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How Stalin Hated The Jews And Murdered Them. Disqus Commenter Says To Me: That’s “BS”!

How Stalin Hated The Jews And Murdered Them. Disqus Commenter Says To Me: That’s “BS”!

Winston Churchill Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920.

Winston Churchill wrote the above op ed in 1920.  He wrote how Zionism is Jewish survival and Communism is Jewish death.   He confronts atheist born ‘Jews’ (not Jewish at all) who were Bolsheviks & quite a few who were in the leadership during Lenin’s reign – which modern, Left-wing, atheist ‘Jews’ are very proud of, unfortunatelyWinston Churchill’s article on the Jews, Bolsheviks, Zionists

Zionist (Pro-Israel) Jews, (like me) however – are usually Torah-abiding, or Torah-respectful, Christian-Loving, God fearing and patriotic.     An atheist “Jew” is NO Jew AT ALL.    The Jewish faith is ‘far right’ [righteous], not anti God, satanic, far left.

EXCERPT from above op-ed:

First there are the Jews who, dwelling in every country throughout the world, identify themselves with that country, enter into its national life and, while adhering faithfully to their own religion, regard themselves as citizens in the fullest sense of the State which has received them.  (Which would be a Jew like The Mad Jewess & David Ben Moshe)

..At any rate:  This morning, I had a Jew-hater ‘refute’ me on one of my thousands of posts on Disqus regarding the Bolsheviks of Russia.  (I like debates)    I am one of THE first people on the net to even bring the topic up.   But,  according to Anti-Jews,  I am a Jew liar for bringing up Bolshevism.. Because the Bolsheviks I bring up is ‘propaganda’, because I am a Jew, of course…& ‘all Jews lie for the Jews, on behalf of the Jews and for ‘greater Israel.’ (Sighs)

At any rate.. Lets do take a peak at how Stalin hated the Jews:

The Tragedy of the Soviet Jews

By Arno Lustiger


The Bolshevik revolution began, as Mr. Lustiger tells it, with a campaign against anti-Semitism and promotion of the Yiddish language and literature. At one point, there were 400 Yiddish periodicals. By 1938, there were none. The Communists liquidated Jewish institutions, publishing houses, cultural associations and arrested their employees.

And equally forgotten was Stalin’s purge of the Red Army during which 40,000 officers were executed, among them 169 Jewish generals.

The whole post at the WA TIMES review:  CLICK
The person ‘refuting me’ is below:

(Click on the 5 hour ago linked mark)
The Disqus commenter says Stalin and Lenin were Jews..If anyone knows about the history of the Bolsheviks, they know that Stalin was NO Jew (He was studying to be a Priest in his early years).  His Mother, Ketevan Geladze‘s faith was in the Georgian Orthodoxy (Church).    And neither was Lenin a Jew, but that does not stop Jew haters from saying they are!   Lenin’s father, Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, born to a Chuvash family,came from a serf background. Not a religious background at all. (Neither Jew or Christian)
(In the photo below: Stalin 4th from left, top. Lenin 3rd from left, 2nd row)
Supposed Stalin’s ‘Jews’      (Too comical. Stalin was AFTER Lenin)
[I will have to look up the rest of these men who are being ‘accused’ of being Jewish]

[Photo linked from a Russian, Jew hater website: CLICK I am not even anti-Russian.    See my posts on Ukraine:  HERE]

At any rate: 

There were Jews involved in the Bolshevik revolt & even many were leaders, during and after the Bolshevik revolt.   364 Jews were in the Bolshevik party of over 10K members on the eve of the Bolshevik revolt.   Jews, in my opinion, should NEVER be involved in Communism because it undermines a nation, but that does not stop the atheist Jew (Liberals). 

It is said that these atheist ‘Jews’ hated the Tzar because of his anti semitism.. A question remains that I would need answering:  Why was the Tzar anti semitic?  Did he also have to deal with the Chuck Schumers of his day?  Debbie Wasserman Shultz’, Boxer’s? Feinsteins?  That’s enough to make even sane Jews turn into anti semites..

Here is another op-ed from Table Mag, entitled:

Surviving Stalin’s Purges

Why couldn’t Soviet Jews see the dictator—who died 60 years ago—for the anti-Semitic murderer that he was?

Click here to read..


I see many similarities in modern America.  Many minorities are in charge and have totally screwed this nation, 6 ways to Sunday, Liberal, atheist Jews included.   Jews did seize power in different rankings in Communist Russia.   I have never suggested they didn’t.   But, so did many non-Jews.  It was not a “Jew” plot. Communism is atheist.

In my opinion, America,- like old Communist Russia – has given itself over to feminists, Liberal, atheist Jews, Mexicans, militant black-power advocates, & a Communist/Muslim black President. 

Who is to blame for this?  Those who have been voted in by Americans or those Americans who have done nothing to stop it? 

I believe the latter. 

Rand Paul Wants 28 Pages Of 9-11 Report Released. I Say: Go For It. Honest-Hearted People Fear Nothing

Rand Paul Wants 28 Pages Of 9-11 Report Released. I Say: Go For It.  (Video above is rocket hitting West, TX)

 Sandy Hook had an ‘official story’, but they never showed Robbie Parker laughing a few hours after his daughter was murdered by a supposed killer Adam Lanza, or the helicopter footage that showed nothing happened in Sandy Hook.  I don’t know exactly what happened, but I don’t believe the ‘official’ story about Sandy Hook...   In West, TX, the MSM had the whole country focused on the Boston explosion as a missile hit the fertilizer plant. I believe the act was perpetrated by the US Government in April 2013.  Nobody even covered THAT story.     Last month, 9 bikers were murdered in Waco, TX by cops but the MSM says it was ‘Biker gangs killing each other’.    When do we ever get the real, total truth on any of these stories?

Rand Paul wants 28 pages of the 9-11 report opened up because these pages have been closed since 9-11.  I say:


If the US Govt is not guilty, they would not have a closed report, would they?   I am a native born New Yorker:  Don’t NYers have a right to know what is in those pages?


Link enclosed in the Tweet, below. (Not for the faint in heart, the website below blames Zionists for 9-11. Of course, the ZIONIST, Mad Jewess did 9-11 just like she eats gentile babies in her chicken and nonJew blood in her Matzah….. )

US Senator Rand Paul has joined a group of bipartisan lawmakers promoting legislation to force President Barack Obama to publish a classified document which reportedly implicates Saudi Arabia as a financier of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

I am not ‘for’ any Presidential candidate, by the way..So, this is not an endorsement of Rand Paul.  My candidate of choice is my business. I just believe the US Govt should be transparent.  Nor does this mean the I am a ‘9-11 truther’. (Whatever that means)   I’m just me, The Mad Jewess–unafraid of questioning the ‘official reports.’  I am not afraid of anything. Honest people fear nothing