MIT’s Hideous Liberal “Jewish” B*tch Wants To Burn Down White America. What If People Said This About Us Jews?

Hideous Liberal “Jewish” B*tch Wants To Destroy White America & Burn It Down. What If People Said This About Us Jews?

Information about this hag:

I am originally from El Sereno in east Los Angeles, California. I left East L.A. to attend Harvard College where I earned a bachelors in Physics and Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2003. I went on to begin a PhD and earn a Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz (2005).


This hag went to colleges that WHITE MALES BUILT.  Hello, bitch……….!

These evil, scumbag Liberal ‘Jews’ have no brains.  Who does this?!  What kind of a minority goes around shitting on the majority?  This evil Yenta lives in White America but puts white America down?  The feminist crap-face even disrespects her own husband by not taking his last name.  

Just imagine a Germanic Professor saying:  “Jews have helped build white America”.   “We need to burn these Jews down!” “Burn the tent of the Jews”!

Imagine the outrage from ADL, SPLC, etc? He would be called a Nazi, bigot, xenophobe, on and on.. It would never stand. Why, then is it allowed to stand when minority tyrants do this?!

MIT Fellow: America Founded On “White Power,” Time To “Burn The Tent Of Whiteness Down” Via Campus Reform


White men and ONLY white men built Harvard where this creep attended college.  Harvard is named after benefactor, John Harvard, a WHITE man.

Image result for John Harvard,

The slime got her education from the white man.

Anytime one of these Liberal Progressive “Jews” opens their mouth, my week is shot.

  • Radamanthes Octavian

    The most annoying thing about liberals is that they never want to leave. They spend their whole time stirring up hate toward white people and somehow think it’s never going to come back and bite them.

  • Radamanthes Octavian

    And yes, she’s ugly too.

    • Melvin Polatnick

      She has a big nose but a good body. Thousands would want her in their bedroom, she is no prude.

      • ‘she is no prude.’

        I know….Probably a REAL slut

        • kookooracharabioso

          Just like some POC make it their daily mission to make at least one white person feel what they imagine a slave felt like – there’s man hating feminists who lure men just so they can make them feel used like a rape victim or beaten housewife. In their minds it’s payback. It’s consciousness raising. Its PC. They do their best to get a man in – love and all wrapped up in them and then they drop him hard cold and cruel. And brag about it to their girlfriends.

          • alwaysright21

            Are u a cuckhold or just a pussy?

          • You are proving that you are just as disgusting as a Liberal “Jew”

        • alwaysright21

          Female Jews have a very strange sexual identity.
          Part daddy part slap me part gassed. Ha!!

        • wayne Mickel

          You are funny

  • QV3

    Stop calling leftist/liberal ‘jews’ Jews. They are NOT. Their religion is LIBERALISM.

    • Melvin Polatnick

      The word Jew refers to those that are constantly blessing the god of Moses. The proper word is Yid because many are non-believers and worship only prosperity and good health. Many Yids are liberals because they hate white power and would like to see it downsized.

      • At least we have to give that to you, Melvin. you said flat out that you are ‘ungodly’, but you seem to have more godliness in you than these evil slime

      • Wayne Mickel

        It also means the called out ones because Abraham was called out by God from among all the people, they all worshipped idols, even Abraham had Idols, but he believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness, him having to wait until he was 99 years old to have his first born son by Sarah his wife was a real test, Ishmael was born because his wife did not believe, and gave Abraham Hagar to bare a son who God said would not share the promise of inheritance.

    • alwaysright21

      Did jew eat lunch yet?


    • wayne Mickel

      Is Liberalism Humanism? I do not like liberals either I am neither Liberal or Conservative but it seems now both want war and I am against war

      • I dont get along with either except a few Conservatives now.
        They BOTH LOVE war.

        • Wayne Mickel

          Yes Ron Paul and a few others I see on RT and watch on You tube.

        • Miyako

          I Don’t Love War”? The Neo-Con Loves War. Not The Conservative.

          • Then, you’re not a Conservative.

          • Dirty Dutch

            Good morning Mad.

          • Hi bro 🙂 Hope ur well!

          • Dirty Dutch

            Doin good hon. You?

          • I have the flu 🙁

          • Dirty Dutch

            Uggg. Bless your heart.

          • Hey DD, Ive been in and out, hope ur kicking ass and takin names!

          • Dirty Dutch

            Nope. Just watching and listening.
            I leave that work to you. You really good at it. 👊🏻

          • Miyako

            You The Judge”? LOL…LOL…LOL…! HA..HA..HA

          • Conservatives are GWBush people.

          • Miyako

            LIE…..Spoon fed By The Jewish NY TIMES Owners. Sultzbergers. Before The ‘Ochs’ Family. Any Questions”? They Have Always Supported Communism and Socialism. Its In There ‘DNA’. Ex;Kibbutz

          • I didnt mean that as an insult at all

          • Miyako

            i keep being spoon fed…..(NY TIMES,Washington Post,Boston Globe) ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,MSNBC. (The Bolshevik News Network) Where All The Marxist’s Hang Out.

          • I just said that I didnt say this as a put down.

          • Miyako

            The Neo-Cons In The Current Republican Party Are ‘Mostly’..Jews Who Left The Socialist Peoples Party (Dumbocrats) (Bill Kristol And The ‘Bush’ Clan In HIS White house) And Came To The GOP To Wage War.. I’m A Vet (Viet-Nam) I’m Conservative. And Believe That America Should Be Non-Intervention In The World. Thank You. (John “Lets Go To war With Anyone” McCain) Is Your ‘Neo-Con Republican’ Along With Idiot..Lindsey Graham (Owned By The ‘AIPAC’ Group In America.) Less War Means More Money For American Citizens. Let The ‘Neo-Cons’ Fight Israel’s War.. (I Remember The USS LIBERTY) Not THIS Conservative. Thank You.

          • QV3

            You said { Less War Means More Money For American Citizens. }
            SORRY. America NEEDS Wars, continuously, to keep its Military Industry Complex churning out deadly weapons of mass destruction ; to keep its Evil Filthy Rich coffers full, and scraps to the American sheeple, happily swallowing the LIES of Danger and Threat America’s Slimy leftist media smear shop Whores excel in. Admerica LIES. Sovereign nations get invaded, its peoples murdered, its wealth and resources plundered, a Trillion $ worth of weapons spent in Afghanistan last 16 years as US Marines guard Afghanistan’s poppy fields to ensure money flowing into America Drug Trade Enterprise.
            WARS are much needed by both the American Elites, the gaggle of Warmongers in WDC, the Military Industrial Complex and the American Sheeple. Now braying for War with North Korea. While encircling Russia and China with missiles!! A cursory read of American blogs/media exhibit 70% of Americans WANT & LIKE Wars on sovereign nations. Assured Raytheon and other death merchants also will remain fat and happy so long as Congress keeps the money flowing.
            NO other country in the world has 180+ bases around planet earth.
            America has. Evil America.

          • Miyako

            YES> I Supported Ron Paul For President. If That Helps You’? I Served During That Time..I was a Spoon fed Kid. (Supported The Lyndon Johnson Dumbocrat War) My Father Told Me When I Aged, I Would Change. DAD Was Correct’! America,My Country Is A Imperialistic Country. (AIPAC) And Neo-Con Republicans puts Us There. Only Good Americans Can Change This.

          • QV3

            Miyako, its TOO LATE for America and Americans.
            Look around. America is NO longer a White, Christian country.
            It is now Sodom & Gomorrah.
            Suffering the Pangs of Judgment from God.

          • QV3


          • Miyako

            I Tend To Agree With You And Share In The Sadness. I Still Hope For a Miracle. From Jesus Christ. I Know…..The Secret Bolshevik Is At Work…..He Lives In NYC NY And Chicago And San Francisco And Washington DC…..ETC…………………..ETC.. He Got His Orders In
            The 1917 Russian Revolution. Ex: Bernie Bolshevik Sanders.

          • QV3

            Like 99% of Dumb , incapable of thinking Americans, you regurgitate the Lies you have been fed. What secret Bolshevik is at work? Who was behind the Bolshevik movement in Russia? Who is controlling America, today? Have you raided the many libraries in America to get the truth?
            The answer is: The JESUIT-RULED ANGLO-AMERICAN POWER. The Anglo-Americans Wet Dream of 200 years to conquer Russia and have Russians living on bended knees while plundering the largest country in the world with its immeasurable trillions of wealth. Well, fucking America and fucking Britain, living on bended knees and sucking muslim cock and licking muslim cunt can wait another 200 years to attempt conquering Russia.
            Look at the Anglo-American power and compare it with Russia, today.
            Why haven’t you wondered why Obama, a Muslim, Jew/Christian hating Black Simian, that rightly belonged in the deep jungles of Kenya, but elected into office by crap for brains Americans as potus, surround himself with JESUITS?
            SIXTY JESUITS served in the Islamic Jihadist Obama’s regime. Oh, you didn’t know? Research and get educated.
            You lament about the CFR and the Neo-Cons. Whoops! Who’s behind them?
            An example.
            A past president of Jesuit Fordham University in the Bronx, Jesuit O’Hare is a PRESIDER of the CFR as is Knight of Malta David Rockefeller—the Black Pope’s most influential White Gentile American Cartel Capitalist and Central Banker
            CFR Director Peter Ackerman is Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Freedom House, which is run by William H. Taft IV, a crony of Gerald Ford, a SMOM Papal Knight and 33rd Degree Freemason. Taft went to school with John Kerry, a Jesuit-trained 33rd Degree Freemason and Skull & Bones Papal Knight of Eulogia.
            The then V-P of America Joseph Biden, a Staunch Roman Catholic JESUIT.
            Put into office as Obama’s handler to ensure the regime surrounded by Jesuit influence. Biden’s son is a Jesuit volunteer and a lobbyist for a Jesuit university he attended.
            Satan’s Spawn Evil the late Zbigniew Brzezinski was a member of the CFR, Bilderberg Group, and Trilateral Commission. Brzezinski had co-founded the Trilateral Commission. He was a Knight of Malta, as was the other founder of the Trilateral Commission – David Rockefeller. Brzezinski was a Polish Roman Catholic and an adviser to Georgetown University. He was the perfect image of the Vatican’s Jesuit Evil!
            And Wall Street is CONTROLLED by the Jesuits.
            Oh, Islam was created by the JESUITS, too. Research that.
            So Muslim Obama fits into the Jesuits plan .
            The NYT cesspit of Scums of America wrote a very interesting piece.


            WAKE UP!!!!!!!

          • Miyako

            Are You a Southern Baptist”? Or….a Bolshevik”’? I Know Who The Bolsheviks Were and are Today. ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC..AIPAC Etc Etc… Jesuit…..? Whose Mind”? Yours”? Or..? Communism Marxism Comes in MANY Forms…… Lenin,Bela Kun,Mandela,Trotsky, Karl Marx,Gus Hall….Need More”? Bernie Sanders”’? Schumer”? Feinstein”? Boxer”? Blumenthal”? Levin’? Rules For Radicals”? Saul Alinsky”? PLEASE”!

          • QV3

            I am Asian and a BUDDHIST.
            You KNOW the Bolsheviks? NO. You DON’T. For if you did, you would read up EVERYTHING on the JESUITS. The Jesuits control the world.
            So, are the ones you mentioned Jews?
            You say you “I Still Hope For a Miracle. From Jesus Christ. ”
            Jesus was and IS a Jew. He was born a Jew, Died a Jew, and will Return a JEW!
            Didn’t Jesus say to the Samaritians: “Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. John 4: 22 KJV
            Didn’t slam those who call themselves Jews but are not?
            “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Rev: 3:9 KJV

            Before we continue, have you read JESUIT HISTORY? THE INQUISITION?

          • Miyako

            Well ..What Can I Say”? You a THAI’? Jesus Is a Jew. Died A Jew. The Followers Of Jesus Christ Are Not JEWS. They Are Baptized In His Name. They Are Christ Followers. People Who Believe In Jesus Christ’? (The Son Of God) Are Saved. The Non Believers..Jews Are Not. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER””””””BUT>>>>>>>>THROUGH ME…..JESUS CHRIST. Simple. The Jesuits Are Just An Offshoot Of The Catholic Church. Yes..There Are Socialists And Probably Even Communists In The Cloth Of The Catholic Church. Are You Happy’? I’m Not’! Inquisition”? The USUARY Agents”? Or Money Changers’?

          • QV3

            Miyako, your knowledge of geography is miniscule. Buddhism is all over Asia, including Russia. Russia’s Defence Minister is a Tuvan BUDDHIST. Who made the Sign of the Cross at Russia’s Military parade that astounded all Russia!Does that mean that Shoigu converted to Orthodoxy? Not necessarily. Buddhism is very accepting of other religions and Buddhism does NOT forbid a Buddhist from learning about other religions.
            Buddhism spread from India to entire Indo-China, China, Japan, the Koreas, South East Asia, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, etc.
            You are presumptious to think I am Thai, which I am NOT.
            To your “Followers Of Jesus Christ Are Not JEWS
            I suggest you look up Isaiah 49:6
            Quote: “It is too small a thing that You should be My Servant To raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved ones of Israel; I will also make You a light of the nations So that My salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”Unquote.
            Ephesians 3:6

            to be specific, that the Gentiles are fellow heirs and fellow members of the body, and fellow partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel,
            Acts 10:45

            All the circumcised believers who came with Peter were amazed, because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also.

            There are 21 more verses on this matter.

            The Non Believers..Jews Are Not. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER””””””BUT>>>>>>>>THROUGH ME…..JESUS CHRIST.

            Too much emphasis is stressed that Jews will not accept Jesus. The Scriptures say otherwise. Who is promoting and propagandising that Jews rejected Jesus as the Saviour? The Most Unholy Roman Catholic Church began the lie that Jews killed Jesus. It took 2000 years to pass before the Vatican’s pope Benedict XVi exonerated the Jews . it was a Vatican created LIE.
            Jesus himself instructed His disciples when He sent them out, “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel” (Matthew 10:5-6). In fact, the first followers of Jesus were all Jews or converts to Judaism; the 120 in the Upper Room, the 3,000 saved at Pentecost, and the 5,000 saved shortly thereafter. They did not convert to another religion, but understood they had found the Messiah promised by their own prophets. Indeed, there are more than 300 prophecies in the Old Testament that reveal the identity, purpose, and mission of this promised Messiah. Those that were not fulfilled by Jesus in His first coming will ultimately be fulfilled when He returns. There are more Jews today who believe in Jesus than at any other time since the first century. It began after the Six Day War . The Jews had all Jerusalem.
            At the current time, a Messianic Movement is fast gathering fulfilling the prophecy the blindness coming off of the eyes of the Jewish People (Romans 11:25).The next verse goes on to tell us that when that happens,“all Israel saved” followed finally by “the deliverer will come forth from Zion and turn godlessness away from Jacob.”


            Images for excerpts on the inquisition. Enjoy those images of Crimes Against God & Humanity.

          • Miyako

            U Keep The Inquisition About’? Usuary Agents Were Asked To Leave Spain..Or Convert… I’m A Christian Know Nothing Of The Budhist. Nor Care To Learn? As for Jews..Their History Is Written In Europe. They Were ‘Kicked’ Out Of All Nations. Spain Is Just One Of Their History Destinations. Catholics In Viet-Nam (Sixties) Were Treated Very Poorly By Your Friends The “Budhists”. Amen’! Shalom’! “No One Comes To The Father” But”..Through Me”! The Christ Killers Know This Bible Verse”? GOOD LUCK’!

          • QV3

            Miyako, are you interested to know anything about the Inquisition? You better, as a Christian. For today, a JESUIT, the first, is the pope. And he has great plans to wreak chaos, havoc and death in America. Don’t be a twat!

            Such arrogance from a ‘christian’ that you do not care to learn. Buddhism has not shattered into a hundred denominations that Christianity has. ‘Christian’ denominations that call for the embrace of christianity and islam – ChrIslam. Where pews are removed to accommodate prayer mats and where the sermon ends in Inshallah?????? A christianity that calls for the Death of Jews and be driven into the Red Sea by muslims?????? A christianity that condemns Jews for refusing to become christians. History tells us Jews do not trust christians and with good reason.There was a period of crusades. These JESUIT ‘crusaders’ invaded Israel and demanded the Jews convert to Christianity. Those who didn’t were slaughtered. .Till today, the Vatican bars Israel’s scholars and religious leaders to view the Menorah, and other symbols that were stolen from the temple of Jerusalem. (The Vatican has a 7 mile long ‘library’ filled to the brim of its loot through murder in the name of Christ)
            There is ABUNDANCE of such heinous crimes by ‘christians’.
            Buddhist nations did not start World Wars.
            The ‘christian’ nations did. With chaplains and priests blessing each christian nation to succeed in killing their ‘christian’ enemy, In the name of God & Christ!!

            Buddhist monks do NOT handle money. DON’T LIE. Shame on you!!
            Every buddhist monk does his alm walk with his bowl and accepts whatever food is put in his bowl. Ajahn Brahm, an English Buddhist Abbot, a graduate of Cambridge University in Physics, has videos online informing listeners of his time in Thailand as a novice monk, along with other Whites who threw their ‘christianity’ and opted for Buddhism.

            As for christianity, the entire christian churches are APOSTATE. Look at your churches. Your evangelists — especially those Multi millionaires with private jets and mansions – preaching feel good sermons simultaneously appealing for $$$$$. Benny Hinn ring a bell? Or Ed Young – Fellowship Church Dot Com. Lives in a 10k square foot 1.5 million dollar home. He gets paid a cool $1 million dollars a year, plus a $240,000 parsonage allowance. That doesn’t count the royalties he makes off of his recent Sexperiment. And a host of others. All ‘christians’.

            Buddhist abbots live a sparse life. They have one change of clothing, sleep on the mat, and EAT ONCE A DAY!! Buddhist monks sleep ten in a domitory.
            A Buddhist monk will know about the Bible than any of your so-called ‘christian’ pastor, or evangelist.

            The ones who will go to Hell are ‘christians’. First to be judged and to be found terribly wanting and earn Jesus words: I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matt. 7: 23

          • Miyako

            Jesuits Control The World””? Who Told You That Lie”? A Vietnemese Budhist Monk’? PLEASE’! do You Know the ROTHSCHILDS’? The American FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SYSTEM’? I Think not’! >Baptize In MY NAME’!< ALL Christians (No Matter The Teachings Baptize In Jesus Christ Name) And, YEE Shall Be Called Christians''! And Christ Followers'! Jews Denied The Son Of God. They ARE NOT Baptized In Jesus Christ Name. (They Refer To him As The Son Of The Whore'!) They Brought Him To Pilate For an Execution. They Got What THEY Wanted. You believe What You Were 'Spoon fed". I Will believe the Faith Of My life. AMEN''! Good Luck'! Monk.

          • QV3

            Have you read material revealing how Jesuits Control the World?
            Well, be informed, Dumb Crate of Rocks Miyako.

            Jesuits Global Network

            The Then Muslim Black Simian of America, Barack Hussein Obama had

            Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, (Alma Mater St. Mary’s University, Texas), Robert Cardillo, DIA deputy Director (and now Director of National intelligence for intelligence integration and schooled at Georgetown), Deputy National Security Advisor Tom Donilon (Donillon attended la Salle Academy, earned a B.A. at: The Catholic University of America in 1977 and is connected personally to the Biden family). Joseph Biden, V-P of America is a devout, virulent Jesuit. Rodney Snyder, Senior Director for intelligence Program, NSS. John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counter terrorism ( Attended private catholic schools from his youth, is Alma mater at Fordham University and is former CIA – rumoured to have had his foreskin removed when he embraced Islam), and National Security Advisor Gen. James L. Jones (Alma Mater Georgetown University)

            And if you can’t rebut, refute that list, You truly are a DumbFuck, Miyako!

          • Miyako

            “TROLL” Soros”? Bela-Kun”? Gus Hall’? Bill Kristol’? Adelson’? Wynn’? ‘AIPAC’ PLEASE…

          • QV3

            You can’t refute. Rebut. YOU ARE A DUMB FUCK, MIYAKO!

          • lol. I blocked him. I just have to many moonbats in my feeds. I dont need another one

          • QV3

            MJ, not surprised. He’s a Roman Catholic loony bin.

          • Miyako

            NO……I’m A First Amendement Supporter And….A Very Very Supporter Of America’s
            “SECOND AMENDMENT”! AIPAC…….Not So”’! Or Neo-Con Republicans ..Ex.Bill Kristol And The Inner George Bush Office….. GRAZIE””!

          • QV3

            The Rothschilds are Khazars. Khazars embraced Judaism. NOT BORN JEWS, Miyako. Why are you enjoying being stupid?
            I have already explained how Jews will be embraced by Jesus when He returns.
            Why are you repeating SATAN’S lie that Jews are condemned without salvation when Jesus categorically stated: SALVATION COMES FROM THE JEWS?

            In his book on Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI dedicates three pages to the famous passage in St Matthew’s Gospel in which “the Jews” demand the execution of Christ and shout to Pontius Pilate: “Let his blood be on us and on our children.
            He uses both scholarship and faith to explain that the mob does not represent the Jewish people, but sinful humanity in general.
            In 1965 the Vatican rejected the idea of the collective culpability of Jewish people for the death of Christ in the Second Vatican Council document Nostra Aetate.


            You know better and more than the scholarly Pope Benedict XVI who abolished the Vatican’s LIE of 2000 years blaming Jews?
            Are your innards eaten by Jesus words SALVATION COMES FROM THE JEWS?

            You believe in God with Truth. Not with a closet mind, Not with hate in your heart for the Jews. Look at Israel from the day when Jews returned to their homeland. Miracle after Miracle did God perform, did God act supernaturally to defend and protect the APPLE OF MY EYE, Israel.

          • Miyako

            Enjoy YOUR Dream World Out Of GOY Hating Hollywood Studios’! Jesus Is My Salvation..
            Yours”? Nostradamus… I Cannot Deal with Your Spoonfed Slop… I Was Raised Catholic. Now ‘Born Again’. ROTSCHILDS..Control The Money…..Ther Are Not Jesuits’! FOOL.

          • QV3

            Miyako, You are coming across more and more Stupid in your comments.
            You a Catholic? Then you are demon possessed.
            You poopy Jesuit pope now worships Lucifer in the Vatican.
            There are VIDEOS entitled:
            1.THE POPE (Jesuit Francis) , PEDOPHILIA AND COCAINE” exposed by Vatican insider
            2. Pope Francis Declares Himself The Anti Christ
            3. Pope Francis promotes the Agenda of the Anti Christ
            4.POPE FRANCIS has declared himself God.
            5. Watch As Pope Francis Says Jesus Was A ‘Failure On The Cross’
            Catholic Church Spearheads One World Religion
            Lot more youtubes where your darling poopy Francis the Jesuit denounces Jesus.
            Published on Jan 17, 2016
            The Catholic Church recently released a video encouraging the universal acceptance of all religions. Pope Francis also alleges that A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS IS DANGEROUS.
            Wow Miyako, you must be so thrilled. Your Catholic poop now wants all religions to be accepted. Whiter your Jesus is my salvation, Catholic????

            As for the Rothschilds, do not condemn, for your darling poop and the Vatican DEPEND on them to increase and guard SATAN’S wealth.
            Look up these videos.

            1. Rothschilds – Jesuit Bankers of Rome – Vatican NWO
            2.The Rothschild Papal Knights – guardians of the Vatican’s Treasury since 1776
            And a whole lot more.
            With the internet, and search machines, every evil by your darling Vatican is revealed.


          • Miyako

            LOL……………………..LOL…………………….LOL……………………WOW””! Some RANT”’! Ashkenazi….Bolshevik..Or..Menshevik”? Pray Tell….

          • QV3

            The 1917 Russian Revolution. Ex: Bernie Bolshevik Sanders.

            Wake up to the Truth Miyako. Read:


          • Miyako

            Bernie Sanders Is a Bolshevik Jew’! (Ben And Jerry’s Vermont) When You Go To Moscow (USSR) For Your Honeymoon..You Are a Lover Of Communism.. Just Like Commie De Blasio Of NYC NY Who Went To Fidels PARADISE..Havana For His Honeymoon. WAKE UP”’? QV3””’

          • TMJ & David Ben Moshe

            We know what Sanders is here.

          • QV3

            Moscow today is CHRISTIAN.
            America today chooses to be Satan’s Domain. WAKE UP, Miyako!!!
            Abortion is BANNED in Russia.
            America gleefully murders its unborn. 60 million and climbing.
            Moscow’s churches are packed for worship.
            America’s churches align with Islam.
            The Ten Commandments are observed in Russia.
            The Ten Commandments has been dismantled outside the Court house and thrown into the garbage dump.
            A BIBLE is in every classroom in Russia’s schools.
            Saul Alinsky’s Laws, Cultural Marxism, Excerpts of the Quran, Hedonism is taught in America’s schools.
            WAKE UP!

          • Bibles are in their classrooms?
            Thats so good

          • This nation in its future will be a Christian hating, Jew hating, Israel hating, God hating, Jesus hating nitemare

          • QV3

            It already is, MJ. America today is a Satanic nation. With THREE statues of Satan for obeisance and worship. Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Harvey hit Oklahoma.When Hurricane Harvey came barreling into Texas as a Category 4 storm, its swirling mass was so large that had it made landfall in Michigan, it would have eclipsed most of the Mitten State – both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Michigan is the state that the Leftists and Liberals of America filled with Filthy Muslim Vermin where sharia is already implemented. Where Female Genitals mutilated is welcomed. And its city Detroit has a huge statue of Bahomet.
            Very soon the world will see Christians killed in America. And Jews fleeing to Israel. Those who call themselves Jews but are not will remain in America and suffer invasion, defeat, and enslavement.

          • Miyako

            WOW””! Dual Passport Holders Are Going To Flee To Palestine”? (Crazy Eddie) Where The ‘Ashkenazi’ Stold The Land And Practiced GENOCIDE On The People Of The Land Prior To 1948””? With The Help Of The UK And The USA. Does AIPAC (Not Jesuit) Control Americas Middle-East Mistakes And Genocide’? Is America TODAY Pursuing Imperialistic Program’s Through out The World”? Something To Ponder Here’? USS LIBERTY…….Was This Ship Attacked By JESUIT Military People in 1967”? Time To Do Some Research Here Along With Some Homework. AMEN’!

          • QV3


          • So, he is an Israel hater also

          • Miyako

            Should I Quote TROTSKY”Or Lenin”? Or Mandela” Or Bela-Kun’? Or Gus Hall’? Or….A Usuary Agent In Inquisition Spain’? Or..Nostradamus..? Eh…….? ‘Queen’ Victoria’? “USS LIBERTY”..As The Jew Says” (Meyer Kahane) “NEVER FORGET”! A Viet-Nam Era Vet. Thank You’!

          • Miyako

            Well If You Consider The Spoon Fed News Out Of the NY TIMES And Washington Post And Boston Globe. Maybe…..When The Jewish Hollywood Studios Nixed a Movie about JESUS CHRIST…And Mel Gibson Went Ahead And Produced It….Then You Know..Who wants To Silence Christian Thought in America. Example The Jew’s Book (Rules For Radicals) Saul Alinsky. How To Destroy America. Eh..?

      • QV3

        Liberalism is ANTI Human. And they are accomplished LIARS. Contemporary liberalism tends to be deeply intolerant and elitist. Liberalism is destructive. How can liberals be so enthusiastic about legitimizing homosexuality, killing unborn babies and flooding America
        with unassimilable and hostile foreigners? But these are the very advocates that refuse to live where the refugees fled from.
        Ask any liberal. He’ll vouch for Islam, apologise for Islam, defend Islam while cursing Christianity.The similarities between liberalism and Islam is that they both believe in submission. Liberals, I have discovered, are willing to use any means necessary be it the courts, IRS, and any other
        government body with the ability to hurt those not willingly submitting..
        Liberalism is sick. I find liberals sick – suffering an incurable disease of the brain for which there is no antidote except death.
        The only saving grace about liberals, in my experience, is they admit they are LIARS.

    • World Watcher

      You are confused the Liberal once roamed this vast nation until they got eaten by the Leftists now all that remain are Leftistss They carry with them a great deal of Hate and Chaos!

  • kookooracharabioso

    Excuse me while I have a cognitive dissonance moment. With all that edumacation she still grovels to cultural tear it all down Marxist principles that judges people by anatomy they were born with and can do little to change? She’s mastered white man knowledge to state that because few like her have done so she deserves extra – like worshipful protections? Born in East LA . . .

  • Melvin Polatnick

    Yids are always protesting about white power but it is to make sure that white power is not turned against the Yids. Whites should not worry about the blacks, Sp_cs, and Yids replacing them, that would be impossible. Thousands of brilliant white CEOs are producing the products that make America great, and they cannot be replaced by low IQ minorities. The Yids can run a few of white owned corporation but not all. The Yiddish Bolsheviks murdered the white owners but never could replace them, the white bosses are here to stay.

    • wayne Mickel

      The Syrian Electronic Army might disagree but they are white but they hacked into Harvard computers and into Saudi military computers, and there are some very smart black men who are very decent men and are not liberal at all who have done some amazing things and have very conservative talk shows on You Tube even the twelve year old black teenager got down on Obama for using the false flag church shooting as an excuse to get at our guns

      • Melvin Polatnick

        The exception is not the rule. There are a million smart blacks in the US, but the rest have bad drug habits which lowers their IQ about 20 points. Unless their illegal drug use is ended most blacks will remain at the bottom.

        • wayne Mickel

          Sorry to say but there are even more white drug addicts percentage wise not only in America but in the EU and even in Russia where they have Krocodile which eats the skin from the inside out, I live in a small city Asheville in North Carolina and I have seen a lot of people who I knew personally die they were friends of my nephew all junkies who use needles women and men, some committed suicide, two hung themselves two jumped of the bridge onto the pavement below, the US army is making money to support terrorism from Afghanistan sending large amounts of heroin to the United States it is like Vietnam all over again, then there are the white meth heads all over the southeast there is no work out in the country and marijuana is watched by helicopters so they do meth. I grew up in the 70’s it is far worse now than then with white people, then there are the gays another story plus I live in Beertown USA all we have are breweries everywhere

          • Whites are self destructive and refuse to care for other whites

          • Wayne Mickel

            Yes we are self destructive and they do not support one another Jesus said in the last days Love will grow cold and it has. A real shame, I love Israel and the Jews, David Weiss is very good, I have worked in Boca Raton Florida for many Jews and they always treated me well. One Day their eyes will be opened to Christ at his return, Isaiah 60.

          • The way you rant about Jews…. you should check your own faith.
            Its lop-sided.

          • QV3

            Everywhere MJ. In the US and across the oceans to Europe.
            In the end, maybe only Russia will remain White. CHRISTIAN.

    • QV3

      Yes Melvin, the White Bosses are here to stay in America. White bosses ensure poor whites fill up the prisons. Highly educated, qualified White men and women now work for the Military Industrial Complex. Arrested and Incarcerated but WITHOUT Charge! America’s rule of law, wot?
      The three top for-profit prison corporations spent an estimated $45 million over a recent 10-year period for lobbying that is keeping the prison business flush. The resource center In the Public Interest documented in its report “Criminal: How Lockup Quotas and ‘Low-Crime Taxes’ Guarantee Profits for Private Prison Corporations” that private prison companies often sign state contracts that guarantee prison occupancy rates of 90 percent. If states fail to meet the quota they have to pay the corporations for the empty beds. Research Melvin. You will find NO white man or woman or youth is Safe in America.
      BTW, America has 2.3 million prison inmates. HIGHEST in the world. You must be proud!

  • alwaysright21

    Well, I’m here to tell you, I Like Raccoons!
    Who wouldn’t like a cute Little Raccoon?
    With their cute furry faces?
    oh, and oh yea, I almost forgot


  • angelo spumoni

    High rolling goys love Yidess tight pussies and their mouthy eroticism. Many lady Yids have married rich and famous politicians. Trump is rumored to pick a Jewess slut as his running mate, it will end his image as a prudish racist.

    • Yuck

      • angelo spumoni

        Women have been called seductresses since the beginning of time. Samson was blinded by his weakness for her crazy pussy. CIA head Petraus lost his job because of a madness for his aids pussy. I hate to be graphic, but it is the truth.

        • Lol, you’re funny.

          I am certainly NO seductress.

          Men who crave twat like that are not strong at all.

          “Give not your power to women”

          אַל-תִּתֵּן לַנָּשִׁים חֵילֶךָ; וּדְרָכֶיךָ, לַמְחוֹת מְלָכִין.

          3 Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.
          Proverbs Chapter 31 מִשְׁלֵי

          • wayne Mickel

            Great reply

  • wayne Mickel

    So are liberal Jews Zionists or who is a Zionist or a real Jew I am a Christian but do not believe in what the Zionists are doing either in Ukraine or in Gaza I believe they should follow God’s law and love all people, ISIS was pretty much created by Zionists and the CIA, no difference but then the Jesuits were also created by Jews who came from Europe and they planned all the wars I and II and the French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, and started the Illuminati so are Ultra Orthodox Jews the only real Jews?

    • QV3

      Excuse me. Jews did NOT create Jesuits. The most UNholy Roman Empire did. Jews are used by the Vatican to hide their filthy evil deeds on the world.

      • Wayne Mickel

        Loyola was a Jew he created the Jesuits, Hitlers mother was a Jew and Hitler got much of his training in London after World War II he loved the Jesuit ways. A Khazar is not a Jew, Ashkenazi cannot be a Jew when did God add a 13th tribe after Christ there was a new covenant but if the Khazars chose Judaism they just chose a Religion, not a race, and then they changed the Word of God, Christ is the Word of God John Chapter 1. In the beginning was the Word the Word was with God and the Word was God, so they can no longer write the word of God unless Christ speaks it. so how can the Khazars choose to be Jews, Ishmael was given a promise by God too that does not make him a Jew it makes him an Arab.

        • Hitlers mother was not a Jew. Her Religion was Roman Catholicism
          A Khazar is just a person who is from the area of Georgia and Russia.
          The Jesuits are Catholics and they are anti Jew.

        • QV3

          Loyola CANNOT be a Jew. He renounced judaism when he converted and was baptised as a Roman Catholic.(RCC)

          In Pope Leo’s Catholic system, the ultimate authority was Catholic dogma. Ignatius Loyola, started a little Catholic organization called The Society of Jesus, and was handsomely financed by Francis Borgia, the grandson of Pope Alexander VI. The primary mission of this group was and is today, the complete defeat of all forces in opposition to the Roman Catholic Pope, most especially the Protestant movement.
          Later known as the ‘Jesuits,’ they were the military arm of the Roman Catholic Church. To Today! The Jesuit leader, titled the Superior General, and his merry men were commissioned
          to undertake all kinds of enforcement jobs, such as assassinations, spreading propaganda, forgery and theft all in the name of the Catholic Church, and at the behest of the Pope himself. The Jesuits took the opportunity during WWII by assisting the Nazis in rounding up Jews for labour camps while
          confiscating Jewish gold and assets for the RCC.
          Through the years, power struggles between the Jesuits and the Popes resulted in the assassination of several Superior Generals and Popes. Superior General Francis Borgia secured additional power for the Jesuits by amending the Constitution of the Jesuit Military Order, giving the Superior General of the Jesuits power, second only to the Pope himself. Then in 1572,
          Borgia secured from Pope Gregory XIII, the legal right for the Jesuits to deal in commerce and banking.
          It was under the incredible power of this Constitution that the
          Superior General of the Jesuits began to be known as the ‘Black Pope.’ He is termed ‘black’ because of his covert, hidden activities, not his race. The Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta, Royal Orders of Chivalry, High Shriner Freemasons and the Knights of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher, are all under the authority of the Superior General of the Jesuits.
          Rev. Father Adolfo Nicholas is the latest to be elected to this position, in 2006.
          The Catholic Church’s response to the Reformation was the
          Council of Trent, which met in Trent, Italy for 25 sessions from 1545-1563. It condemned and cursed all doctrines of the Reformation, with the 4th session considered to be the most important. In it, the Jesuits condemned freedom of speech, freedom of the press and stated that No man had the Right to choose his own religion, publish what he feels is truth and has no right to freedom of conscience. The Vatican
          wanted and still wants complete control over the individual.
          Today, the Roman Catholic Church is led by a JESUITpope.


          Hitler was a devout CATHOLIC. Hitler said, “I learnt much from the order of the Jesuits…Until now there has never been anything more grandiose on earth than the hierarchical system of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organisation in to my own party.”
          Quoted from ‘Secret History of the Jesuits’, Edmond
          Paris, 1975)
          Hitler laid it down in article 24 of his National Social Party
          Programme that “the Party as such starts from the standpoint of a Positive Christianity.” This is specifically a Jesuit principle of action, with the ultimate objective of inducing all Christian sects to unite with the Catholic Church for a “Christian reform
          of states” —the establishment of an hierarchical grouping of corporative states entirely DEVOID devoid of Jewish and Protestant influence.

          “It was a Jesuit Priest, Father Staempfle, not Hitler, who wrote Mein Kampf.”
          (Behind The Dictators, Leo H Lehman,

          From Roman Catholic publication Civilta
          Cattolica stated in the 1930’s:

          “Fascism is the regime that corresponds
          most closely to the Concepts of the Church of Rome”

          (Quoted from Days of Our Years, Pierre
          Von Paassen, Hillman-Curl, Inc., 1939, pp.465)

          Thre’s a youtube link.

          During the entire reign of both Popes Paul VI and John Paul II, the Satanic Twisted Cross was continually held before the adoring masses of Catholic faithful, who were not in any way aware that they were adoring a symbol of Antichrist. Rev. 13

          Today, the Jesuits are in full control of the USSA.
          It is the Jesuits who are behind the CFR.
          Jews are the convenient scapegoats.As Before, now, until the Jesuits meet their doom come the Psalm 83 war.

          So, spare us the disinfo, the sly insertions to blame everything on the Jews. A Rabid Anti Semite, a Jew /Israel hater is easily spotted. But fool us not. We are one up on all Rabid Anti semites.

          • Right.
            Layola is like Nathaniel Kapner

          • QV3

            Kapner says he is now a Christian. And baptized as one. So he must do what Christianity tells him — spread the lie that Jews killed Jesus. Kapner always refers to the Babylon Talmud. Kapner insists the Jews control the USSA. When asked why Israel is bullied, coerced, threatened, he turns into a pretzel twist and embarks on another line of argument.
            These Rabid Anti Semites I have found in my many exchanges will lie and fault the Jews for everythng under the sun and moon.
            But when confronted with facts, they either go silent; or produce some new fangled goobleydook ‘new christianity’ that eliminates God, Israel and Jerusalem. When the Bible is so Israel-Centric!

          • I know!
            At any rate: Kapner reminds me of a Kapo.

            Obviously, Kapner himself does not know shit abt the Talmud.
            I showed you all of those mis-interpretations

          • QV3

            I stopped reading his delirious rantings months ago.
            He begs and begs and begs for money. To regurgitate lies and malign the Jews. Look at him. A right proper caricature of a LOSER!

          • Wayne Mickel

            The Romans killed Jesus and it was for this reason Jesus came to Earth to begin with, the Jews just rejected him as their Messiah, Jesus said they will follow the Anti-Christ and if you talk about Semites you have to consider the descendants of Ishmael they are of the seed of Abraham but are not of the promise made to Abraham, but God did visit Hagar the mother of Ishmael and told her that her son would be the father of many nations, but would be against the nations and cause a lot of trouble. If you want to see how much control the Zionists have over USA just Google the list of Zionists with dual citizenship who work for the government, they are all through the government.

          • QV3

            Jesus preached to the Jews. All his apostles were Jews. Save for Saul the Pharisee who later became Paul after accepting Jesus.

            The Jewish people were brain-washed by the High Priests . These were the ones who rabble roused them to call for the death of Jesus. The blood of Jesus was on Pontius Pilate’s hands. His wife knew it and urged her husband not to sentence Jesus.

            As for Ishmael, long before he was born, while in his mother’s womb, his evil was already known. The angel Gabriel tells Hagar in Gen. 16:12 “And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. Ishmael means: God Listens.

            And God has been listening to the evil of the Ishmaelites since.
            Ishmael born of a pagan mother, worshipped other gods, and was more Egyptian than Hebrew.

            With Jesus, from the line of Abraham – David.
            The same angel appeared before Mary and told her
            You have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God
            will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.”

            What we are seeing everyday is the War between God and Satan. As Satan’s time on earth gets shorter, he will direct all his hatred towards the Jews and Christians that worship God, persecution so terrible many will surrender .and create their own future in Hell.

          • QV3

            The Zionists are putty in the hands of the Jesuits.
            The Rothschilds are serfs and slaves to the pope and the vatican.
            Check how many Jesuits surround Obama.
            Check how many Americans have the titles Knights of Columbus and Knights of Malta.
            KCSG: Knight Commander of
            The Pontifical Order of St. Gregory, is the top one.
            Bestowed by authority of the Pope as the monarch of the Holy See and as the temporal sovereign of the Vatican City State
            entirely within the city of Rome.
            KCSG has four classes Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the First Class
            Knight/Dame Commander with Star (KC*SG/DC*SG
            Knight/Dame Commander (KCSG/DCSG
            Knight/Dame (KSG/DSG)
            Look for the KCSG’s, you will see
            who the systems, “TOP PUPPETS” are!
            Papal Knights can travel anywhere they wish, without being checked at Borders, or Airport Security etc.

            Google for satanic handshakes of Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, Kerrys, et al. Even Sarah Palin.

          • ‘the Jews just rejected him as their Messiah’

            All of the apostles were Jews.
            (Nice try)

            There are hardly any Zionists or Jews for that matter in Obama’s admin:

            Israel has no control over America.
            America, though, DOES have control over Israel.
            Look up gush Katif.

            Mexicans have 10X as many dual citizens.
            Worry about them before worrying about Jews and Israel. Stop putting Jews and Israel before this nation.

            You answer NONE of what I have to say, so adios.
            In my TOS, it is plainly written what I do not put up with.
            Bye, God bless. Dont let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

          • Wayne Mickel

            He was a Jew who was forced to be a Catholic or lose his life they call that Crypto Jews, Jews who are practicing another religion Loyola was a Murrano Jew, who was said to have a vision of Jesus but the Jesuits turned out to be a military organization for the Catholic Church, the most evil organization in the world, and they have schools all over the united States and other countries.

          • QV3

            Bollocks! Ignatius was a vile person. The Borgias could read him like a book. He was tempted by power and money.

          • Wayne Mickel

            They also planned the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, World War I and II they convinced the South the fight the North, I do not blame everything on the Jews, just those things that those who call themselves Jews but do lie, but are of the Synagogue of Satan, those are not my words but Christs.

          • QV3

            Those belonging to the Synagogue of Satan are the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Samaritans and Gentiles who all pass off as ‘jews’.
            Jesus message to the church in Smyrna where Jesus starts by acknowledging their trials. “I know your afflictions and your
            poverty—yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9).
            In their physical poverty, however, the church of Smyrna
            was “rich”; that is, they had spiritual wealth that no one could take away (Matthew 6:20)
            A group of Gentiles who called themselves “Jews” . Instead of following Judaism, however, these self-proclaimed “people of
            God” worshiped the Roman emperor and spoke out against the Christians in Smyrna.

            There are many Jews who have become Roman Catholics.
            When they die, what burial will they be given?

    • ISIS was not created by Zionists.
      Zionism is just Jews moving to Israel. Thats all it is.

      ISIS was created by the Obama state dept–Obama hates Israel.
      PDF of the state dept doc:

      Israel just sent Jordan Helicopters to FIGHT ISIS:

      Zionists also not responsible for ANYTHING in Ukraine.
      Russia imports fruits FROM Israel:
      The Jesuits are CATHOLIC and ANTI Israel.

      I dont know where you get all of this information, Wayne.

      But, its not the truth.

      • The elite secular pagan Jews, kabbalist crypto-Jew Jesuits, relativistic heathen crypto-Jew Muslims, and Talmudic Christian Zionists are one and the same beast. ZioJesuit multi-cultural marxism/Liberation Theology = Leftist white genocide social justice using Muslim mass murderers..

  • wayne Mickel

    Harvard is the home of Skull and Crossbones the illuminati no matter what kind of education they give it is nit worth making a deal with Satan for power, Revelations 2:3 says a lot about this and 3:3 also says much. I believe he was talking about the Khazars and Turkey where the seat of Satan is, now it is in America even the Statue of Liberty is a Masonic symbol of a pagan god and the torch is to Illuminate the world, the Illuminati born the same year of the Declaration of Independence. It has come to the point it matters not which part you are in we have no voice but the gun.

    • My husband is Khazar and Ashekenazi.
      The way to ‘tell’ if a Jew is good or bad is look at their politics.
      If they are Liberal, they are NOT “Jewish” b/c God is NOT a Liberal

  • Roscoe

    Just a continuing example as how a modern left wing education makes you stupid and not smart. Proof, listen to the “causes” these moronic student groups support.

  • Wayne Mickel

    My Uncle went to MIT also and he is very liberal too, I wonder if you can live in Boston and not be liberal

  • These leftist buttsurfers will not steal my wave….

  • World Watcher

    Being a white Christian man it seems we are all in the same boat.. Praise the Lord God Almighty. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ
    I wonder if they ask themselves questions like why am I taking this head??. There is no help for them for they must kill the World and the people of Christ and the People of the Lord God Almighty!! That’s beyond Dumb.

  • World Watcher

    Too funny I just put two posts where the last post was a year ago,.

  • vlad the impaler

    I think that she should be fired and black listed from ever teaching again,alot of jews don’t consider themselves white and tend to feel that they are among the oppressed.normal jewish trying to make a living are not the problem,its these radicalized dirtbags that are the problem.guys like terrance tarantino and eli roth they are an example of a couple of jew scumbags with a lot of influence over youth.those people need to be weeded out of entertainment the same way this big schnozzed bitch needs to be weeded out of our universities.radical jews are everywhere.and are always involved in industries that influence our youth.disneyland has recently been hijacked by jew elitists.walt would be turning in his grave because he knew the jews would weaponize Disney,which they have.why do you think Dearborn Michigan is the muslim capital of America?they targeted it the same way they did Disney.jews in charge of our immigration let thousands pour in to Dearborn because it was henry ford’s hometown,and henry ford also was anti jew.jews are relentless and vindictive and will wage long term wars and target specific people.they cannot buy or control.