America Is In The 3rd Stage Of Progressive Genocide

America Is In The 3rd Stage Of Progressive Genocide


Liberal/Progressives have already built a society where it is ‘us vs them

There are 8 stages of genocide. America is in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd stages.  Conservatives, Christians, Right-Wing,  Pro-Israel Jews, Libertarians, patriots have all been classified as ‘extremists’ according to the DHS report: DHS: ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Greater Threat Than ISIS (World Net Daily) 

The Progressives have already marked us with symbolization, eg: “Don’t tread on me” symbols. (They use your own patriotic symbols to mark you.)  Websites such as “Right Wing Watch” & “Media Matters” are watching Conservative people under a microscope, daily.  This is a Communist tactic: To monitor people.  Nazis and Communists have always monitored people & their opposition to totalitarianism.

The Communist/Progressives are dehumanizing Conservative people, calling them ‘haters, homophobes, bigots, racists, anti-female’, etc.

I will have you know that the Progressives are dangerous, they do not believe you to be human.  You need to understand this.  The only way to effectively fight these people, online and in life is to show them what they are doing.  For eg:  Ask your Liberal friend why they are classifying you. Ask them why they call you such horrible names.  Tell them that you feel dehumanized.   Advise them of the 8 stages of genocide.   Advise them that they sound like Nazis and Communists.  Print up the 8 stages:  The 8 Stages of Genocide – Genocide Watch.  Carry them around.  Ask them if this is the type future they really want. 

It is not the Conservatives that are dehumanizing people.  It is not the Conservatives that are persecuting people. 

Conservatives are REACTING.

Conservatives are not on the offense, Conservatives are on the defense.

Here are the 1st 3 stages:

1. Classification

Classification refers to a division of the population into racial, religious and ethnic divisions. In Rwanda, the population was divided into Tutsi and Hutu, an ethnic divide in which the Tutsi were considered nobility. The stark divide between culture and ethnicity in Rwanda created an environment prone to conflict. According to Genocide Watch, recognizing this, finding and closing the divide is a successful preventative to genocide.

2. Symbolization

Symbolization refers to labeling the classified group. The groups dividing society are identified by a certain name, language, type of dress, uniforms or religious symbol. In Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, people from the Eastern Zone were required to wear blue scarfs. Similarly, Nazi Germany required Jews to wear a yellow star. The symbolization of a certain ethnicity, race or religion easily and visibly differentiates that group, and the gap between two groups widens.

3. Dehumanization

Dehumanization, as the word suggests, is a process by which a particular group is marked as sub-human. This includes describing them as animals or disease. The process of dehumanization often involves negative propaganda campaigns. The U.N. provides the example that a Rwandan newspaper labeled the Tutsis as “cockroaches.” Currently, the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are referred to as illegal immigrants, and many government leaders refuse to recognize even the existence of the Rohingya. The process of dehumanization allows the government to violate the human rights of the targeted group without the widespread criticism of the country’s people, just as long as the propaganda efforts are successful.


Michael Savage agrees:


  • love44eternity7

    I’m sick of liberals, GAYS, communists,… other idiots out there who are sooooo not for being dehumanized yet dehumanizing others constantly! Get the hell away with that crap! Liberalism should be outlawed, communists jailed and some put on guillotine and gays should be given exorcists and if they don’t change, murdered. You liberals are making people be sick and tired of you and your pushy agendas that people just curse you in the name of God and want you out of this earth! Congrats, you did a great job didn’t you?

  • kookooracharabioso

    Thanks for the list. Most recently the conservatives have wised up about the hate they were putting out but when the economy tanked they got so rabid and inciting hate on victims. This still continues in many ways but less overtly. Both sides disgust me so I guess I am the moderate who will go first.

  • QV3

    The rest of the world does so wish Genocide in America will begin — today!

    Because unless Global Slaughterhouse America is stopped, people are dying all over because of America’s drones; and the current US-Saudi Arabia blockade in Yemen that prevents any aid reaching Yemen. Just through Monday 3,500 had been killed, 6,200 wounded, and many maimed for life. 4,900 residential buildings were destroyed or damaged – plus 857 civil service and public utility facilities according to Yemen’s Freedom House Foundtion.

    How Americans can sleep and go about their daily lives shows the world the Continent is full of Certified Psychopaths.
    So, dear God, do bring Genocides in America. Let Baltimore be the benchmark for the slaughter and the rioting, and the destruction that must engulf a most evil nation on planet earth.

    • -I have to say, What are they ‘waiting on?’
      Since 2001, 9 – 11, over 30K Americans have been KIA by illegals. (Mostly white)
      Since 2004, Over 5K Whites have been murdered by blacks.

      Dont be so quick to be that happy… The freaks you will be left with will be the worst of humanity. The Liberals will send them to ya all’s countries.

      • QV3

        I think China knows how to control the blacks when they take full control of the US. China has many years of positive experience in Africa, and the Africans love and respect the Chinese.
        The first thing the Chinese will do when they take control of the US is identify all surviving leftists and liberals and send them, in chains, to hard labour camps. 18 hours back breaking labour is the perfect antidote. It has worked in China for centuries.
        The last thing China needs is any surviving leftist or liberal. China lost 2 million of its people when the leftist Gang of Four ran amok.

        • QV, China (although not too many in state govs are already in chg of most major cities.
          They are not doing a good job either

          • QV3

            MJ, please understand China is an altogether different culture.
            Diametrically opposite to western culture. China’s thinking is also very different.
            It will use ‘soft power’ of tolerance, reconciliation for development before resorting to harsh methods.
            China took 20 years before becoming and being accepted as a reliable, dependable partner African nations today trust.

            Same in Latin America. And China is slowly making progress and achieving the success .

          • Look, they are FAR better than the Mestizos, QV

          • QV3

            MJ, I am not sure if you are aware of the fact China-Mexico have forged strategic relationships that will have an immediate impact on the US.

            Mexico is part of NAFTA – North America Foreign Trade Agreement – that has North America, Canada, and Mexico as the main economies-partners. For the last decade, Mexico has served as a “buffer” to the sea change in orientation of Latin America and the Caribbean toward China.

            Then 2012 saw Enrique Pena Nieto’s inauguration as president of Mexico with Xi Jinping as president of China three months later.
            This dramatically changed the political dynamic between the two countries, ushering in a new period in which both have
            aggressively pursued deeper economic, political, and other relations. For China it means deeper and better relations with Mexico as one of the most important markets in the region, and a potential platform for exporting Chinese products to the US.
            For Mexico it affords diversity of Mexico’s economic and other foreign relationships from the focus on the US.
            Both leaders have met three times – Mexico has
            expanded its exports to and investments from China – in petroleum, mining and education sectors. The last meeting was in November 2014.

            The obstacles faced by Presidents Xi and Peña Nieto in expanding and improving Sino-Mexican engagement are a reflection of Mexico’s geographic, social and historical legacy: proximity to the US , the web of economic and political interests represented by Mexico’s business groups, and the question of Mexico as a “cosmic race” vis-à-vis other peoples.

            As it is, a few days ago, it was reported the Chinese are planning to station a missile-defense system on Mexico’s border .Medium-range ballistic missiles, which can be equipped with nuclear warheads, will be incorporated into the defensive system. China already has Its military in the Mexican borders.
            Already Mexico is voicing out that the US return of territories that years ago were annexed by the US contrary to international law. This includes Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming.

            The Q is: Will China and Russia (also deepening, increasing and strengthening its presence and ties in Latin America) support Mexico’s demands?

          • I know. Mexico has taken over with its Mexicans.

        • Teresa Rincon

          One reason for China’s one-child policy was to reduce members of certain minority ethnic groups, who tended towards high birth rates.

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  • QV3

    For having a Satan statue 7 ft tall, and for doing obeisance and worship to Satan, America’s Oklahoma where satan’s statue is, reaps the tornadoes.

    A series of tornadoes, including a major twister destroyed homes, and flipped cars, downed power lines, snapped trees.
    Better still, Tigers and wild animals escape from Oklahoma zoo after tornadoes hit.

    Not quite genocide for America yet, though.

  • We are living under the process and progression of genocide.

    We are in the 3rd stage and I proved this to you by the steps from the Genocide watch website.

    I study genocide daily.

    We are taught by the TV/Movies to see END results only, not the process or progression.

    For eg:The illegal invasion of Mexicans and South Americans didn’t happen in one
    day, it was a PROCESS and a PROGRESSION. (That is what Progressives are
    ALL about)

    Another eg:
    Jews and others were not murdered during the Nazi regime in ONE night, it was a PROCESS. It was a PROGRESSION.

    Another eg:

    The Bolsheviks did not murder the Russians and the Ukrainians in ONE night, it was done over decades.

    Another eg is South Africa: There have been thousands upon thousands of white
    farmers murdered. The #’s are getting higher and now Genocide Watch
    (since 2012) lists South Africa as being in stage 8 genocide.

    The Communist Manifesto, (although entered into congressional record as
    Soviet propaganda), it has been a PROGRESSION of far, left wing radical

    You are not looking at the PROCESS/Progression.
    It is not I that is not respecting genocide, my dear, it is you because you are not observing the PROCESS/Progression.

  • Teresa Rincon

    Traditionalists could go the Duggar route and have larger families. Otherwise, it’s going to be largely immigrants changing our diapers in our senectitude.