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George Soros Setting Up Another Coup D’etat In Macedonia…? He IS Involved

George Soros Setting Up Another Coup D’etat In Macedonia…? He IS Involved

Where ever Soros is involved, chaos is present. Including Ferguson and no doubt, the Baltimore riots.

This website has already established that Victoria Nuland is involved in Macedonian politics & protests:  Click-Macedonia In Same Type Coup d’etat Scenario As #Ukraine? VictoriaNuland (F’ck the EU) Is Involved

As well as the usual culpritic monster of senile evil, John McCain:

Click-“Anti-Government” Protests In Macedonia, Just Like #Ukraine. & Yep, @SenJohnMcCain Involved


*Click-National Review has an article (Part II) about how George Soros is involved in Macedonia (He was also involved in the Coup staged in Ukraine)  See-  (King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine, The Mad Jewess, 2014)

Here is Part 1:  CLICK (National Review)


The U.S. and Russia are currently involved in heated competition amidst the New Cold War, with their latest rivalry threatening to turn hot over Macedonia. They had already duked it out over Ukraine (and still are, to a large extent), and a deadly stalemate has now settled over Syria as the U.S. covert war on the country drags through its fourth year.

The Russian Insider can see what the cabal of crazy, lead by US Stooges (NGO) and George Soros:  Click to see (“Macedonia, Round 3”)


I dont care what anyone tells you: The US/UN/EU funded NGO (non-governmental org) is involved in the break-up of Macedonia.

  The pseudo-conservatives will blame Russia, as usual-because they’re stuck in 1983 & don’t believe that the USSR broke up and Reagan never accomplished a thing.

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