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Staring Down The Wind…


“Staring Down The Wind” digi art by AsheDina, TMJ 2015

So, howdy do ya’ all.. Been threatened by some Obama-black moron from Anonymous on Twitter this morning.    Told I was a liar about the Bolsheviks by a white Nazi, (even though I study the Russian revolution from antique books and not Weltner or David Duke blogs where everything is the Jews fault, even their vertically challenged issues..)          

All in all… It’s a nice day here in sunny Arizona 🙂 & I feel GREAT.. I have to sing today for some WW2 vets.  I sang the other day for WW2 veterans and it was SO fulfilling. Help the elderly, people.  Because nobody cares about you when you’re old 🙁

A 70’s song….

Anonymous Threatens The Mad Jewess W/ Being Guilty Of “Hate Crimes” For Reporting #BlackViolence

#EXPECTUS! Anonymous Threatens The Mad Jewess W/ Being Guilty Of “Hate Crimes” For Reporting #BlackViolence


One of Obama’s buddies, who can’t seem to hack Obama’s computers to find out what the Stalinist dictator is up to – wants to hack The mean ‘ol Mad Jewess.   For what?   Reporting black violence and black on white crime, of course.. A hate crime is when a minority has been targeted unjustly.  I am a minority who is being targeted unjustly by “Anonymous.”    Actually, I am THE minority:   I am Sephardic Jew and American Iroquois Christian.    I fight for whites, am anti-illegals, (I have reported countless crimes of the illegals) am anti-war,  pro-Israel, anti-Obama, anti-Liberal Jew, and a far rightie. 

I will continue to report black violence to so that Americans can be protected from young, black, Liberal, sons-of-Obama.  The MSM won’t do it.  Someone has to.  A few of us do.

I will continue to point out the defamation of Israel.

I will continue to report the war crimes of the Obama administration with Soros connections.

I will continue no matter how many times I have been hacked, sent virus’ etc.

(I don’t know what this jackass means “Kill Whittie”)

Here is his/her tweet:

The jackass also went after Pat Dollard:

I also pray to my God in the heavens that he will judge the group “Anonymous” who want to hide these black on white REAL murders & hate crimes against humanity from the public:

Antonio Santiago (below) was murdered by this young, Obama supporter, above.

It is a ‘hate crime’ to report the above hate crimes.