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In 1 Tweet, This Is What #LGBT, “Gay” Marriage ‘Equality’ Is ALL About: Perversion

In 1 Tweet, This Is What “Gay” Marriage ‘Equality’ Is ALL About: Perversion (Above video, by the way: is the ‘gay’ manifesto, their real agenda.)

If you thought that the militant ‘gays’ were all for free love, marriage and leisure, think again.  Huckabee Tweeted the above out on Twitter.  “Tyler”, a Gaystapo, brown-shirt tweeted the bottom animated graphic.


If this freak removes this tweet (which I doubt), I have it saved in my documents so that you can see what it is all about.  Be ready to bend over in the name of ‘tolerance’. Literally, physically.


pauli22Dreams by P. AsheDina, TMJ  2015

Lately, I find myself day-dreaming a lot.  Anything to escape thinking about the current insanity.  The lawlessness has grieved and vexed my soul right to it’s core.  Today’s ruling on queer marriage has made me want to vomit.  My uncle way ‘gay’ by the way.. He bothered nobody, just lived his life.  He knew that the family did not agree with his life-style but we all still loved him. 

Today, the queers in America do not keep to themselves as the rest of the normal world does, they shove their show on decent, God fearing Christians and Jews.    This is when I find myself just dreaming of the 80’s (which was a half-way decent time).  Thinking of when we had half way good leadership. 

At times, my mind drifts to more of a heavenly realm.  Hoping that some place in this universe is free of perversion.  This is when I reflect on God. 

Psalms 37 – Turn from evil and do good; then you will dwell in the land forever.
28 For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. They will be protected forever, but the offspring of the wicked will be cut off;
29 the righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.
Righteousness is loving God.  Not loving what is against God.

EVERY Empire That Embraced Homosexual Deviancy Has Been Destroyed. God Will NOT Be Mocked

EVERY Empire That Embraced Homosexual Deviancy Has Been Destroyed. God Will NOT Be Mocked


The Roman empire, destroyed.  The Greek empire, destroyed.  Both Sodom and Gomorrah, (early empires) destroyed.   America, too – will be destroyed

NOW: God is not mocked.  His word is the truth.  God will not allow evil to continue.  He won’t.  All things are for an appointed time.  And, although things seem to tarry, all things must come under subjection to Elohim, God.  Obama is appointed for America’s destruction & judgment. 

I recently went to this bible study.  At this study, the teacher asked the people to ‘pray for Obama’.  What shall we pray, people?  Obama is a reprobate–he is not repentant, he is rebellious toward the things of God as are the Liberals.  Shall we pray that more of his lawlessness will continue? Pray for his salvation?  What about the 100K Christians dead in Syria?  Obama supplied the rebels that killed those Christians.  What about the dead Christians in Ukraine?  Obama supplied many weapons that murdered those Orthodox Christians in Ukraine.  The remaining Christians in both of those countries are the ones that need God’s salvation (saving), not Obama, the unrepentant reprobate.  He needs strict, fiery judgment.

About a year ago, I had a dream about Obama.  In the dream, I saw Obama taken to the guillotines.  He was taken there by top, military brass.  They placed his head on the block and chopped it off.  On the guillotine was written “Treason”.  The dream repeated itself.  What did this dream mean, spiritually?  I don’t know.  But, I had the dream and it will probably come to pass.  Most of my dreams do.

The SCOTUS decision to allow homosexual militants to marry & is “Constitutional”  is 100% against God.  The homosexual militants are demanding God justify their perversion through the sanctity of marriage.  God will not allow this to go on for long.  You can take that to the bank.

More brave souls speaking out against Obama and his evil lawlessness:   Franklin Graham: Americans Must Repent For Electing Pro-LGBT Obama  (From a Lib rag, but Graham is right)

“Satan dances with delight over SCOTUS ruling”:  Commie/Lib Rag, but all the news is there.

My website builder, Grumpy:  5 Justices just trashed the Constitution.


It is not the fruity individual who bothers nobody that is the real issue here:  It is the homosexual militants, who have become America’s neo-national identity.


Liberals Want Total Removal Of #ConfederateFlag. But, Are OK W/ Supplying Weapons To NAZI’s In #Ukraine

Liberals Want Total Removal Of #ConfederateFlag. But, Are OK W/ Supplying Weapons To NAZI’s In #Ukraine


And, the way the Liberal/Prog/Commie pigs debate you regarding Russia/Ukraine is to say: “You’re a Putin troll”.     BUT, facts are facts:  Liberals are OK with sending big money to NAZI’s and fascists in Ukraine but are NOT Ok with the Confederate flag.

Think about this, Liberals:

The American flag, under Obama has murdered over 3K  innocent souls in Yemen and Pakistan:  The Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes: 2400 Dead

The American flag, under Obama has supplied NAZIs in Ukraine with weapons and a billion USD.Top US officials back $1 billion lethal aid to Ukraine

The American flag, under Obama has also supplied ISIS & the Syrian cannibal rebels: Have US tactics only helped to make ISIS more powerful? & Senate approves Obama request to arm, train Syrian rebels

Liberals ♥ this:

Are OK with supplying these people:

Liberals are the biggest hypocrites in Gods green earth.  And for their double standard in politics: Liberals are unmatched.

To a Liberal, this is bad:


This is OK: