Obama: “America Is A Racist Nation” Correct, Moron: Your Sons Are Raping, Murdering, Robbing & Beating White People, Daily.

Obama: “America Is A Racist Nation”.  Correct, Moron: Your Sons Are Raping, Murdering, Robbing & Beating White People, Daily.

Obama says: America is a racist nation, just because people don’t say the N word..

Well, Obama and most of his young, rotten sons don’t want to admit that they are the nation’s biggest racists & bigots.  In fact, they terrorize white Americans, daily.  But, it’s not hate to do that to white people.  It’s only hate and racism when it happens to blacks.  That is what American ‘equality’ is all about: Blacks are everything and whites are nothing but racists, KKK, privileged and all that other happy horse-sh’t..

This is what Obama’s young, nasty, evil, violent, filthy sons have done in just 10 days to whites, below.

They are mobbing cops…not just cops, WHITE cops all over the country:

[Colin Flaherty videos]


Obama’s evil sons are attacking hikers and bikers in Philly.  Not just hikers and bikers, WHITE hikers and bikers:


2 cop fatalities in 2 days:


Black mob of 30 beats white family:



I could go on. But, it does not matter because white lives don’t matter–only black lives matter.  It should be all lives matter – but – America is a pro-black supremacist nation and you’re not allowed to discuss black on white racism or they will monitor you on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Reminds me of how Nazi’s intimidated German citizens if they didn’t follow the Hitlerian jargon.

  • Wraith7216

    Funny isn’t it? With this attack in Charleston that now the percentage of white on black attacks is maybe 1% of the ghastly DAILY black on white assaults in this country,(murders, rapes, robberies, flashmobs etc.) which the libtard media refuses to cover. or when they do it’s buried under euphemisms like “youths” and “teens”. The libtard establishment is simply using this aberration to beat whites over the head over and over to hammer their sick message of “evil whites” who owe the blacks ever more as “reparations”. Yes, us evil, white productive taxpayers who subsidize every aspect of their lives from the roof over their head to the food in their bellies. In Obama’s Socialist Peoples Republic of America, we are not allowed to discriminate, unless you happen to be white, you have to respect “women’s rights, as long as she gets an abortion and spouts the liberal line. You must be “tolerant” of other peoples lifestyles and beliefs, as long as they aren’t Judeo-Christian lifestyle or beliefs the country was founded on of course…

    • kookooracharabioso

      Sick of it.

  • kookooracharabioso

    I am trying to keep up here but I’m really not “getting it.” I read what was called the Root Manifesto and found it frighteningly bland. I didn’t even compare it to black hate white lit that has been mandatory college material in which case the Root manifesto by comparison is like nothing! So I think that’s the point – to scare people that they can’t even see the clear boundaries.

    What judge Gosnell said is totally acceptable for my generation. He was quoting a black LEO well-known in the community. But now he’s being removed because it’s racist to quote a black man? Yeah, I’m not getting it so that is probably the intention – to shut us up because we’re not getting it.

    Another recent attempt to stifle white voices was the new sharptongue definition of racism which is whenever a person speaks of someone of another race. So if it becomes morally incorrect to even speak of a group or individual who is acting out inappropriately on their “privilege” then you can’t discuss discipline or corrective action of any sort. So if the actor outer is your front line with your customers and their (privilege) is costing you business – in the sharptongue world it would be racist to correct the employees’ behavior.

    So today the president addressed the nation on the issue of racism and used the “N” word because he enjoys the black privilege to do so. What if a white president did the same? How much destruction and death would this nation suffer? Sorry the double standard has been disgusting all thinking people for decades. Instead of banning a piece of cloth why not just legalize the word? Destroy it’s power.

    • QV3

      Recent investigations reveal Dylan Roof is CIA-MKUltra BRAIN-WASHED zombie. They set him up to start a Race War with the blessings of the Obama regime. That would give Obama the right to declare MARTIAL LAW.

  • QV3


    • nickatnoon

      Obumfuk wasn’t elected, he was SELECTED.

      • QV3

        Selected by WHO?

        • The Soros diebold Machines…
          Which Americans did nothing about

          • QV3

            Which makes the American people guilty of Refusing to Protect their Republic and Constitution.
            Where the hell is People Power?

          • They are busy SUBMITTING. I sent you an email

          • QV3

            Romans 13 misinterpreted by pastors and churches become Impotent!

          • QV3

            Sent you long email on Romans 13.
            I’d like to flail those pastors, if given a chance.
            Doing Satan’s work on earth.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Busy robbing Peter to pay paul. Under slavery and under Communism Food AND Shelter Basics ARE Covered – NOT Under CRONY capitalism. Daily struggle in toxic environment where you have to watch your back at all times just trying to keep your underpaid job or buy groceries without being mugged doesn’t leave much left to work with. The rest live in matrix of delusion orchestrated by complicit parties who character assassinate victims – in order to maintain the fiction and keep the hate alive.

          • Bubba

            There was a very wise writer for the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation named Lewis Grizzard who said that if you don’t like it here Delta is ready when you are.

    • Bubba

      When my potus itches I usually scratch my scotus while I am at it.

      • kookooracharabioso

        OK, BYE!

  • Jss Hi

    White on black crime ? What a farce Are they killing us at a rate of 10 to 1 or 20 to 1 I would like to know. Blacks 13% of the population 99% of the problems. RE Living in North Minneapolis Whites have done nothing to me or my family ever. I was jumped by 3 black teens. Chanting white boy getting closer time to die stab the white boy F*** him in his brown eye shoot the white boy F*** him in his brown eye. They attacked me in broad daylight 1 block from my house, beat me raped me and left me for dead. In my neighborhood if any black attacks you they all jump in, it has been this way for 30+ years. I have been mugged, beaten, my children have been beaten badly by much older teens. My son was 8 years old when two big teens stomped his head in. My 11 year old has been sexually attacked two many times. Cars, house, garage, broken into They have tried to enter our home at night when I was home with my 12GA loaded with oo buckshot. It is so crazy the police do nothing They won’t even show up when you call them most times. Now I carry my 38spl at all times as I was attacked in my garage working on my car. It seems the government and media is getting their desired result as black on white violence is getting worse. The news will only describe suspects if they are white, Latin or Asian If the suspect is black the news will never give any description it is like a F****** joke. White on black crime are you kidding me ? The blacks now feel they have a license to murder whites. I for one will be assaulted no more I am handicapped now so I will shoot to kill when confronted with violence by Obamas children.

    • kookooracharabioso

      I did a geographic many years ago to escape it. But now they’re coming here too. People just won’t believe until they have lived it repeatedly. If they experience one attack they will consider it an anomaly. They will think that the attackers confused them with someone else that actually did commit offense. People will discount events because they cannot believe the truth which is that most of what the black community complains about is what they themselves are doing. Blacks are hunting whites not whites hunting Blacks. Blacks accuse whites of teaching racism in the home. That’s because Blacks themselves start teaching racism against whites and others at home from birth. Whites and others have 50 years teaching how criminal racism is. Most white racism is newly created by black crime.

      I’m thinking that they were pulling this same crap in Africa so their neighbors sold them into slavery with hearty laughter and joy that not only were they getting rid of the bad neighbors but it was a twofer since the evil whites didn’t know they were buying defective goods.

  • nickatnoon

    Does it remind you of those EVIL NUTZIS???? How would you know anything about that numbnuts? U see it on Talmudvision???

    • QV3

      What Talmudvision? Once again, you blame the Jews when your filthy regime is surrounded and controlled by JESUITS.

      • They’re Commies.
        And, he’s a jackass.

        • QV3

          Yes. Jesuits invented Communism.
          And yes, nickatnoon is a nickleodean ding bat.

  • nationwide4q4qxyz

    Latinos better known as Spics are using welfare benefits to explode the California population. They are a nasty tribe of knife wielding criminals with an unemployment rate of 40% and growing. Unless Nigs are boated back to Africa and Spics chased across the Rio Grande North America will be worthless land in a few decades.

    • Hello. 😀

      BTW: You can say whatever you feel like saying here. I am not censored like AmRen now is.
      Yes, I agree for the most part with you

  • Fourteen year old blacks can kick most white adult ass, they develop quicker but are dumber. It is the exceptional white that can go one on one with a black teen. Twelve year old black females can kick and scratch to the ground any white female. But white pride will not confess to being inferior in street fighting skills.

    • We know what they do.
      “White Pride?”
      There is no ‘white pride’.
      You’re living in 1964.

      And, street fighting skills is a ‘good thing’ in your opinion?
      Is that what they teach in the Bolshevik temples, now?

      • Innate street fighting ability is useful, but it is basically possessed by blacks and spics. Of course there are exceptions.
        Bolshevik Jews helped defeat the Nazis but USD defeated the Bolsheviks.

        • Bolshevik “Jews” didnt do jack shit except help murder Zionist Jews.

          As far as the Liberal love for these young, black male miscreants.. I find it very comical that Liberal gasbags and Lib “Jews” are all for them—UNTIL they move into the neighborhoods, then these same Libs move out in the middle of the night.

          Real brave…

          • My Yiddish pals and myself are godless and not Zionists. I am of a Yiddish bloodline dating back only 500 years. Zionism is a biblical phantasy.

          • Well, 8 mill Zionists are now in Israel.
            Looks like the ‘fantasy’ is a reality

          • The Exodus would have been OK in my eyes if it was for a temporary sanctuary. I detest bible thumpers and am amazed that so many believe Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad is relevant.

          • I believe all of it.
            But, I dont push it on people at all.
            I state how I feel and if a person does not like it, they dont have to.

          • I have to get.
            Ta ta.

          • Bubba

            I think that you must be an optio-anal inspector because of the location of your head.

          • Nigs, Spics, Goys, or Zionists do not support me, nor do I support them. I am a Yid loner that enjoys writing a few hundred words.

          • You’re also an obnoxious ass hole.
            Get lost.

          • Zionist Flunky.

          • I am not a political Zionist, MELVIN.
            So, nice try.

            I just believe that Israel is the Jews homeland, basta, end of story.

          • I stand with the Yiddish people and believe their brilliance is diluted by political Zionism.

          • I am not a political Zionist.
            I am just a plain old “Jews need Israel” kinda gal.

            Basta, end.

            I believe in God. He can protect them w/out the US Govt or any outside influence.
            I think ALL countries should rely on themselves. And, tired of USD going everywhere but in the tax payers hand.

            I am sick of war, war, war.

    • Whites are not allowed to have any pride. I dont know WHAT country you’re living in.

    • kookooracharabioso

      Because that is what they are taught at home and in community. White kids are taught not to be racist, not to fight Ever, and lots of white parents are taught to not even let their kids have toy weapons. When activists justify black looting and beatings by saying they feel left out” – well come to where I live – the whites and Mexicans been left out too. Stop fighting for race-based justice. That makes you a useful idiot. The facts are that it’s been a war on boys, a war on US born and especially a war on whites. The black community who refuses to see the bigger picture are proving themselves inferior in every way. Begone! We’re way past sick and tired but not only that, we can’t afford to coddle your hyper micro sensitivity trigger points anymore. Stuck on hyphenated justice is myopicly ridiculous and oh so last century. Take your shit anywhere else on the planet and see how far it gets you.

      • White separation would be ideal, but a white power police state would be needed and chaos would result. Since I have no family or future interests the status quo is acceptable.

        • kookooracharabioso

          No. Blacks are advocating for separatism and as our current POTUS states that doing something for 50 years and not getting desired results means it’s time for a policy change. If “whiteness” is equal to terrorism; whites are so perpetually clueless; whites are always racist no matter which path they take on case by case basis; somehow even a white rape victim has nothing on the suffering of a black rape victim and no they don’t think they should have to explain why for those of us who would like to understand on and on it goes to where black on white crime is excused not only by the black community but white law enforcement (under duress or not ) no, there needs to be a separate place for Blacks that act out on whites. Don’t criminalize them – just put them in a separate place where they will not have to suffer the presence of those awful whites ever. Some of them will even choose to work if they can be assured of an all black workplace. Segregate the players of the knock-out game. Segregate those whose only contributions to society are youtube vids of black on white crime. And don’t tax all of us for the support of haters. No tax the successful black community that doesn’t have the nuts to correct the criminal racists and often does all they can to encourage them. Yeah and tax Hollywood that does the obligatory race baiting movie at least once per season never showing the historical accuracy of the thousands of black slave owners and has never once done a movie portraying white indentured servitude which was way worse than slavery because the intention was to work the whites until they died whereas status as a money value quantifiable piece of property asset a black slave was treated much better THAN THE WHITEs They displaced. I’m still waiting for MY movie

          • Only a dictator can untangle this mess. I prefer he be called a white racist. Blacks have no productive talent to offer the nation.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Yes in tribal areas where the hatred seems to be in the blood and defies all reason and world powers insist to designate the area a nation state dictators like saddam and moammar become a necessity. Yes it seems that our leaders have intentionally created the same Balkanization here. The grand experiment is clearly over. IDT dictators untangle messes. They do what they must regardless of world opinion. For all the media jumping on the racist nation train the world may well decide they can run this nation better. They may decide that preservation of the world economy necessitates an intervention with the money junkies. “White racist? ” Isn’t that a thought crime? Are you psychic? Yes most people in my life agree with your last statement. I don’t.

          • The big recession arrives. Fights break out on long lines as Nigs and Spics stop whites from getting their welfare money. Thousands of homes are invaded as millions are raped and murdered. A white racist general takes the helm. The only news reported for the next six months is the weather. What took place is a mystery as the stench of death permently remains in the air.

          • I really dont know where you stand.
            So, I am out of it

          • You were too critical of my imagination.
            Apology accepted.

          • Ok. Sorry.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Wasn’t that Charles Mason’s dream? Looks to be phoenix ‘ s very own Louis Farrakhans ‘ dream too. Justice Or Else 10/10/15

          • Big racial problems in the US, some have to bite the bullet. I prefer that a racist general takes the helm in the future. Yids will not get hurt, they are too clever and shrewd. Nazi Germany did not win, but the Yids did.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Agree. Disagree. Disagree. I honestly don’t know enough to validate your last 2 as true or false.

          • Bubba

            Justice is getting shot if you get in my face!

      • There is no bigger picture for myself. I take one day at a time. My race based politics just makes short spicy writing.

  • QV3

    Now that Obama along with SCOTUS has made America a Rainbow Nation, Obama leads by example for what’s coming next for Amerikaners.

    He has sent his daughter Malia off to New York to cavort about on a set full of foul-mouthed, sex-mad, naked degenerates? We can’t say that this comes as a surprise. After all, Obongo’s own degenerate Communist mother was posing naked at age 17, at a time (1959-60), when that was considered “risque” – but this internship is shocking nonetheless.

    Take a break readers. Relax and enjoy Obongo’s Daughter interning for Soft Porn Show.


    • kookooracharabioso

      THAT DISGUSTING! I followed the link. Can I move to Russia now? Been sick of the swearing and vulgar humor of the youth.

  • Bubba

    Talk to my Glock is the answer to black on white violence. Mine is a Glock 23 with 10 rounds of 40 cal. S&W. I bet that they scatter by the time the third one hits the ground. Of course I am over 70 so life in prison just doesn’t carry much of a threat anymore. I refuse to be a victim, period.