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Cosmopolitan: ‘Teen Girl in Bikini Brutally Beaten by Her Catcallers’. NO, She Was Beaten UNRECOGNIZABLE By BLACKS

Cosmopolitan: ‘Teen Girl in Bikini Brutally Beaten by Her Catcallers’.  NO, She Was Beaten UNRECOGNIZABLE By BLACKS

Nobody wants to just tell the damned truth.  This beautiful young lady was beaten into oblivion by black sonofabitches.  End of story.  AND, this happens daily.  Who can even keep up with this news?  The girl was beaten because she was walking while white. With NO gun.

Here is the Cosmopolitan link: Teen Girl in Bikini Brutally Beaten by Her Catcallers

She needs massive dental work:  White Female Teenager Beaten With a Brass Pipe In Blanchard, LA

Do young, white males do this to young, black girls? NO.  When is this going to stop?! I’m sick and f’n tired of Conservative people being called racists by the Liberal Gestapo, day in and day out.  Meanwhile, white people are beaten BY blacks, DAILY.  The only racists in America are the f’n young, oppressive, violent black males and Liberal blacks.


  1. Blacks beat elderly black man in “Knockout game”. 
  2. Teen blacks acting like savages below the 1st video.

Blowhard, Colin Flaherty’s videos: (He does good work, but what a bloviated, pompous windbag, who has ‘been writing about these horrific crimes longer than anyone in the country’, bla bla bla.  The whole point is that this should not even BE HAPPENING).  Who the hell WANTS to write that this it is actually happening & profitting from it!

Our So-Called “Jewish-Controlled” Media Is Not JEWISH at all. So, Stop Calling It That.

Our So-Called “Jewish-Controlled” Media Is Not JEWISH at all. So, Stop Calling It That.


I do not get why people call our media “Jewish controlled”.

Let’s look at some facts.  3 of the most prevalent issues show that the media is ANTI-Jewish: 

#1. Is our media anti-homosexual? 

NO.  However, HaShem/Elohim is anti-homosexual: Leviticus Chapter 18:22     ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.’    The media is not only pro-‘gay’, it is pro-militant homosexual.   If the media really was controlled by the Jews who are Orthodox or religious (Truly Jewish), we would hear about how HaShem hates homosexuality & homosexuals would be urged to turn to God and repent. 

The media is pro-‘gay’ marriage also and God is not:  ‘Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh’.   Genesis 1:24.

Does this mean that we who DO love the Lord, our God should go out and start hurting homosexuals?  No. The truly religious do not ‘go out’ and hurt anyone on the offensive.

#2. Is our media anti-feminist?

NO.  However, HaShem is anti-feminist.   Genesis 1: 18  “And the LORD God said: ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.”      HaShem/God made woman FOR man.  Not the vc versa.   Religious and right-wing Jewish people do not place woman above man.  The media however–does.  The media is anti-Jewish.

#3. Is our media anti-abortion? 

NO.  However, HaShem, the LORD is anti-abortion: Jeremiah 2: 34  ‘Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the innocent poor.’  The media goes out of it’s way to support the murder of babies and selling of baby parts.  The media is ANTI-Jewish.


This brings me to the last point:

Are there so-called “Jews” IN the media?  Yes.  But, these so-called “Jews” are not Jewish. They were only born with a Jewish mother or Jewish parents.  They have completely forsaken their religious traditions & are apostate.

When you say that the media is “Jewish-controlled”, you are saying that the news is supporting traditional Jewish beliefs and it does not — at all.  The media hates God, the Torah, the Christian bible and all things holy.  When you say “The Jewish-controlled media”, you are defaming the true people that love HIS book.

The people in charge of every aspect of the state run media are Liberals, Progressives, Communists, “Neo-Cons”, Marxist and GOP bots, NOT Jewish.  They are anti-religious.  Anti-Jew. Anti-Christian.

Please stop defaming the Jewish people.  Thanks. 

I will cover how our media is anti-Israel also.