Illegal Invader Wetbacks Beat 90 Yr Old Minnesota Man To Death

Illegal Invader Wetbacks Beat 90 Yr Old Minnesota Man To Death

 Every single issue we face in America is because of Liberals.  NOT Muslims.

I am sick and tired of conservative people bla bla bla with Islam.  Islam is an issue OVER THERE in EU and Israel.  America’s issue is Communist Liberals.  Americans are murdered, beaten, raped and their lives are turned upside down, courtesy of illegals from south of the border and militant blacks.   When are you people going to fight the enemy HERE instead of worrying about their enemy OVER THERE…?
From Universal Freepress: Last month, 90-year-old Earl Olander was found beaten to death inside his Carver County home. Until a few days ago, the brutal death of this lifelong farmer had the quite, rural community on edge.
Hat Tip, Wounded Warrior
I swear… All of us will be dead by illegals or blacks because of Communist Liberals and the pseudo cons will still be ranting on about Muslims.  You don’t want Muslims here?  It’s the windbag LIBERALS that brought them HERE.  Illegal Hispanics also.
  • love44eternity7

    hell ya! ranting about islam over and over again, it really gets tiring after some time…

    • Islam is a problem over THERE.
      Liberals are the problem HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kookooracharabioso

    One of the favorite singers local to phoenix area started out as a hotel maid. Today she would not be able to do that because she was not a spanish only speaking Mexican.

    People were able to legally do what they needed to do to survive until they were “discovered” or they “made it.”

    After her kids were grown Margo’s sister Francine left us for greener pastures.

    • kookooracharabioso

      In recent weeks I have intermittently been trying to research how many muslims have been brought to US during the Obama/Jarrett administration. So far I have failed to find any concrete numbers – not even by any government entity or government watch dog organization. (Been in & out of hospital 3X so consistent effort has not happened. ) I posted earlier about how the goldwater republicans brought in a lot of illegal Mexicans but that post disappeared. Having worked for them I saw first hand how they were bringing them in, providing opportunity, and also how our deportation process is a joke. When ever a group got deported they would call their “cousins” to fill their jobs and our conservative republican employer condoned. The deported returned within 24 hours – maximum 3 days. How much the employer intervened I do not know. (Didn’t work in that office. )

      • kookooracharabioso

        Not Yazidis, not Copts or other groups suffering under Islam. Assyrian Christians came under Bush but THIS administration keeps bringing Muslims in. We can’t argue or formulate valid response without transparent truth of the numbers brought in. We have many of them in greater phoenix area. They even have their own cab system so they don’t have to tolerate sitting in same seats we poisoned by sitting in earlier. These are a problem and they make their presence known (and hated) daily. I remember when I tried to address the illegal Mexican issue in a national forum and people wrote in to dismiss what I was saying. There were no national figures. Everybody thought that the illegal Mexican population in their area was one of the only ones in the nation. Many people from south of the border (not just mexico) have looks very similar to some mid-easterners. Information has surfaced that many from ME now spend time in Mexico learning to speak and be Mexicans before they come here. So for liberals to go on and on about racial profiling – well their heads will probably be sliced off first anyways. This observation comes from Mexican – Americans in law enforcement at the border who have been catching Muslims from the ME for decades.

        So when QV3 makes his predictions I’m biting because the war on men/boys, the huge amount of drug addicted, the rite of passage of prison for young men, and the military suicides (52 a day?) makes the US an unwalled village of double minded fools unable to think straight.

        • Well, here in the states, the issue is COMMIES.
          And, Im tired of so many people yammering on an on about Islam in OTHER countries.
          These same talking heads need to concentrate on OUR problems.. IMO
          Bla bla bla with Islam, 24-7 really stops these fn Commies, huh!

          • kookooracharabioso

            Come to phoenix area . Lots of headscarves.

          • Still, its the LIBERALS who let them in.
            Every single thing is the fault of the LIBERAL and the apathy of the conservative

          • kookooracharabioso

            There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t know (gives rise to conspiracy theories.) Illegals from south of the border, many illiterate in their own language, know where they will be going after they cross the border, know exactly who their employer will be, how much they will make, where they will live, how to work our benefits system, contrasted with literate US born unemployed combing every media source cannot find those jobs because they have been set aside.

          • Koo, my WHOLE point in this post is that the LIBERALS are the reason for every issue we have. They are the REASON the world is f’d up 6 ways to Sunday.

            THEY are the root. If one cuts a tree down, they have to take it down at the ROOT.

            Islam and illegals is only the symptom: The Liberals are the ROOT that needs to be uprooted and thrown into the fire

          • kookooracharabioso

            Lately even your favorite radio host has talked about the conservatives having been capo nized possibly by this;


            Supports your position but even with that individual I find that one must read between the lines. I personally find both sides to be sometimes painfully ignorant (or is it willfully? ) Sure THE Liberals Come Up With Some INANE Slogans AND Flawed Thought processes. Remember “you can’t legislate morality? ” (isn’t every law an attempt to either legislate morality or legitimize immorality? )

          • I know, thats why I call them ‘pseudo-cons’

          • kookooracharabioso

            Yes this is an excellent term but I have spent too many years around people who do not know “pseudo” and will not look it up. Products of AZ’S pseudo school system ha ha. The contemporary anti – intellectual ” I Don’t NEED None Of YER STINKIN 3 DOLLA werds!” “If you can’t say it in one syllable or less it should not be said.” “IF U want to talk like that take your butt over to scotchdale cuz here on the west side WE DON’T CARE! ” “Wacha eetn? Green beens? Never heard o no stinking green beens. We eet TV dinner & fresh canned soup an we doin jes fine.” “Wot kind of meet is sudo? Is it fish? Sound like jap fish. We don’t eet no fish. We sand rats don’t need no stinking fish and no nuts neether. Ain’t fit Fer peeple. It’s rabbit food.”

            Then there’s my personal sentiment that the term is just too soft for the crimes committed. Just a bit angry. I want flames around it and constant shock value every time the term is uttered.

          • Well, if America ACTED more Christian, we would not be where we are. However, your friend does not seem to get that the ‘end’ of the world has been written in the Tanakh/Torah years before she came along.’

          • kookooracharabioso

            Is it on-line? Sections please? The friend is born again Catholic and has tried to entice me to it thinking I would love all the detail I suppose but at this end of life I’m not finding myself doing long term in depth studies. The one thing about Catholic that many find tedious but I think is good is the participatory answer back, the by rote learning verbalized is probably very helpful in extreme times.