Dr. Anthony Napoleon, PhD: “A Forensic Analysis & Media Critique: The Charleston Tragedy”

Dr. Anthony Napoleon, PHD:  “A Forensic Analysis and Media Critique: The Charleston Tragedy”

Dr. Anthony Napoleon, PhD is a California licensed clinical psychologist, with a specialization in medical and forensic psychology.  His work at Indiana University at Bloomington included dual majors in the psychology department’s honor’s program and in I.U.’s school of journalism.  Dr. Napoleon is an expert on mind control and how psychology can be used to modify cognitive and affective neurological function.

Please read Dr. Napoleon’s analysis of the Charleston shooter:   I am not excerpting this because he is a Doctor and it is necessary that you read this from his website. Click here.

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I urge all of you to take 10 minutes and please read it.

Dr. Napoleon in an interview regarding the VA Tech shooter:

Part 1:

Part 2:  Dr. Anthony Napoleon on Virginia Tech Shooting. 

Part 3:  Dr. Anthony Napoleon Discusses the Virginia Tech Shooting

One of Dr. Napoleons books:  A Look Inside the Playbook: How Marxists Plan to Destroy America


Dr. Napoleon has offered analysis on George Zimmerman, The Boston bombing and many other volatile subjects.

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  • kookooracharabioso

    Haven’t got through all the links yet but I LOVE this guy. He is an easy read and a credit to his field. I HATE sike anything as a rule. Sike is a tool of great harm and substitutes for faith in many apostate churches (to which I say where is the fruit? ) Scanning down the titles of his articles I see one right up my ally (Marxism one).

    Easy read – do it.

    • kookooracharabioso

      Thanks MJ for introducing me to this guy. My son brought home a girl. She’s studying criminal profiling. You made me look smart. Hahaha.

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  • laura r

    thus man cannot have dialoque. there is no way to question him, even in a non controntation way. first he muted me a few months ago, now im blocked. theres a screw loose here. possibly a napoleon complex. i have dialoqued w/amy authors reporters & great minds. this is the only one who gets hostile, name calls. hes off the charts. no anothony youre not god.

    • Red Fred

      For one so highly educated his people skills are quite limited. Takes himself far more serious than anyone else does.

      • I hope you both feel better now, making sure to come here to gossip instead of being a good American and taking your own problems to the source.

        • Red Fred

          So anything but a positive opinion is unwelcome. This man attacks without restraint anyone who dares disagree with him. That’s the truth. That’s not gossip, it’s fact.

          • Maybe you’re bothering him.

          • Wheres your proof to this shit?

          • Red Fred

            I blocked the eccentric gnome with the affected voice hawking his disjointed books 6 months ago, so you’ll have to verify it on your own.

          • I see, YOU blocked him

          • Red Fred

            Yes, and he followed suit. Used the title of his book in every few statements like he had some super secret knowledge only to be obtained by reading his masterpieces. Anyone in intel knows he’s a huckster.

          • Most Docs I know do not listen to people on their level.
            If you want to talk to him, simple: UNBLOCK him and go talk to HIM.
            This is backstabbing

          • Red Fred

            Follow along like a good girl then. I’m sure you will learn much secret information. (That’s all over the web.)

          • Uh, this is MY blog