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Whites (Japanese Also) Targeted For Mass Genocide. Pictures Don’t Lie:

Whites (Japanese Also) Targeted For Mass Genocide. Pictures Don’t Lie:

The left calls you; “Racist, bigot, homophobe”, & they will call you that all the way to Fema Camps, Gulags & the guillotines.  

Take a good look at what the far left has done to the western male and then try to convince me that they are not emasculating men, breeding out the whites with blacks and Hispanics and homosexualizing the Japanese.



Germany does not even have Germans anymore. 

Look at the photo on the left:

The left can call us every name they want.  The truth is the truth: Whites and Japanese are becoming extinct. The left loves thisThey are genocidal maniacs and should be either hanged or deported.

Magic Spanish Dame


Spanish Dame, TMJ, P. AsheDina 2015

So, how ya all doing?  I have had a 2 day migraine.  The reason I have these god-forsaken migraines is because I have a narrow inner ear issue that is inflamed by barometric pressure. This has put me in such a foul mood, I even went off on sweet QV     🙁

At any rate: I heard about the ISIS attack in TX.  I know that many Muslims can be a real problem, but if people really want terrorism so bad, watch young, black males on a daily basis.  They are America’s terrorists. Communists are the ones behind the black terrorists.

Re. my mixed media art:  Isn’t she so purdy?  She is from the 1920’s and the painting is from the 70’s and I mixed it all together    😀

Enjoy the Mandolin players: