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The Mad Jewess Will Not Ever Get Rid Of Her Confederate Flag. Mexican Flags Stay, But not Confederate Flags??!!

The Mad Jewess Will Not Ever Get Rid Of Her Confederate Flag. Mexican Flags Stay, But not Confederate Flags??!!


I grew up in NY.  I visited the south many times.  I love the people from Dixie.  I understand the Confederate flag is a battle flag.  Newsflash to Marxist Liberal freaks:  The south lost the war.  Which means:  The only people who have real connection to Confederate battle flags–are the Southerners.  Black and white:

Sons of Confederate Veterans member Nelson Winbush 79









Getting rid of the Confederate flag will not stop reactionaries like Roof, it will only engage a more volatile situation. The flag had zero to do with Roof.  It is a historical battle flag, not what the Marxists say it is.

Because the Marxists and their suck ups like Nikki Haley are demanding the removal of an American flag, we will not ever get rid of ours.  Why is it OK to hang the Mexican flag but NOT a historical American flag? HELL NO.




the Confederate flag goes but not the wetback flag!



NYTimes & SPLC Scared To Death That White People Are Waking Up To The Racism Against Them

NYTimes & SPLC Scared To Death That White People Are Waking Up To The Racism Against Them


Morris Dees, the Communist, Liberal Gasbag.

“The message of white genocide is spreading.” Says Dees..  Well, it’s spreading because it is true.   If you refuse to allow people their homeland, it is genocide.

Evidently, if whites start waking up en masse, it is thought of as “White supremacy”, not white struggle, white suffering or white genocide.    See, only blacks, Mexicans, other minorities and Jews are allowed to suffer or dissent about their psychological pains…Only those aforementioned are allowed to complain about their unfair treatment.    But, whites are not allowed to dissent about affirmative action, trillions in reparations (that WE paid for) EOE, black and illegal on white crime, illegal on American crime.

Shhhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet, whitey..

EXCERPT from the NYTimes:   The rest of here..

White supremacists across the country, some displaying the apartheid South African flag, have participated in “White Man Marches” to raise awareness of the so-called white genocide.


Really..??  So, granting amnesty by executive order by a black President – to 5 million Hispanics (NON whites) and NOT to whites from Europe is not a form of genocide??   It is estimated that up to 20 million illegals from Mexico and South America are still in the country.   They are reproducing.  Whites are not.  White children will be a minority come 2016.   Obama wants to integrate white, upper middle class neighborhoods with poor blacks and Hispanics (potential volatile situation).   Whites fled the cities which are filled with Hispanics and blacks and now live in the mountains or the country…But, the people they sought to get away from (so they do not have to live in fear) are moving in to their neighborhoods.

In Britain, the #1 name for boys is “Mohammed”.    That is not a form of genocide?  It most certainly is:  The left just does not do it as ‘painful’ as the uber nationalists like for eg. the National Socialists, but it’s the same thing.  It’s just a matter of a slow death verses a quick death.

Another EXCERPT:

The (white) movement is bound to produce more violence, not necessarily from organized groups but from lone wolves like Anders Behring Breivik.

Noooooooooooo, Mr. Dees… you Communist/Liberals and your actions are producing reactions.  The “Lone Wolves” are created by you insane leftists & your race-hustling politics, forcing whites to live with those that hate them..   Leave white people alone.   Stop dumping on whites with the phoney, white guilt mantra – how all “Whites were slave drivers”, “Whites are privileged” jargon and put an end to illegal immigration.   Advise the black youth to stay in their own neighborhoods with themselves, ditto Hispanics.   If you refuse to leave whites alone, it is yourself that will have more blood on your hands, not the reactionaries.

Warning:  Just leave white people live in peace and you won’t see any more Dylann Roof’s.  But, if you keep agitating;  you will, unfortunately see more Roof’s.


Obama: “America Is A Racist Nation” Correct, Moron: Your Sons Are Raping, Murdering, Robbing & Beating White People, Daily.

Obama: “America Is A Racist Nation”.  Correct, Moron: Your Sons Are Raping, Murdering, Robbing & Beating White People, Daily.

Obama says: America is a racist nation, just because people don’t say the N word..

Well, Obama and most of his young, rotten sons don’t want to admit that they are the nation’s biggest racists & bigots.  In fact, they terrorize white Americans, daily.  But, it’s not hate to do that to white people.  It’s only hate and racism when it happens to blacks.  That is what American ‘equality’ is all about: Blacks are everything and whites are nothing but racists, KKK, privileged and all that other happy horse-sh’t..

This is what Obama’s young, nasty, evil, violent, filthy sons have done in just 10 days to whites, below.

They are mobbing cops…not just cops, WHITE cops all over the country:

[Colin Flaherty videos]

Obama’s evil sons are attacking hikers and bikers in Philly.  Not just hikers and bikers, WHITE hikers and bikers:

2 cop fatalities in 2 days:

Black mob of 30 beats white family:


I could go on. But, it does not matter because white lives don’t matter–only black lives matter.  It should be all lives matter – but – America is a pro-black supremacist nation and you’re not allowed to discuss black on white racism or they will monitor you on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Reminds me of how Nazi’s intimidated German citizens if they didn’t follow the Hitlerian jargon.

Flashback 1987: David Burke (Black Male) Murdered All White People On Board PSW Air Flight 1771 (43 Souls Lost)

Flashback 1987: David Burke (Black Male) Murdered All White People On Board PSW Air Flight 1771 (43 Souls Lost)


David Burke

The year is 1987.  Burke is a black, disgruntled employee who was upset that his boss was releasing him from his job as a ticket agent:  because Burke had stolen $69.00.  In the 1980’s, they fired a person for stealing, they didn’t give he/she a slap on the wrist, which is what Burke wanted.   Instead of going out to look for another job, Burke wanted to make a statement.. By murder & suicide on an airplane, which was filled with white people.    He murdered all white people aboard.   A few ‘white Hispanics’ were also on board.  Of course it was not a hate crime because hate crimes are only perp’d by white people….So says the radical Left.


Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 1771 was a commercial flight that crashed near Cayucos, California, United States, on December 7, 1987, as a result of a murder–suicide by one of the passengers. All 43 people on board the aircraft died, five of whom were shot to death before the plane crashed. The man who caused the crash, David Burke, was a disgruntled former employee of USAir, the parent company of PSA.     MORE:  Click.

Photos of the flight employees are on the PSW Air off-shoot web/blog/site.   Hat tips:  @Weelittlefishy


Why do I post this?  Because friends on Facebook are outraged because “Black people don’t seem to be the ones shooting up churches, post offices, airplanes, buildings, etc” –  according to Facebook acquaintances.    Black people are oppressed, poor, …on and on.  They are innocent and only whites are guilty of mass murder and serial killings.  Only whites produce terrorists.  Only whites are America’s racists who shoot up blacks and hunt down African Americans.  Only whites are evil and ‘privileged.’  Only white cops supposedly shoot blacks and black cops don’t shoot whites…Etc.

Below is a list of ‘innocent’, black mass/serial killers that you don’t know about because only white men are serial and mass killers & the left does not report it–only white mass or serial killers get the front page:


List/photo belongs to “Black Peoria” WordPress Blog, not me. He/She whoever did the research.

Isn’t it past time to stop pretending that all blacks are innocent, oppressed, poor and above scrutiny?  Isn’t it time to give all murders ‘equal time’ in our society of  ‘equality’?

One last thought… Antonio Santiago, toddler – shot dead in the face by a disgruntled black.  Selah.



What happened in South Carolina is horrible and evil.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is nuts.  But our national issue, which unfortunately, Roof is correct about – is the covering up of horrific black on white crimes that get NO attention.  It’s as if white people are just an after-thought.  Just there for disposal.   If situations were reversed: It would be a front page outrage, daily.