Archive | May 25, 2015

Remembering WW2 Vets On Memorial Day


I suppose I am partial to the Vets of WW2 because many times a month, I sing for them.    I believe that the WW2 generation was the last great generation of people and the best of America.  The WW2 generation survived 10 years of great Depression and then saved the world.  What’s not to admire?

One time, I was watching a show put on for the WW2 vets and I sat with an elderly gent.. He was talking to me and all of the sudden, he looked at me, and in a rough NY accent, he said:  “You’re Gorgeous”  He made my whole day.   😀

Thank you for saving the world from fascism.

Here is a song that would probably be outlawed today because of the cabal of Liberal moonbats.

“Apple Blossom Time” is a song that always brings tears to just about everyone over 85 yrs old: