White Biker Violence BIG NEWS. But Not Black, Black On White Violence This Last Week/Weekend

White Biker Violence BIG NEWS, But Not Black Black On White Violence This Last Week/Weekend

The links below all happened in one week…

But, the big story is the white biker gang and how they beat and killed each-other. Yes, whites killed each other. THAT is the big story but not the below home invasions, murders, 15 new black on white murders in this country:

Click Racial spree shooting in Texas, 1 killed, 2 injured.

Click-49 shot in Chicago this weekend

Click-Rapper Jay-Z is funding violent protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson

Click-Fifteen new black on white murders

Click-21 yr old Missourian nearly killed in racial hate crime attack


Black-on-white crime

The Main stream media picks and chooses stories to trip you up and keep your focused on what they desire you to hear.

  • Avrum Mordechai

    That’s because black lives only matter when a white does the shooting. If a black shoots another black….no biggie. It’s to be expected. I mean, that’s what they do best.

    If a white shoots a black… a real biggie. Because whites should know that black lives are supposed to matter to whites more than to blacks.

    And of course it’s no news when a black kills a white because white lives don’t matter at all.

    It’s all so simple if you are out of your mind.