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American Women’s Obsession With FAT Asses Is A Black Thang.

American Women’s Obsession With FAT Asses Is A Black Thang.

First, it was FAT lips that look black, now it’s a fat rump…

When I was younger, no woman in her sane mind would ever want a fat ass. Period.  That’s when life was normal.

Black women are built w/ an entirely different structure than whites or Asians.  That’s just how God did it.  I don’t understand the worship of bad, black culture. Why not at least admire Christian, black conservatives? Like Borelli?   Why do whites and even many Asians crave to be like ghetto black people?  Why are they not happy with themselves?? Black people are very happy with themselves, many are supremacists and think they are the most gorgeous people in the planet.  Many Liberal, Hollywood “Jews” helped to create this monstrosity.. [Which is a total embarrassment to sane, right-minded Jews & I am sure to black Conservatives.]


Women are even getting ass injections to get a bigger derriere.  What the hell is the obsession all about?  Don’t tell me: I already know.. ‘It’s sexy to have a fat tuchas because Beyonce has one.’

Everything is about blackness.  White women are not allowed to feel pretty or good about themselves.  Nope, now they have to crave everything that a black woman has.  Why? I don’t get it. 

At one point, Kim Kardashian had a normal sized butt:


It’s so obvious that she wants to have a big, black-looking ass.  Why? I am perplexed over this.  Is it because her dog-ugly husband would rather she was black?  Why didn’t he marry a decent-looking, black woman with a gigantic rump, then?  This chick had to alter her looks to make her stupid, lousy, noise-pollution-loving husband happy.

This is just a regular, run-of-the-mill American chick.  This is not sexy or pretty.  And, with those brown pants–she looks like the back end of a horse:


<<This gigantic, ugly ass was probably injected with 30 pounds of lard–on each cheek.   This butt will drag to the ground by the time this moron is 50.  Believe me.   I am chunky because of so many surgeries in my tummy.. I would do anything to not have my gut–Let alone a fat butt.


@MaxAbrahms “#ISIS “Baddest Terrorist Group In Town” Forgets That Obama Partially FUNDS Them

@MaxAbrahms “#ISIS “Baddest Terrorist Group In Town” Forgets That Obama FUNDS Them (Abrahms in the video above.)


Can we get any person inside of the Obama administration that does the research that we do?  Of course not.  Obama is a Muslim/Communist and the end justifies the means.  Never tell the truth, truth is the biggest enemy of the Liberal cabal of insane.





Max Abrahms tweeted this today:

Max must be the worlds biggest idiot.. And the nation’s bloviated windbag.  Why would Assad, (who has been subjected to EU/US regime change since 2010) want to align with either the US funded and armed Syrian rebels OR the US funded ISIS? 

Does Max have a brain in that empty head?


Ex-US Intelligence Officials Confirm: Pentagon Report Proves US Complicity In Creation Of ISIS  CLICK at Zero Hedge.

*Pentagon Report, Obtained By Judicial Watch Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad Click at Zero Hedge.   The PDF file obtained by Judicial Watch: US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document 

*More on the US Govt arming the Syrian cannibal rebelsObama signs bill to arm and train Syrian rebels – CBS News  (2014)

Click: US  training and equip moderate Syria rebels –


This is moderate?

Now, for some comedy… According to the Anti-Jews… ISIS is a ‘Jew creation’.. Even though:  NEWS for ISIS rocketing Israel

So, let me get this straight:  ISIS is a “Jew creation” and now the Jews are shooting at themselves…