Fairy Heaven



“Fairy Heaven”, P. AsheDina, TMJ – 2015.

So, this has not been the best week for me.  I am having to deal with a very immature person who does not think he/she is childish. 

Speaking of children… At times I really crave being a kid again, when the world was sane.  When militant blacks were not murdering whites. When young teenage girls didn’t get pregnant.  When gays went about their way and didn’t demand worship of their sexual ways.  Those were the days, my friend.  Just a normal (or at least half-way normal) country.  When our doors did not have to be locked.  When we played outside without being afraid that our children would be kidnapped.  When kids went to school and learned math, writing, English and American history–not anus-hunting or vagina monologues.  When fairy meant a little winged creature and not a weird pervert.

That’s my lament for the week.  Hopefully, things will turn around for me this week.  I am singing tomorrow for a 93 year old WW2 Veteran.  I will sing to him WW2 songs and hopefully bring back some memories for this great man.  I’ll tell ya’all about it Tuesday.

“Those were the Days”, 1968:


  • love44eternity7

    When fairy meant a little winged creature and not a weird pervert.—– hahahhaha

  • love44eternity7

    i love fairies and these perverts disgusted the word fairy for me too.

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  • Lostlegends

    1968 – Tet Offensive. Last days for some.