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OH: Phoney, “Racist” Swimming Pool Party ‘Beatdown’ By Cops. Plus White Kid Brutally Beaten By Nigga Boyz

OH: Phoney, “Racist” Swimming Pool Party Beatdown By Cops. Plus White Kid Brutally Beaten By Nigga Boyz.     (Watch all of the events in the video, above.)

I want you to know that everything that is happening is Communism

Yesterday: #1. Woman ID’d in McKinney pool party fight was fired because the race-hustling Communists demanded it. (Hat Tip, Wraith)  #2. ‘He did nothing wrong’: Florida principal ‘relieved’ after defending McKinney, Texas cop

“Racist” Principal in the middle front:


Today, the Communists will have you fired… Tomorrow, they will have you killed. 

I remember back in 2009, I warned about race wars on my other website.  The Conservatives told me to shut up, the left told me I was delusional and now we are in the beginning stages of the Communist race war.  Hate to say “I told ya so”…….. BUT – I told ya so.

The Communists and the Liberal, black, militants are now in control—and trust me, the militant blacks WILL become more aggressive, racist, vicious and murderous.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at South Africa. It is in stage 8 genocide.  This is what the radical left has done to our nation.  Do not EVER forget what they have done. EVER.  Tell your children, tell your grandchildren.  Write it in memoirs. 

(Something about me: As these young, black bastards get more aggressive, I will become more vocal and I WILL get ugly about it.  I dont sit and take things like this lightly.  I fight back.  I will name-call and if people don’t like it, get lost—get in the fight or get the hell out of the way. This is not a g-damned garden party.)