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pauli14“Dreams”, TMJ-P. AsheDina 2015

So, I had a dream last night that I gave birth (with absolutely NO effort) to a little baby girl.  Before I had even named her, she was already talking to me.  She actually started preaching the same things I have been preaching about these insane Liberals, Feminists, Militant blacks and also talking about the things of God.  It was amazing to see that she was immediately an instrument for Gods glory against this evil world… So, a new thing is about to spring forth from my hard work, Thank God.

At any rate, Shabbat Shalom.  Have a nice joy-filled Sunday at your places of fellowship.   😀

Some of my favorite songs about “Dreams”

“Dream” (The Pied Pipers”)  From the 1940’s:

“Dreams”, Jim Croce:

“Dreamin again”  Jim Croce:

God bless….