Treasonous DHS Threatens US Sheriffs Over Amnesty. WHY Is Obama Still In Office, You Gutless Republican JERKS

Treasonous DHS Threatens US Sheriffs Over Amnesty. WHY Is Obama Still In Office, You Gutless Republican JERKS


Here we are, the election was supposed to change things. It didn’t change anything (just as I suspected).

How can any American with a right mind even be a Republican at this stage in the game?  They’re LOSERS.  They do nothing. They go along to get along.  They let Obama get away with murder, literally: Obama’s Dead Pool.    

Obama, the imposter has aided Jihadists in Syria, aided the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and Libya, aided NAZI’s  in Ukraine (thanks to congress), aided ISIS, is trying to start WW3 with Russia and the GOP let’s this happen and you saps still vote them in.   How many scandals has this piece of garbage been involved in? I’ve lost count: He uses the IRS to target ‘enemies’ (Like Nixon did), Benghazi, Fast and furious, Pigford, The VA mess, Bergdahl.  I can’t keep track of it all.  If this bastard was George Bush, he would have been hung out to dry long ago. 


Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson threatened US sheriffs today. Johnson told the sheriffs that they will not receive federal grants they are counting on if the Republican Congress does not fund amnesty.

Why is Obama still in office? Why? The GOP has control of the house and senate.  These gutless worms will DO NOTHING!!! Fire them all.  It’s Pitchfork time.  F’k the FED!!!!!!

Oh, by the way:

  • kookooracharabioso

    Re your last link – cuz the imPOTUS’ offering silenced the colonizers momentarily but really wasn’t such a great deal – more a cracker baitor than anything. This gives them incentive (not really) to ditch the tax ID # & all the cuzn’s kids they claim will be subject to real count. They aren’t stooping – illegal status is a better deal. The pot is just going to keep getting sweeter. They’re starting to have 2nd thoughts about being owned X the USA corporation. Once counted no more free free free!

    • kookooracharabioso

      Re your 4 star link – Idk how anyone could fail to C the signal.

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  • Hans

    The King of Jordan unlike like Obama is going to jump into a plane and kill the enemy buy his own hand, he leads by example at the front of his troops to defend his country. It’s time the leaders in the US became leaders we respect and not scorn.

    • QV3

      Abdullah is no king Hussein who took to the air and shot dead some thousands of Palis instigated by the West’s absolute darling to today, Yasser Arafat.
      Besides, ISIS is America’s darling. No go. Jordan will have many Gladios should Abdullah attempt that. ISIS is America’s murdering arm.

      • Yeah, King Hussein was tough–he didnt put up with those f’n palis

  • QV3

    The Republicans are the face on the other side of the Janus coin.