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Anti-Israel, Jew-Haters Support “Jew”, George Soros, Who Is The Leading Boycott Israel Funder & Advocate

Anti-Israel, Jew-Haters Support “Jew”, George Soros, Who Is The Leading Boycott Israel Funder & Advocate


Many of the “BDS” groups are funded BY George Soros and have been for 5 years. [HRW, J Street & so many more)      So, if you bought your “P@lestinian scarf”, (Incogman 🙂 )  you bank-rolled Soros, the “Jew” & his NGO..             Soros….The ‘Jew’ you pretend to hate, I might add.. LMAOFF.

I want to make something really clear to those of you who support the Arabs in Israel, the “P@lestinians“… You don’t give a rats ass for these people–at all.   Your advocacy is against Israel.  You just hate Jews. Why not just set yourself free and say “I hate all Jews.”   Instead of trying to hide it like a liar.  Be advised, we have no love loss for you, either.    The only people who actually care (in the physical sense) for the P@lestinians are the Jews.  The Jews in Israel who offer these bastards sanctuary.  The Jews clothe, feed, send 1500 tons of supplies, inc food every Thursday to Gaza.  How do these fine specimen thank Israel?  By rocketing their southern cities, then scream they want peace.. It’s such a crock of shit.

From the NGO monitor:  Click-NGO Monitor

Bad Investment:
The Philanthropy of George Soros and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
How Soros-funded Groups Increase Tensions in a Troubled Region



The largest single grant made by George Soros, other than to his own Open Society
Foundation, was a $100 million matching gift made in 2010 to Human Rights Watch through
the Foundation to Promote Open Society. Also funds Africans..

George Soros to Give $100 million to Human Rights Watch …

“Africa?”  but, not South African whites, eh George Soros…?

“Human” Rights Watch is vehemently anti Israel.  As is J-street–also partly Soros funded. Not Soros-founded……perhaps….

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros supported J Street’s creation and was formally associated with the organization for a brief time after its inception. Before long, however, Soros stepped away from the group—at least in terms of his public association with it—for fear that his controversial reputation might scare off other potential supporters. But behind the scenes, he remained a powerful influence. From 2008-2010, the billionaire and his two children—Jonathan and Andrea—gave a total of $750,000 to the organization. J Street kept this Soros funding secret from the public until the Washington Times revealed it in September 2010.

So, eat crow, you Commie “Jew” supporters.   It’s so ironic that many White ‘advocates’, like David Duke, for eg.. (Who believes all Jews except Nathaniel Kapner are Satan & Commies) support the  BDS (Boycott, divest, sanction campaign against Israel) which is funded by Commie “JEW” George Soros……!

Everything you have supported is a LIE. The BDS is a LIE.   All of the photos that the Gazans submitted to the public in the 2014 ‘siege’ on Twitter was a lie.  All of them.  Everything you believe is a SCAM… Because Soros is the biggest scam artist in the world.

Keep supporting this “Jew” lies, you jackasses. 

You’ve been had.

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