up take care of your family like we all did in the 50s an 60s before the welfare system ruined it for low information people . Have some pride people !!!

        • I am pretty white, I know!
          Its just madness anymore James

    • James duke

      They wont rob this Cracker 🙂 And yes they do lump the jews in with whites , But I too consider Jews part of the white community . Maybe I’m wrong ? MJ If shit hits the fan you an David can come to my place ….

      • God bless you for that.

        • James duke

          +God bless u too my friend and I mean it 🙂 You are my friend MJ David too ….I grow lots of food and have the means to not just get by in times of trouble but flourish …. We would put in some work but we would go with out nothing and eat well and be comfortable buddy 🙂 If SHTF call me u know how to get my number 🙂

  • kookooracharabioso

    Not a jew but may as well be. Others consider me to be a jew and I have experienced extreme anti-Semitism all my life in several states. For this I feel like a jew. I first became aware that I was being victimized by anti-Semitism as a child but never had anyone to talk to about it . I told my father who told me to tell them I am not jewish….like that would really work. I felt that wwii jews have been delusional in thinking that they have conquered anti-semitism in one generation and have failed to understand why there are not legal protections just as for other minorities. I have found the hatred of jews to be everywhere and for someone who has no connections or monies as presumed by the haters I have to say that it is a career and job killer. The racists believe that their victims have secret resources to land on their feet when they shove us out of a job after extreme harassment or they just don’t care. I have had many jobs in my life and only on one job was there another person who really was jewish and the race hatred against him showed up in print on a job related chat site. Internet has helped me to learn that there are a lot of jew in the us but they all have good jobs (connections?)… not working rank and file jobs like I have had to. So I have to say that the anti-semitism has ruined my life and cost me in terms of job stability and growth. It is soul crushing to suffer this continuously with no support of even someone to talk to about it. Even reservation Indians who have never been anywhere have been taught jew hatred – I learned this almost 40 years ago. People in parts of the us still believe that jews are so awful that surely they will know a jew by sight. As for blacks I have come to bad conclusion. Watching generations perpetuating the same behaviors and knowing from generations past of these same negative behaviors experienced through the long decades of their lives and then trying to update myself on racial sensitivity and reading Crunk feminist collective I have realized that maybe we should go back to segregation except for those who want or can prove that they can get along with the “other” regardless of who that other is. I am on the fence – I have suffered extremely but I also see how taking a lazy minded “I see racism everywhere” perspective ruins lives and relationships.

  • What is MLK being honored for? Twerking? Ebonics, hiphop/rap, sagging pants? Quotas/affirmative action? Stealing sneakers, riots, Ferguson? Hammer attacks? The knockout game? Thug life? Pimp and ho sub-culture?

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