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#ISIS Now In Gaza. But, Some Believe ‘Israeli Govt Enables ISIS & The Mossad Is In Charge Of ISIS.’

#ISIS Now In Gaza. But, Some Believe ‘Israeli Govt Enables ISIS & The Mossad Is In Charge Of ISIS..’

I put nothing past governments of this world.  I support right minded Jewish people in Israel, not necessarily it’s government–especially not the current one in Israel.   They have locked up right-wing patriots & Orthodox Jews in Israel for standing against the Arab occupiers.  They do not allow Jews to pray on the Temple mount. And, they put the lives of the P@lestinians before Israeli Jews–much like the American government puts illegals and blacks, first.

At any rate:

Earlier this month Hamas “police” stormed the Gaza home of Yunis Hunnar, believed to be a member of a Salafi group linked to ISIS. A Hamas spokesman later said Hunnar had carried out attacks against the ruling group in May. Nor was it the first time Hamas’ rule had been challenged by Islamists more radical than itself.  More:  ‘Israel today’.

Michael Savage (who I admire) says:

I’ve suspected for some time that ISIS was being supported by the U.S. and Israel.

The reason the U.S. has not attacked the ISIS columns is because they’re actually our ally and the ally of Israel.  Read more:  Michael Savage

But, I have researched Israel and it’s supposed connection to ISIS;

All roads lead to “Veterans Today”, a rabid, Jew-hating website.  This is the story that originated with Israel/ Mossad connection:  French Report ISIL Leader Mossad Agent | Veterans Today

Which I debunked, myself: Links #HamasBara Propaganda: “#ISIL Agent A Mossad Jew”

I didn’t even need to debunk it.  Look for yourself at the shoddy photoshop eyebrow job on this photo below: (Veterans Today reported this garbage manipulated photo, below)


….They also reported that Israel treated ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi, who Died in Israeli Hospital (Veterans Today) …  HOWEVER, Veterans today, again, had published an Iranian website with NO direct link to anywhere regarding this information.   Even if Israel did take care of this human, Israel always takes care of wounded or sick.  No matter who they are.

One of the sites I frequent a few times a week “Conservative Headlines”, which is a pro white website says: Veterans Today is a fake news website.  Even though once in awhile, Conservative Headlines links a Holocaust article that I don’t agree with,  I truly believe they are upstanding and respectable people.

At any rate…

Almost all of the ISIS/ISRAEL connections lead back to “Veterans Today”.    Which is a propaganda website.  So, you think about this Israel/ISIS connection.   I personally don’t believe it.   You can, knock your socks off- but don’t lead me to a Veterans Today originated story. 

If Israel did support and enable ISIS, it would not shock me.  I retain my thoughts:  I trust NO government,  Israel’s included.