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“Anti-Government” Protests In #Macedonia, Just Like #Ukraine. & Yep, @SenJohnMcCain Involved

“Anti-Government” Protesters In Macedonia, Just Like #Ukraine. & Yep, John McCain Was There.

Here we go again, only this time in Macedonia. Let me tell you something: I am NOT ‘pro-government’. But, Like Macedonia,  we saw the same type ‘protests’ in Ukraine: Cops being hurt, even murdered in phoney protests staged by “NGO’s” (Non-governmental organizations) Non-governmental organizations – United Nations Rule of Law.  At any rate, here is the Images for Ukraine police hurt by protesters.

Already we see a parallel issue happening in Macedonia: BBC news reports that armed terrorists have killed police.  [Probably some of Obama’s cop-killing buddies..]

The young man above knows all about the US/EU lead regime changes all over the world.  It’s a damned pity that most Americans have no clue and don’t really care, anyway; left or right. 

Calls for elected Reps to ‘step down’ (just as we saw with Yanukovych in Ukraine)

Of course, Soros’ “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are in the mix… According to Google search, there has been no ‘police brutality’ in Macedonia for 15 years. (Mass media is claiming police brutality reasons for protests)  This link is a google news search from 2000  (Which was the last time there was ‘police brutality‘ with the exception of ONE case in 2011)  –   CLICK: Cases of police brutality in Macedonia, Y 2K (2000) –



Read about how John McCain met  w/ the Macedonians less than a year ago, just like Ukraine:  Here.  Below is the photo of McCain with Minister Jolevski (News from Eastern EU)

If John McCain is involved in your country, duck n cover..


I do not know exactly what is happening in Macedonia yet.. But, (Turkish) “South Stream”  (OIL) is in the mix–so, Russia is involved.  Click here, Hat Tip: Chris Heer – News from Eastern EU.

Pretty soon, we’ll be hearing how Putin is Hitler, etc.  Even though it’s the EU/USA that has expanded NATO all over Eastern EU.   The US Government is responsible for this mess.   I don’t care what anyone tells you.  I guarantee, 100% – that all of the dots will be connected directly back to Soros, McCain, The EU, Obama, et al.  BUT,  it won’t matter because if it does not affect us Americans…who cares……….