Bloomberg News ADMITTING US “Fomenting Regime Change” In #Macedonia.

Bloomberg News ADMITTING US “Fomenting Regime Change” In #Macedonia.

The US/EU cabal of overseas fascism also brought regime change to Egypt, Libya and Ukraine.  Now, they are admitting their regime change madness in Macedonia:

Macedonia is a poor, landlocked Balkan country of about 2 million. To the Kremlin, it’s also the newest front in an ideological battle, with the U.S. fomenting regime change to counter Russia’s ‘influence’.    The rest:  Macedonia, the New U.S.-Russia Battlefield

What ‘influence?’  That they want to build pipelines?  Big deal.  We do that all over the world. 

Meanwhile… We see (Just as we saw in Ukraine) that patriots of Macedonia are protesting the regime change.  I am sure they know all too well what has happened in Ukraine with the fascists and Nazis in charge:  Thousands attend counter-protest in Macedonia

Heading over to Ukraine, I see that the Ukrainians are starting to deplore the US/EU lead regime:  Ukrainian Ex-Battalion Commander Calls for Regime Change in Kiev (Same as what happened in Egypt with Morsi–hopefully, Poroshenko is sentenced to death also when they capture him)

I see a future of crow-eating pseudo-conservatives who are Russo-phobes apologizing to anti-war, right-wingers like me for their idiocy… But, it may just be too late as Russians grow weary and may want to just nuke the hell out of us.  People have NO clue how important this news is.