Dance With Me…


“Cocooned in Love”  Mixed Media, TMJ, P. AsheDina  2015

I found the couple on a Russian website.  Truly, the Russians are fantastic in the arts. Added a few other backgrounds, and butterflies and some light.  Wallah, we have a Klimt tribute    😀

So, what a lousy week in Communist America.  Bruce Jenner dresses like a chick, Marines shot dead by a raghead. Baby parts being sold at the abortion clinic.  I couldn’t even post hardly anything because I have been absolutely horrified.

That’s the sole reason I post digital art here:  I cannot take the horror.  Plus, I am becoming so desensitized.

AND: This AM, a Jew-hater came here and posted a bunch of garbage from David Dukes website re. the Talmud.  You can read how Jew-haters have taken the Talmud totally out of context right here:   Click to read for yourself.           Then, the Jew hater demanded I ‘renounce’ the bad in my faith..  What the hell is he talking about?  #1. I’m not  even a religious Jew in the Orthodox sense at all.    I am a spiritual person who loves the Torah, Tanakh and I also love the Christian New Testament.   #2. Half my family is Catholic and Christian.    I deeply appreciate & love both the Jewish faith AND the Christian faith.   So, just what the hell do people want from me?  Leave me alone.

Then, the moron was pissed off that I removed his comments and banned him.  Well, it’s in the TOS:  here

  • Any comment is OK.  Left wingers are not wanted here.  My website is not a Democracy.
  • You want to bring up points about Communist “Jews”, go ahead.  I hate them also.  But, do not tell me they are “Zionists” because they’re NOT.  
  • Defamation against religious or right-wing Jews results in banning.

  • Blaming Jews for your own apathy is not permitted. 
  • Comments on the Israeli government that are accurate & factual are OK.   But, blaming Israel for American politics is not welcomed here.  Time to take responsibility.

At any rate, I am just ranting… I hope ya all have a nice week in the late, great USSA.

A late 70’s song:

“Dance With Me”, Orleans:

And, of course–Sinatra !