Multi-Cultural Nursing Homes Are Being Prepared For The Marxist Hippies. Paybacks A B’tch!

Multi-Cultural Nursing Homes Are Being Prepared For The Marxist Hippies. Paybacks A B’tch!


Today, I saw some olddddd hippies at the market.  They couldn’t even walk.  I started thinking to myself… These old bastards will be in nursing homes soon, with the third world culture that they brought in, and demanded were our equal–are now waiting to serve them as care givers, nurses and doctors.  

I hope they enjoy their final years, entertained by Mariachi players, Rap ‘singers’ rapping, while the elder hippies are crapping in their wheelchairs complaining about ho’s and bitches.    No one is going to play The Mamas and the Papas for you, because today’s third worlders not only don’t know who they were — but couldn’t care less.

I decided to write this post because while singing for the elderly, many who WWII veterans & elders, at a top place in Scottsdale:  We see they can NOT relate to the foreign, Jamaican blacks, Hispanics and Muslims offering them….uh, ‘care’.   One woman took my hand, thinking I was staff, rather than any one of the four minority care givers, standing there, who couldn’t be bothered to help her out.

You created this hell and now you are going to experience the third world that you created.

Ya’all rest easy in your nursing home future…     

  • kookooracharabioso

    Their American Dream was NOT to be wiping old white ass. They did not come here for the privilege of working for slave wages in service to the hated oppressors of the planet. Even employees of these places pray to their maker to please not end up there.

    • Denver Goddess

      I see why they call you koo koo.

      • kookooracharabioso

        Yeah I love you too. Ha ha.

    • QV3

      Take heart koo. Soon the Chinese will take over America. And then the multi-coloureds really have to work.

    • Wraith7216

      Well, Kookoo nobody at all is forcing them to do so. They are perfectly free to give up the free food, housing, job set asides, cell phones that this cruel oppressive white nation provides you, take the next plane to any first world black run nation (Should be plenty to chose from) and show us evil white oppressors the kind of world class nation and economy you can build without the evil whites handouts holding you down.

      • kookooracharabioso

        I think you express what the majority (who has several generations in with blood sweat and tears) would dearly love to ensure that this happens but . . . .ugh. . . we are actually at war every day on our own soil – amazing the blindness. Now I hear on the radio that a portion of the TPP gives the puppet-in-chief right to override any Domestic legislative body On THE “Immigration” issue. Did I hear that right? Get me a hearing aid!

  • Denver Goddess

    Yeah I work in a hospital with a lot of minority caregivers. I once saw a negress leave a white man in a chair with a pile of shit at his feet and go and socialize on the phone, leaving me to clean it up though I was not a caregiver but a janitor at the time. Days later, I saw her lavishing friendly attention on black patients. I told a charge nurse what she did, to no avail. Her name was Renee.

    • kookooracharabioso

      PC Haters always make me feel inferior in a way. They never forget that they are in a war against whitey 24/7 and they never miss an opportunity to wage that war even if in the most minute things. I just don’t flow that way. Don’t want to neither. But these people like you describe are most common and most quick to call “racist” while denying that the constant war they wage is racist in any manner. Their constant evil and depraved acts gives sustenance to their twisted souls.

    • love44eternity7

      that bi*** needs to be fired for real!

  • QV3

    Ah, reminds me of the hospital in Afghanistan where Afghans were nursing wounded American GIs — some wallowing in their faeces filled because no one bothered to change the sheet. And many asked for water but none were given. Oh, what a joy for the hippies.
    Well done lefties. Now enjoy your decrepit years in hell on earth.

  • QV3
  • love44eternity7


  • Wraith7216

    Just google “nursing home abuse/ medication theft/fraud”, you’ll get a ton of hits, and then gaze in wide eyed wonder at the faces you’ll see. These liberal hippies preached their message of “diversity”, which meant “tolerance” of anything and everything but Judeo-Christian beliefs and principles ,generally from their gated white communities where they don’t have to deal with the black thug or the muslim fanatic. These libtard hippie multi-culties made this bed, it seems only fitting they get to lie in it for awhile.

  • SOBS….

    The Mad Jewess


    4 minutes ago

    You know something windbag? you just wasted a LOT of words:
    Did you ever take these words to the city hall in the 90’s as the illegals were raping this nation?
    Did YOUR condo suffer vandalism?
    Did YOUR car get shotgunned as YOU stood up to the illegal invasion?
    Mine was.

    All you do is write on a board, you brave hero.

    Waiting for females to fight your battles.
    Dumping on girls..
    Weak, kneejerk.
    No wonder this nation is KAPUTZ.
    Who was even talking to you?
    NOT me.
    I dont talk to armchair commandos who have done NOTHING for this nation but b’tch about their issues on boards.

    • Bubba

      I think that you must be a gifted poet and you are just holding back on us.

    • QV3

      Waiting for females to fight your battles.

      Yeah. The US military, now controlled by Leftists and Feminists have Mothers, Wives, Daughters to fight US wars. NO OUTRAGE FROM AMERIKANERS. NO MILLION MARCHES.

  • josh

    well said. It’s rare to find a jew who is not anti-white.

    • KyraNelson

      I never knew any that were.

  • Bubba

    Maybe the kids will choose their parents nursing home by counting cockroaches and measuring rats. The most cockroaches and largest rats can be found in nursing homes in Mexico so dump them there and you don’t even have to visit. After they get them doped up your parents wont even notice.

  • TC Williamson

    Having come from that generation of hippies, I can only say THANK GOD I was able to see through the nonsensical shit they were always spouting. And yeah, for a time I was one of them. Go figure…

  • Dink Newcomb

    Hell, I was laughing at the discomfort of the swine from the past though icy fingers were walking up and down my spine. Always a hippie despiser and ardent conservative, I realized that at 70 years old, I could, in dire result of others deciding what is best for me, wind up alongside those who really deserve that extra special TLC. That explains why I carry Dr. Kevorkian’s number on a securely laminated card in my wallet.

  • Ebayer
    • QV3

      Mutti Merkel with her withered, shrivelled cunt enjoys orgasms on Black Muslim Rape Rampage, daily. Heil Hitler now is life on bended knees.

    • UGH! That looks terrible!