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Dylann Roof Wanted To “Start Race War.” Black Males Answer Him Back:

Dylann Roof Wanted To “Start Race War.”  Black Males Answer Him Back:

First of all, the race-war mantra push is what the left-wing wants to declare Martial Law.  They have been waiting for their martyr’s and this idiot, Dylann Roof gave it to them.   A true patriot does not want a Civil War.  However, whites and minority conservatives are not going to sit back and ‘take it.’ 

At any rate… This is what blacks think of Roof’s call to race war:

I have been advising people of a coming race war. 

In the wake of Ferguson and Baltimore, it has been black activists agitating for a race war, not gangs of white supremacists who are small in number and largely controlled by the FBI and the government.

NO patriot wants a racial war.  I don’t, you don’t.  But, the sad fact is:  The Communist Liberals do.  Roof gave the Liberals the ‘Hail Mary’ they’ve been waiting on.


BTW: CofCC deeply saddened by Charleston spree killing & so am I.

Raw Story Posts “10 Christian, White Terrorists” Blog. Leave Out Dozens Of Liberal Domestic Terrorists

Raw Story Posts “Christian White Terrorists” Blog, Leave Out  Dozens Of Liberal Domestic Terrorists


Ohio Bomb Plotters

Liberal Communists hate facts.  They also hate that America has a History of radical, Marxist terrorists–that exceed “Christian” terrorists by far.  This is their post:  Here are 10 of the worst domestic terror attacks by extreme Christians and right-wing white men 

Well, what have we here…..  A whole batch of Liberal terrorists:

William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Karl Pierson, Aaron Alexis, The Ohio bomb plotters, Jared Loughner, Ted “Ted” Kaczynski, Malik Hasan Nadal, The Hollywood shooter, VA Tech shooter, Columbine Shooters: (Too young to vote, but both families were Registered Democrats and progressive liberals),  Angela Davis, Bell Hooks, Sacco and Vanzetti, the Rosenbergs, Plus, the attempted political assassination of George Zimmerman by a Leftist Radical… ETC, ETC since the 1880’s.    Read another op-ed that digs into the history:  Lisa Richards, Rock n Roll Politics. 

From an FBI report counter-terrorism report:

‘The second category of domestic terrorists, left-wing groups, generally profess a revolutionary socialist doctrine and view themselves as protectors of the people against the “dehumanizing effects” of capitalism and imperialism.’

Dale L. Watson
Executive Assistant Director, Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Liberals have been terrorizing America for over a century:

Dynamite thrown at Chicago Police Officers, killing 7 of them. The culprits were leftists.

1892: THE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON HENRY CLAY FRICK ThePresident of Carnegie Steel is shot twice from close range. He is seriously wounded, but survives the attack. The culprit, Alexander Berkman, was a leftist.

1901: THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT WILLIAM MCKINLEYMcKinley shot in the abdomen. His death catapults the bankster owned ‘progressive’ Teddy Roosevelt into the Presidency. The culprit, Leon Czolgosz, was a leftist.

1920: THE BOMBING OF WALL STREET  38 Wall Street workers are killed and 143 more injured when a bomb packed with metal slugs is detonated. The culprits were leftists.

1919: THE MAIL BOMBS OF ‘THE RED SCARE  ‘Timed to arrive on the Red ‘Holy Day’ of May 1st, 38 Mail Bombs are sent to prominent Americans. When the first one fails to go off as intended, the others are located by their similar packaging. The culprits were leftists.

1919: THE HOME OF U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL PALMER IS BLOWN UPAnti Red Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and his family are targeted for death. The bomb goes off prematurely in the bomber’s face, demolishing much of Palmer’s home. The culprit, Carlo Valdinoci was a leftist.

1933: ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF FDR / ASSASSINATION OF THE MAYOR OF CHICAGO. An assassin’s bullet misses the President Elect, but manages to hit Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak in the stomach. FDR escapes, but Cermak dies. Exactly who the assassin’s target really was is still a debated topic. But one thing is known for sure, the culprit, Giuesseppe Zangara, was a leftist.

2005-PRESENT: NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY VOWS TO KILL WHITES Under the protection of Barack Obama, the radical New Black Panther Party has openly engaged n anti-White voter intimidation. Its members OPENLY call for the indiscriminate murder of ‘white crackers’ and ‘dey babies.’    The Panthers describe themselves as ‘anti-Capitalist’, The Black Panthers are leftists.

Look at all the left wing terrorists here:  CLICK.