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So, What’s Changed In #Baltimore W/ Young, Black Males Since They Rioted In 1968? Nothing.

So? What’s Changed In #Baltimore W/ Young, Black Males Since They Rioted In 1968? Nothing.

Observe the fallout of the riots in Baltimore, circa 1968 in these videos.

Nothing has changed with black, male youth–not in 50 years.

Reel 2:

Reel 3:



They rioted in 1968 because of MLK’s assassination.  They rioted over this last wknd. for Freddy Gray-no doubt, a black thug.

….So, it does not matter if a person has right or wrong views in their opinion: Young, black males only see color & seem to crave violence.  They only see that the ‘white devil’ is racist.  They are taught to hate white skin–which is what racism is defined as:  A person who hates the color of another person’s skin. 

Their violent behavior has been enabled by the Progressive Liberals-Who are at the root of every, single problem in this nation.

Leffler -1968 WashingtonDC MLK riots.jpg

Nothings changed….



Not in 50 years…

…..Their chief Obama is in agreement with them: Breaking: Obama RIPS US Police: Too Often Target Poor, African Americans (VIDEO). This, of course means that America will see riots in every major city.  When a leader aligns with violence over law…There is a real problem, folks.  Be ready for many riots, lootings, killings, etc for another 16 mos with Obama being the ‘chief’. 

I Tweeted this out 24 hours ago:

SO- Did the Washington Post like my Tweet so well, that a young, fat, 20-something kid named Nick post an article, 16 hours ago without linking me–as usual?   Not only have they banned me from their Website, they disrespect my hard work.

Baltimore riots evoke memories of aftermath of MLK’s assassination, WA POST. 

Washington Post16 hours ago, May 28

America Is In The 3rd Stage Of Progressive Genocide

America Is In The 3rd Stage Of Progressive Genocide


Liberal/Progressives have already built a society where it is ‘us vs them

There are 8 stages of genocide. America is in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd stages.  Conservatives, Christians, Right-Wing,  Pro-Israel Jews, Libertarians, patriots have all been classified as ‘extremists’ according to the DHS report: DHS: ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Greater Threat Than ISIS (World Net Daily) 

The Progressives have already marked us with symbolization, eg: “Don’t tread on me” symbols. (They use your own patriotic symbols to mark you.)  Websites such as “Right Wing Watch” & “Media Matters” are watching Conservative people under a microscope, daily.  This is a Communist tactic: To monitor people.  Nazis and Communists have always monitored people & their opposition to totalitarianism.

The Communist/Progressives are dehumanizing Conservative people, calling them ‘haters, homophobes, bigots, racists, anti-female’, etc.

I will have you know that the Progressives are dangerous, they do not believe you to be human.  You need to understand this.  The only way to effectively fight these people, online and in life is to show them what they are doing.  For eg:  Ask your Liberal friend why they are classifying you. Ask them why they call you such horrible names.  Tell them that you feel dehumanized.   Advise them of the 8 stages of genocide.   Advise them that they sound like Nazis and Communists.  Print up the 8 stages:  The 8 Stages of Genocide – Genocide Watch.  Carry them around.  Ask them if this is the type future they really want. 

It is not the Conservatives that are dehumanizing people.  It is not the Conservatives that are persecuting people. 

Conservatives are REACTING.

Conservatives are not on the offense, Conservatives are on the defense.

Here are the 1st 3 stages:

1. Classification

Classification refers to a division of the population into racial, religious and ethnic divisions. In Rwanda, the population was divided into Tutsi and Hutu, an ethnic divide in which the Tutsi were considered nobility. The stark divide between culture and ethnicity in Rwanda created an environment prone to conflict. According to Genocide Watch, recognizing this, finding and closing the divide is a successful preventative to genocide.

2. Symbolization

Symbolization refers to labeling the classified group. The groups dividing society are identified by a certain name, language, type of dress, uniforms or religious symbol. In Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, people from the Eastern Zone were required to wear blue scarfs. Similarly, Nazi Germany required Jews to wear a yellow star. The symbolization of a certain ethnicity, race or religion easily and visibly differentiates that group, and the gap between two groups widens.

3. Dehumanization

Dehumanization, as the word suggests, is a process by which a particular group is marked as sub-human. This includes describing them as animals or disease. The process of dehumanization often involves negative propaganda campaigns. The U.N. provides the example that a Rwandan newspaper labeled the Tutsis as “cockroaches.” Currently, the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are referred to as illegal immigrants, and many government leaders refuse to recognize even the existence of the Rohingya. The process of dehumanization allows the government to violate the human rights of the targeted group without the widespread criticism of the country’s people, just as long as the propaganda efforts are successful.


Michael Savage agrees:


I’m Happy To Report That Young, Black Males Are Destroying Another Liberal City, #Baltimore

I’m Happy To Report That Young, Black Males Are Destroying Another Liberal City, #Baltimore


I woke up this morning to the ongoing Bolshevik, Communist revolution and it’s attack in Baltimore. 

I am sitting here ecstatic that another Liberal city is being destroyed by our culturally enriched, young, black males.  SO:  Let’s see; the mayor of Baltimore is black, the chief of Police is black, most of the city council is black and even the President of the United States is black. Yet, it’s all Whitey’s fault.  What a crock of sh@t.


At Downtrend:  CLICK

At Fire Andrea Mitchell:  Thugs beat up, toss trash at whites during Camden Yards protests VIDEO

At America Power: #FreddieGray Protesters Riot in Baltimore

At GateWay:  Baltimore Protesters Target Orioles Game – Beat Fans at Restaurant (Video)

Random, angry Tweeters:

Had Conservative pundits paid attention to our humble blogs years ago, maybe they could have stopped this insanity.  But, so many were busy calling us [who did talk about it] ‘racists.’  And, now cities are burning down. 

Good riddance to these Liberal cities, hopefully, there is billions in damage that can’t be repaired.  Word to whitey in Baltimore:  Get out of the way.


3X As Many Whites Shot By Police Than By Black Americans #WhiteLivesMatter

3X As Many Whites Shot By Police Than By Black Americans  (Watch the video from above and see the bad, black behavior)

There are 2 questions that need answering:  Why have the police become so brutal?  (Because they have become very Stasi.) 

The other question:  Who is going to demand that the Propaganda news start questioning young, male, bad, black behavior like in the case of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin?


There are three times as many whites shot by police than black Americans  (Hat tip:  Rapper Scarface on American Police: “I Feel Like We Being Hunted” (VIDEO))

New Idea To Stop Obama’s Amnesty In It’s Tracks:

New Idea To Stop Obama’s Amnesty In It’s Tracks:

Although it is a great plan, (below) mine would be different if I was in charge:  I would deport all of them and their friends and then any who came in again, I would give order to the National Guard to ‘kill em all.’  Tired of these games.  Every other nation except western nations have borders.  Our border issue is national suicide.


Blogger 24AheadDotCom has long advocated for a plan to stop amnesty that involves publicly discrediting the people pushing amnesty. The idea essentially is to make it untenable to support amnesty by forcing amnesty advocates to answer questions publicly (or be seen explicitly not doing so). Along with this is the idea of trying to find people who support an amnesty advocate, and discredit the advocate in their eyes.  Click to see the whole story