NBC Names *ALL* WHITE America As USA’s “Biggest Terrorist Threat”-This IS Genocidal/Ethnic Cleansing Propaganda

NBC Names *ALL* WHITE America As USA’s “Biggest Terrorist Threat”-This IS Genocidal/Ethnic Cleansing Propaganda

The only threat that white Americans are: Is the threat to the Marxist, lawless, utopia, trinity of hell.


So, when will the anti-white purge begin?  Already, thousands of whites have been robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered by young, black males.  Illegal Hispanics have murdered 10’s of thousands of Americans, (predominantly whites) but the Nihilist Bolshevik, Communist NBC news says that “White Americans are the biggest terrorists”.    The left is not saying ‘extremists white American men or women’, they are flat out saying: WHITE AMERICANS.

This is genocidal propaganda.  Straight up.  If you can’t see this, you’re an idiot.

This is also what the Nazi’s did to all Jews: Demonized all of them, dehumanized all of them:  said they were evil, parasites, violent, etc.   This is also what the Communists did to all Russian Christians and all religious, Orthodox Jews.    When will white American people wake the F’ck up and GET that if you are white, you ARE the NEW JEW.  That includes you white, Liberal snakes & Marxist Jews.  You dug your own graves.

NBC News:

White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study – NBC News

A George Soros and State Department funded organization, the New America Foundation, has released a report that states white Americans represent the largest domestic terror threat.

Whites are not going out, enmasse and murdering the illegal occupiers or blacks, they are not looting or robbing stores when one of their hood rats gets justifiably shot-  Criminal illegals are murdering whites, by the bushel:   Click- Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial – OJJPAC.org  Click-Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Memorial: FNCIC-VOIACM

The NBC lies, Leftists lie. Liberals LIE.   It is the Communist/Prog/Liberals that are the enemy of America, most assuredly:   White America. 

They CREATED Dylann Roof with their white-hating, America-hating, homo-loving, militant-feminist-bitch network of aborted babies in the land that is the Marxist cess-pool we now call America. 

Like it or not:  The country was much better off under white men that were God fearing & Christian.   It is AWFUL under Marxist, white-hating, pro-black supremacist mad-people who want to genocide white America. Can you imagine the shape of this nation if ALL whites left or were murdered?

Don’t believe how bad it is?  This one photo should tell you the truth.


Baltimore protest. You WANT your nation to rule under this insanity?


The REAL terrorists are the “Liberals” Dozens Of Liberal Domestic Terrorists TMJ

  • kookooracharabioso

    Since when do Arab Muslim consider themselves to be white?

    This is criminally insane. All the mugging rape knockout game that is black on white is never even a hate crime? Or well Ian 100 percent!

  • QV3

    It was communism that hated christianity and christians in Russia.

    During those 70 years, Russians NEVER gave up going to their church.

    And God heard their prayers and delivered a Putin who re-instated the Church, the Patriach, and Orthodox Christianity in Russia by leading the nation in prayer, every Sunday, faithfully.

    In America, the pastors sold out Christianity to save their government tax, privileges, and took baksheesh from Saudi Arabia and other rich muslim nations to combine Christianity with Islam and preach a new religion called CHRISLAM. Pews in churches are removed to accommodate muslim mats. And prayers end with Ameen or Inshallah.
    Today, America’s pastors join their muslim imams and preach Jesus was not the Son of God, but a prophet, like Mohd – who incidentally repeatedly said “I am no prophet”. And Americans, by and large, swooned and embraced Chrislam that teaches all adherents to HATE, DEMONISE, LOATHE JEWS AND ISRAEIL.

    BUT the God of Israel says:

    Isaiah 60:12, “For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will
    perish; it will be utterly ruined.”

    We see America being utterly ruined, with each passing day.

    • love44eternity7

      im not plus sized, but beautiful dresses!

      • I am an XL, OR a 1X. I have large Ta ta’s and BIG shoulders

  • They quoting a report from The New America Foundation (Not to be confused with the New American)

    New America wants our borders to disappear.. Mexico, Canada and the US, one big unhappy country. They feel this can be forced by flooding the US with illegals then saying we have no choice….. and they want us saddled with a Mandatory North American Union Passport (Show your papers please)…

    As part of the deal they want US dollars to bring Mexico’s roads, schools, housing, manufacturing facilities and standard of living up to a par with the the US and Canada..

    The Council on Foreign Relations has promoted the idea as well.. Ted’s wife Heidi Cruz was a member of the CFR Task Force to study the idea.. She felt the big banks should provide the money (with the loans backed by the government) instead of the US Government funding it directly..

    • kookooracharabioso

      Thank you. Too many pieces to this awful puzzle for most individuals to keep track of. Amazing how much money there is to remodel the nation but nothing for job creation domestically or to ease the suffering of low wage workers or to educate on the job or corporate community partnerships to hire and train locally or micro-loans for US – born regardless of race. May they rot in hell for eternity.

      • I just did a post over on Grumpy about that, and TPA soon to be TPP, What I discovered was beyond scary..

        Hope MJ doesn’t mind me posting a link http://grumpyelder.com/2015/06/chamber-of-commerce-boehner-obama-and-mcconnell-just-screwed-america/

      • QV3

        NAFTA. Americans did nothing when Bill Clinton passed NAFTA.
        So don’t complain.

        • kookooracharabioso

          Bent brains. The media put out that college educated could understand benefit and working class too dumb to understand. So all those that wanted to pretend that they had college degree along with all those who wanted to believe that their college degree actually meant something fell into lockstep with the jack boot.

          • QV3

            American colleges breed generational serfs and slaves for the elites. No critical thinking.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Yep, they are training up the new Hitler youth thought police – the Pussy Posse – the trigger trackers – ugh, we thought we already had the me generation – these are the PC POPO Deluxe Supreme.


            I wonder if any of them will ever recover? Contemporary workers need ongoing education in political correctness just to keep their jobs against the new breed brigade that will be creating their own opportunities with these tools. Sheesh! We’ve seen that scholarship, cutting edge research, prize winning, money generating – none of it means a thing anymore. Employers haven’t been loyal for years anyway – this new crew will help them get the rest of the entrenched US born workforce newly unemployed. Then they themselves will also be tossed like so much used garbage.

        • QV: You know, there was no internet and nothing showed in the news about what he did with NAFTA.
          I knew nada about NAFTA until 2002 when Clinton was LONG gone

          • QV3

            MJ, Americans did nothing when Bush introduced the Patriot Act. Do nothing when Obama legislated the NSA, NDAA. We saw TSA perverts in action and Americans reaction — docile, submissive, fearful.
            For 30 years the rest of the world watched Americans elect the very same leaders who lie, cheat, and work against them.
            No leader can carry out any law that is lawless without the peoples’ compliance.
            The Germans did that when Hitler came to power. The German people KNEW about the camps that incinerated Jews. They kept quiet!

          • I fought the Patriot act.
            Anyway, we get what we’ve got coming.

  • love44eternity7

    God almighty forbid that latinos and blacks and arabs get control over USA! This white hating popular thingy is insane and is ruining society at large, i cringe when i look at the Baltimore pic!

    • See this, L44

      Make sure you are armed


    • kookooracharabioso

      IDK if the support white people movement is full of trolls but clearly the Achilles heel are jewish people. True, there’s white Jews, black Jews and every shade in between. (Was just learning about Jews of India – can you believe? ) Meanwhile I am seeing that whites and jews are being conflated which makes genocide of the whole lot easier to justify and much easier to carry out since racial profiling WILL be allowed and since all whites are being cast as being potential jews or jews in hiding just take the knock out game to the max.

  • love44eternity7
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  • Bubba

    Here is a thought of mine. If things keep sinking and the pot keeps boiling there will be a race war which the blacks will quickly start losing as they are only 13% of the population. This will cause martial law to be passed and the practice that the military are getting with Jade Helm 15 will come into play. If this happens it will be do or die for whites. If you have a gun kill just one. The deer hunters of America far and away outnumber the traitorous morons who will follow a martial law order. If every armed citizen killed just one before they were captured or killed they would run out of soldiers long before the last gun owner fired a shot. There is not going to be a leader led revolt. Each and every gun owner must commit in their mind now to do their best and do their part to kill just one when they come for your guns.