Rand Paul: “John McCain Supported #HILLARY’s War In Libya”

Rand Paul: “John McCain Supported #HILLARY’s War In Libya”

Let me remind you, though… Rand Paul thinks that the Russians are the instigators in Ukraine.  So, in my personal opinion, he is just another politician.  However, he is totally right about “Hillary’s war in Libya.”  Add Egypt to the mix.

AND, there was NO reason to go into these countries and topple their governments. (Egypt, Libya, Ukraine)  Yes, OUR government did that also–$$$$$$$$$$$


  • QV3

    Most Americans support the US genociding its way in the world . Most Americans say like your good friend said: The US must Carry a Big Stick — meaning its OK to kill others so America can live. How do you deal with such a satanic mindset?

    Americans have never been invaded, never had to scramble for safety, have never to go underground as bombs fall, never had to deal with bombed buildings, homes, infrastructure, hospitals , or killed by drones — which is what America is doing to the world. So, if American leaders are psychopaths, they come from the American populace of psychopaths. Psychopaths elect psychopaths.

    A man like McCain would have got a bullet in the back of the head in the world community. But he is America’s bastard – when America decides on its bastards.

    What America has done to Libya and Gaddafi is straight from Satan’s Hell.

    The Evil of America is seen in this video. Take Gaddafi’s millions, not enough, destroy the ONLY successful North African country that gave FULL equality to its women, to plunder the nation’s Gold & Billions. Shame on America. And shame on every American.


    Gaddafi’s Old Friends: CIA, Bush, Blair, Obama,
    McCain, Lieberman, Berlusconi, etc..

  • QV3

    At least you hve the guts to write this article. But then, you are a Jewess!
    Americans by and large do not consider Jews living in America as Americans but the bane of everything rotten happening in America. 99.9% Americans suffer from Acute Cranial-Rectal Inversion which is incurable. Hence the world has to suffer its bombs, its demand for wars. After all, its others who are dying innit?

  • QV3

    Obama Accomplishment: Africans Being Doused w/Gasoline and Set on Fire in Libya!!!

    In the early days, Africans were caged and starved to death by America’s darling islamists.
    Not to worry. Americscums kept Stony Silence as Christians were slaughtered in Syria and in Egypt and across the ME.
    Ameriscums are not going to bother about Africans. Ameriscums darlings are ARABS — the ones who did 9/11 and who Ameriscum elevated to Arse in Triumph & Worship!!

  • QV3

    I just read a comment by an Americunus who said the Unborn has no rights – in reference to Rand Paul defending the rights of the Unborn.’
    So, in america’s Killing Agenda known as abortion at will, has the unborn no rights law in America? If so, will there be a law passed to terminate the mother for carrying one?